Rebirth in Bleach
83 Itsuki vs Ichigo
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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83 Itsuki vs Ichigo

Ichigo looked shocked at the revelation as a look of denial was seen on Senna's face. However, Itsuki continued despite seeing this,

"That zanpakuto, if I'm correct, its name should be Mirokumaru. The Shinigami who this zanpakuto belonged to was reported missing around a hundred years ago…"

Looking at Senna then at her zanpakuto,

"…in the Dangai."

Once Itsuki finished, Senna clutched her head,

"No…no…no, I'm a Shinigami…"

Soi Fon had a cold look on her face as she narrowed her eyes,

"Then if you're a Shinigami, what division do you belong to and when did you come to the living world?"

Senna was blank when she heard the question. Looking all fidgety, she hesitantly replied,

"I don't know, I woke up by the riverside yesterday…I've known it since I was young…I'm…I'm me…"

The more she thought, the more chaotic her memories became. Soi Fon's already narrowed eyes, narrowed further as she was about to make her move to capture Senna. She halted her step instantly as Ichigo moved in front of Senna, indicating his intentions on protecting her.

"Move, Kurosaki Ichigo. This matter no longer concerns you."

"It does now, and it just doesn't sit well with me. No matter what you say, she is currently here, she has emotions, she laughs, she cries…are you going to ignore that and take away her freedom!"

The more Ichigo spoke the more emotional he got. His fear for Itsuki had also subsided, but no one knew if it was temporary or permanent. Seeing this, Soi Fon clicked her tongue as she awaited instructions from Itsuki. Hearing nothing, she turned around which also prompted Ichigo to look in Itsuki's direction.

However, Itsuki wasn't standing there. Rather he was off to the side drawing something with a stick. This shocked the three as they never expected Itsuki to do something like that. Feeling their gazes, Itsuki looked in their direction and got up while swiping his clothes for any dust. Before he stepped forward, Itsuki stomped his foot lightly prompting Ichigo to flinch while Senna took a step back. After making sure that no traces of the drawing were left, he walked towards Ichigo.

"Is that your decision?"

Ichigo held up his sword with a light tremble and nodded with determination.

Looking towards Soi Fon, she stepped back understanding that Itsuki would take it from here. Ichigo had a slight hesitance as he shouted at Itsuki,

"Draw your sword!"

A derisive look was seen in those exquisite yet deadly eyes while a mocking smile was directed towards Ichigo.

"Make me."

A short sentence yet filled with incredible arrogance. Although Ichigo was reluctant, he knew that the opponent had the right to say that. But he was still filled with some assurance, he knew that captains and the like would have their reiatsu limited to just 20% of their original.

With a resolute gaze, Ichigo first made his move. Running towards Itsuki, Ichigo swung his sword like how he usually does, starting from above the right shoulder and ending past his left leg. Itsuki had already seen through this as he dodged and sent a kick to his chest. This was when Ichigo's plot arm… animal like instincts kicked in and barely moved his sword back, blocking the kick with the handle.

It didn't stop there though, pushing Ichigo back, Itsuki used the momentum to deliver another kick, this time hitting squarely on his face, sending Ichigo out of the cemetery. Senna didn't stand and watch as she shunpoed towards Ichigo. Itsuki watched this and put his hand out, preventing Soi Fon from making a move.

Senna was hurriedly rushing towards Ichigo as the different memories were pushed to the back of her mind. Her thoughts were fully on Itsuki overpowering Ichigo, who had just showed his strength against the people that sought to capture her. Landing next to Ichigo, she saw he was ok as he slowly got up while rubbing his left cheek.

"Ichigo! You o…kay?"

Seeing that Ichigo's attention was not on her, she followed his eyesight only to Itsuki standing there.

'Such speed.'

Senna was sure that she had left before the captain, but he had somehow arrived before her.

'Such speed…'

Seeing the difficulties Ichigo was facing, determination filled her eyes as she unsheathed her zanpakuto. Holding it horizontally in front of her, she released her shikai,

"Call forth the twilight, Mirokumaru!"

Reading her intentions Ichigo hurriedly shouted,

"Senna stop!"

