Rebirth in Bleach
81 Soi Fon“s insecurities
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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81 Soi Fon“s insecurities

Ichinose left a gobsmacked Baishin to think about his decision. Upon putting his groceries away, he looked towards Baishin and silently waited for an answer. Baishin was still digesting what he heard as a myriad of thoughts flew around his head. Determination flashed through his eyes as he looked back at Ichinose.

"I'll join him in his future endeavours."

'Endeavours? Quite the weird way of speaking.'


This brought Ichinose out of his thoughts,
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"…may I please get to know of the one we have chosen to follow."

Ignoring the way Baishin spoke Ichinose replied,

"He's the current 2nd division captain and the Captain-Commander's student, Minamoto Itsuki."

Baishin didn't care what division's captain he was as he had already killed two captains, but what attracted his attention was the second part.

'Captain-Commander Genryusai-dono's student, no wonder he is such a monster.'

While Baishin was in his thoughts, Itsuki was taking a stroll next to the river with Rangiku. Seeing the two chatting happily with the sun setting behind them creating a picturesque scene of harmony.

"Oh yeah, what were you trying to say when you were being constantly interrupted?"

Remembering the constant interruptions brought Itsuki's mood down a notch when he tried remembering that event.

"No point now."

Rangiku pouted,

"Come on, tell me"

Itsuki just shook his head and carried on walking. Seeing Itsuki's dampened mood, Rangiku smiled slightly and grabbed his shoulder turning around. Leaning in, she planted her lips on Itsuki as his eyes widened in surprise. This didn't last long as Itsuki reciprocated the kiss and brought her closer by grabbing her waist with one hand and grasping her cheek with the other. Seeing Rangiku's slight blush beneath her hazy eyes and feeling the two mounds touching his chest, lit a fire within Itsuki as he picked her into a princess carry.


Rangiku let out a welp and hurriedly grabbed Itsuki's neck. Reading his intentions, Rangiku buried her head into Itsuki's chest as a heavy blush reached her ears. Itsuki then took off, jumping from building to building.

'Urahara did increase the specs of this gigai by a huge margin. Also, I should really get my own place.'

- Ahem -

Itsuki felt pure happiness after seeing the blissful smile on the sleeping Rangiku.


Turning around, he saw where the sound originated from. Yoruichi was standing there, arms crossed and a pout in her face. Itsuki found the current Yoruichi extremely cute.

"We didn't do this on our date yesterday."

Walking towards Itsuki, she started stripping each garment off one by one, once more causing a fire to be lit within Itsuki.

- Ahem -

Calming his breath, Itsuki looked towards the ceiling as he felt the two girls snuggle into his arms. Itsuki could hear Yoruichi purring a little while Rangiku gave out a slight moan with her mouth closed.

A sigh left his mouth as he got up, out of the embrace of the two beauties, albeit reluctantly. Putting on his blue yukata he grabbed an elegant Kiseru, a traditional Japanese smoking pipe. It was intricately designed with beautiful patterns and was finished by a rare metal. It was a present given by the three girls.

Itsuki liked it immediately as he laid back on the rooftop of the Urahara store. Blowing out smoke, he held the pipe with his right hand, put his left hand behind his head and crossed his right leg on top of his bent left one.

Looking at the stars, Itsuki felt a certain serenity as various plans and possible outcomes flashed through his head. What he was going to do would not just make him the enemy of the Gotei 13, but the whole of soul society. Those hidden figures, the zero squad would all turn against him and he didn't want any of his close one to be hurt.

He knew that it was a pipe dream to keep them safe and do what he wanted to do but he needed to make the correct plan. But he was still only one person, he needed allies and subordinates. One of the reasons why he recruited Ichinose Maki and Baishin. Thinking of allies his thoughts slowly strayed towards his and Aizen's talk,

"Itsuki, knowing your capabilities, you would have already started forming a plan, want to make a bet?"

Itsuki didn't reply as he concentrated on the chessboard. A harmless yet menacing smirk grew on Aizen's face,

"If I succeed, you will join me…"

Itsuki's hand stopped midway before continuing his move,


Looking at Aizen, Itsuki's eyes sharpened while Aizen's expression remained the same,

"If I fail, I'll join you."

Hearing this, Itsuki silently looked at Aizen as a small smile appeared on his face. The time and space continuum seemed to halt as two scheming smiles seemed to collide. This was the first time that Itsuki put his emotions second and his calculations first. It may seem heartless but Itsuki had no choice. No matter if he joined Aizen or Aizen joined him, both would become enemies of the world. Plus, Itsuki didn't find this weird, the amount of confidence Aizen had was unsurmountable. In the anime, all the things that had happened until his and Ichigo's fight were all according to his calculations, so this world's Aizen was no different. So, currently, Aizen was probably thinking of how to make use of Itsuki when the time came while Itsuki was doing the same thinking of how Aizen would be useful. This didn't mean that Itsuki trusted Aizen but knowing his character from the anime and this world, it didn't look like he would pull something. Still, it wouldn't hurt to be prepared for the unseen.

