Rebirth in Bleach
82 Shinenju
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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82 Shinenju

In one of the many alleyways of Karakura town, a certain figure was blending in with shadows as it observed the various blank white souls drifting in between the humans who had no clue what was surrounding them.

That said figure was wearing a full Onmitsukido outfit and could be identified as a woman due to their stature. The woman was furiously jotting down notes as various sorts of expressions passed through her eyes.

As if expecting something, she held out her hand and Seikyo dropped down on it. Attaching the message onto its leg, she then started to pet it. While she was doing this now, another Onmitsukido member arrived next to her.

"Your shift ends here…"

Looking up, the Onmitsukido member was surprised seeing Seikyo here.

"To have Seikyo-Sama here, what's the problem that requires the direct attention of the captain?"

Pointing at the phenomenon in front of her, she sent Seikyo off and went away, leaving her peer to carry on the inspection. She then made her way back to Soul Society. This Onmitsukido member's name was Yuki, a girl born in the snow. She had no surname, and the name 'Yuki' was given to her by herself.

She was also the one that directed Hinamori back when she first graduated, and also the one that has been directly reporting to Itsuki all this time. Upon stabbing her zanpakuto in mid-air, she opened a senkaimon and made her way through the 2nd division. Due to the nature of the work Onmitsukido and the 2nd division do, they were given their own personal senkaimon. Itsuki used it from time to time, but on official work he would use the main one.

Yuki sighed to herself as she remembered her interactions with Itsuki. Pure idolisation was present in her eyes when she went through the Onmitsukido training grounds. She was going to report the temporary captain of this place as both the Itsuki and Soi Fon were in this place.

Walking past the training grounds, she looked at all the members training until they couldn't move. The Onmitsukido had improved tremendously over the years and were no longer the standard canon fodders they were. Due to this, the requirements to enter and to stay in the 2nd division had increased. This meant that the total members of this division was lower than the others, but the overall quality was on another level.

By the time she came out of her thoughts, Yuki had arrived at the temporary captain's office. Entering the room, what entered her eyes was a simple room that had a table with a gentle looking girl on the other side. There was a small bookshelf on the side. The table was littered with all kinds of paper and a small photo frame facing away from Yuki.
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Standing on attention, she stood there waiting for her orders. Hinamori was finishing of the paperwork when she looked at Yuki in front of her.

"Your name's Yuki, right?"


Hearing this, Hinamori narrowed her eye,

"So, you want to join the captain's personal guards?"


"You do know many people have tried and all of them have failed."

This didn't deter Yuki as she nodded. Looking at those determined eyes, Hinamori sighed,

"Fine, tomorrow come with me, we will be going to the living world. My work here is done, and I need to return to my official duties as Itsuki-Sama's personal guard."

Saying this, she dismissed the guards and went back to finishing off her paperwork. Hearing the girl leave, Hinamori looked towards the Onmitsukido's senkaimon,

'Just a little bit more then…'

Itsuki was oblivious to this as he read the report of tied to Seikyo's leg. Two different reports had come this time. One reported of these strange white souls wondering the streets and the other was about a captain's test being taken place next week to fill in Gin's spot. Seeing the autumn leaves drop to their demise on the cold hard floor, Itsuki went back to looking at what attracted him the zoo.

Large panda's lazed about eating bamboo shoots looking all cute. Something about them attracted Itsuki and they had found a place next to his love for apples. All he wanted to do was to just cuddle them. Buying a panda winter hat from the gift shop, Itsuki put it on above his ears and left the zoo.

What he didn't see was one of the obscure panda's give out a demonic smirk and pull out a laptop to get typing with its fluffy paws.

Itsuki then left the zoo while it was closing, drinking a carton of apple juice when an Onmitsukido member appeared next to him kneeling.

"Captain! There has been an emergency, a group was dispatched…"

"A group was dispatched?"

Seeing the sharp glint Itsuki's eyes the Onmitsukido member shuddered. As if not seeing his fear, Itsuki's voice got colder,

"On who's orders?"

The Onmitsukido member started trembling as sweat could be seen between his eyes,

"C-c-central 46…"

Itsuki's eyes narrowed as he frowned,


Itsuki didn't finish as he looked at Seikyo,

"Get Soi Fon, I'll be returning to the 2nd division HQ and you…"

The Onmitsukido member looked terrified as he looked down,

"Who was dispatched?"

"It was the recruit squad, they said that they needed the training."

"So basically, they sent a group of greenhorns into unchartered territory."

The Onmitsukido member was silent. The fact that they were recruits meant that they were geniuses from the academy.

"So, lost contact or confirmed KIA."

"Lost contact, captain."

Itsuki nodded and popped a pill in his mouth. The pill was a mod soul, with the complete opposite personality of Itsuki. As soon as his eyes opened, roses seemed to come out from behind 'Itsuki' until Itsuki shattered them with his cold voice,

"Go back to the Urahara store."

Apart from the personality, the only difference between the two was the eyes. 'Itsuki' had his normal eyes from before while Itsuki had his Mystic Eyes. Soi Fon arrived next to him, still confused by the events. Looking at his lover, Itsuki told her to take charge in the living world as he opened a senkaimon back.

Just as he was about to enter, he felt a spike of reiatsu coming for the city's graveyard. Looking at the direction, Itsuki closed the senkaimon and made his way over there. Soi Fon and the Onmitsukido member followed behind him as they had also felt the disturbance. By the time Itsuki arrived there, a group of people had just disappeared into thin air leaving an unknown girl Shinigami and Ichigo in his Shinigami attire.

"Itsuki, that…"

"Mm, that symbol, it's the Ryodoji family."

"Weren't they banished into the Dangai around 1000 years ago, it's hard to believe that there are still some survivors."

Itsuki nodded as he landed next to the two as the girl jumped back in surprise. Ichigo felt the familiar presence behind him as he slowly turned around. Itsuki didn't say anything as Soi Fon went up to the two,

"Kurosaki Ichigo, what are you doing here and you girl, report your name and division."

"Those guys-! Those guys attacked her so I fought back."

Ichigo, being the hotblooded teen, started shouting but with one look quietened him. The girl dazed upon seeing Itsuki as she tried her best to remember her identity.

"My…my name is…Senna…"

Her two amber eyes were filled with confusion as both her hands grasped her head. She had done up her purple hair into a ponytail with a red ribbon. Seeing this, Itsuki spoke up,

"You have various sorts of memories, don't you?"

Senna came to a realisation as she slowly looked up,

"You're not a Shinigami, rather a Shinenju, an object that is composed of the memories of many souls."

Soi Fon was surprised to hear this as so was Ichigo. Looking at Ichigo, he continued,

"The same exact Shinenju you've been looking for I presume."


Author's note

I try not to read novels that have below average English, even if the plot is really good. Ok, I still read them.

But I read them with the fear that it may affect my writing.

The miseries of a brilliantly talented author. Pray I don't chance upon the stray path.


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