Ignoring Ichigo's shout, her zanpakuto took on the form of a golden Khakkhara with a pointed tip. A Buddhist staff. Pointing at Itsuki she lunged at Itsuki intending to drive the staff through his torso. Itsuki dodged the simple move and dealt a blow to her stomach, rendering her unconscious.

Ichigo watched this happen as he was still disorientated from the kick. Knowing that he had no choice, he put his gigantic sword in front of him while his left arm grasped his right arm. His reiatsu spike up and a determined look was plastered in his eyes. A strap from the handle of his sword wrapped around his arm when he shouted,


Suddenly, the air was blown backwards as a black clothed Ichigo appeared, swinging his pitch-black katana and clearing the dust that had emerged surrounding him.

"Tensa Zangetsu."

While in Itsuki's mind something else was heard,

'Dust sweeper.'

Looking at the now confident Ichigo he suddenly disappeared and appeared in front of Itsuki stabbing his sword at Itsuki's throat in a similar way he had done to Byakuya. He wasn't going for the kill but just wanted to surprise him like what he did to Byakuya. However, it went different to what he expected. A katana had appeared in front of the tip, blocking the strike.

Ichigo was surprised at the sudden change and jumped backwards only to feel multiple sources of reiatsu surrounding the two. Looking around, he saw that dozens of Onmitsukido members were surrounding them in a battle-ready position. As he got ready to face the group, a cold voice interrupted them,

"Stand back."

Two words but all the Onmitsukido members retreated. There was only one reason they were here, Itsuki had unsheathed his sword. When the corps commander of the executive militia unsheathes their sword, an imminent execution has begun. Though, right now it wasn't that so Itsuki told them to stand down.

Concentrating back onto the fight, Ichigo once again made his move but it was immediately blocked by Itsuki. It didn't stop there as he made another move and that was also blocked by Itsuki's other sword. Dual wielding, Itsuki went against Ichigo much to the surprise of the latter. No matter how fast he went, Itsuki was able to counter it either by dodging, blocking, parrying or an attack of his own.


Screaming Ichigo, went for a downward slash as Itsuki parried it off to the side with Byakko held in a reverse grip with his left hand. He then struck at Ichigo with Ryurai forcing him to pull back his sword and block it. The more they fought the more astonished Ichigo got and he started remembering back to Yoruichi and Zaraki's warning. Even Byakuya had to use Bankai to fight against him and the captain in front hadn't even unleashed his Shikai.

While Ichigo was shocked down to his core, Itsuki was instead feeling gleeful. Each strike helped him assimilate more with the remnants of the black hollow and the Sokyoku. That was the only reason why Itsuki didn't release his shikai. Slowly wounds started showing on Itsuki as he began to be pushed back.

It was natural though, Itsuki was going against an individual's Bankai, for him to contend against it did say a lot about his strength. Although his fast swordsmanship was the main reason of contending him, the one week of training Ichigo had basically allowed him to read all his attacks patterns and with his mental capabilities it wasn't difficult to predict his next move.

"It can't be…"
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"…the captain is being pushed ba-"

"Shut up!"

Soi Fon stopped the Onmitsukido members from talking anymore because it may affect their morale and the morale of the whole division.

"Look carefully, the captain hasn't even unleashed his Shikai yet."

Upon hearing this, the members had a look of realisation as they talked among themselves,

'Bunch of idiots! Looking down on my Itsuki.'

Soi Fon furiously looked at the members around her as they all shrunk their necks.

At the battlefield, Itsuki realised that the help Ichigo was giving was now useless.

"Reign from the heavens, Ryurai."

"Shred everything to pieces, Byakko."

Now shout was needed as Itsuki emerged in his Shikai form. Looking down at Ichigo,

"Playtime's over."

With this he disappeared and appeared next to Ichigo and slashed at him once. Ichigo was able to defend it but was shot back due to the immense strength. Itsuki didn't stop, he continued with his relentless attacks and each sword that struck Ichigo caused him to numb due to the lighting. Increasing the output of lighting, Itsuki stunned Ichigo on the next strike and used that brief period to immobilise him.


Author's note

Was going through the comments of the first dozen or so chapters of this book and all I read was a massive battle between having a harem and not having one.


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