"Naturally, you can't take active action against us and we won't actively target any of your close ones. However, it seems unfair that we would have our hands tied against them so I'll add another clause, you will guide that human Ryoka boy for a bit."

Bringing himself back from his thoughts, Itsuki puffed some smoke. Itsuki felt his head clear as numerous machinations and schemes continued to flash through his head. A special recipe was what he was smoking that helped clear his mind. It was to him, what drugs were to Sherlock Holmes, it helped him concentrate.

He felt that this world's Aizen was stronger and Itsuki had something to do with it. It was most likely, back during his rampage, Aizen definitely knew about it. Back then, seeing the child Nel meant that he was already the king of Hueco Mundo and due to Itsuki going on not one, but two rampaging massacres, should've been noticed by Aizen. It would be unnatural and Itsuki would find it weird if Aizen didn't know about Itsuki's rampage.

While Itsuki was relaxing another figure appeared behind him. Opening one eye, he looked at the intruder slowly rest her head on his left arm. Soi Fon had just come back from a routine trip to Soul Society to check up on the forces back home. It was also to resolve any issues that cropped up.

"You're back."

Soi Fon nodded and slowly drifted off to sleep. Seeing the exhaustion on her face, Itsuki gave a small smile and picked her up, joining the other two sleeping beauties.

The next day, Itsuki was once more in a normal civilian outfit while Soi Fon tread behind him with an incredibly flushed face, holding his hand. Although she was extremely embarrassed, she didn't let go of Itsuki's hand and was just led by him. They both went to an amusement park this time.

Soi Fon was wearing a simple white one piece with frills round the edges. A large white summer hat was given to her by Itsuki complementing Soi Fon's innocent look. The blush just added on to her charm. Who would've expected that the innocent looking girl was a highly skilled assassin with many kills under her belt. Though, this innocence was exclusively towards Itsuki.

Entering the park, the two didn't go on the extreme rides that pumped adrenaline because after the first one, they found it boring. Instead they went towards the fun games ones where they could spend time with each other, well compete with each other.

Somehow though, they ended up in a horror house. Walking through the messy hospital hallway, the two had a brave face on, they were Shinigami, they worked with ghosts, what could possibly scare them?

Well the answer came later on, in the form of jump scares. The two had shut off their perception and lowered their senses by a notch so they could properly feel the scare like normal humans.

Turning the corner, they were about to step forward when a hideously bloody nurse popped out from a nearby locker.


No scream came out of Soi Fon as she gasped in horror, jumped up like a cat whose tail had been stepped on and, like a koala, immediately hugged Itsuki who was frozen stiff. Itsuki slowly moved forward avoiding the nurse and inched forward with little baby steps, desperately clinging onto his stoic face. The rest of the horror house went in a similar fashion with Soi Fon clinging onto Itsuki and him nearly breaking his cold façade. After they had left, Itsuki put down a wobbly Soi Fon who found it difficult to find her bearings. Stabilising herself, she immediately ran away, dropping a few tears, afraid meet Itsuki's eyes.

Throughout the whole house, she had shown a side of her to Itsuki the she didn't want to show. Clinging onto him and being afraid made her think that Itsuki thought of her as a loser. Since the start, despite what she said, she felt a sense of inferiority with the other two, not just Rangiku. Rangiku had her assets while Yoruichi had a special meaning due to being Itsuki's first, although she did lose out in the asset area to both of them.

She wanted to show a strong front to Itsuki but that had collapsed within the house. Running away she found herself in the middle of the amusement park with Itsuki nowhere in sight. Looking around, she scolded herself for losing her composure and breaking down.

'Now Itsuki is going to think I'm a crybaby…'

A self-depreciating smile appeared on her face while tears threatened to come out when she thought about what happened. She decided to just leave because she had ruined the rare day of just the two being together. As she was just about to make her way towards the entrance, a pair of arms appeared around her, pulling her back to a familiar embrace. Feeling the warmth from the opposite party, a shocked expression masked Soi Fon's face.

Before she could think, she felt a puff of air blown onto her ear as a jolt went through her body causing her to hurriedly escape. Freeing herself from her predator, she glared at him.

"W-w-what are you doing?"

Seeing Soi Fon back to her blushing self, a teasing smirk found Itsuki's mouth. This, however, had more than one effect. The atmosphere seemed to slow down, and silence engulfed the place. Looking at the people surrounding them, all the women had gaping mouths and a slight blush looking at Itsuki while hateful glares were directed at him from the men.

Knowing that they couldn't stay here any longer, Itsuki grabbed Soi Fon's hand and left the area for a more remote one. Seeing that no one was around, Itsuki grabbed Soi Fon and pushed her gently yet forcefully onto a wall. Putting his hand onto the wall behind Soi Fon, Itsuki eclipsed over her as she felt like a caged rabbit. Propping up her chin with the other hand, Itsuki looked in to Soi Fon's eyes and slowly leaned.

No words were needed to be said, just the moment mattered. Soi Fon felt all her insecurities wash away with that one kiss.

While, Soi Fon's innocence was reserved for Itsuki, this side of Itsuki was only reserved for Soi Fon.

Naturally, later on,

- Ahem -


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