Rebirth in Bleach
85 Unexpected addition
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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85 Unexpected addition

Itsuki threw the device into the air as it shredded to pieces due to the sheer pressure Itsuki was radiating. Looking at the group, Itsuki unsheathed his sword, and pointed it at them,


Saying this he disappeared and landed in front of Ganryu, swinging his sword at him. Ganryu was shocked but quickly defended with the sword though he was, however, sent crashing into the large pillar.

'Didn't he just say come, why is he attacking us then?'

This was like a signal as the other five made their moves,


Jai had a pair of chakrams as weapons which he threw at Itsuki while Benin pulled out a crossbow and fired an arrow. Mue appeared next to him swinging his sword and Bau appeared behind Itsuki swinging his extremely large clubs.

Seeing the co-ordinated attack of the four Itsuki remained calm and dodged the chakrams, by doing a back flip. As Bau had swung from the top, Itsuki kicked at the incoming club while using his sword to block Mue's attack, while doing this, he caught the arrow shot by Benin and crushed it.

Bau and Mue were thrown back, as series of explosive projectiles and tendrils were hauled at him. Dodging each of them, Benin appeared with a set of chained daggers on his right while Jai was to his left swinging his chakrams at Itsuki.

Ganryu seemed to have recovered from the previous strike as he appeared behind Itsuki. Thrusting his sword forward, Itsuki swung to the side, grabbed Benin and threw her onto Jai. Jai was surprised seeing Benin rocketing towards him and instinctively went to catch her, but he was impaled through Benin with Itsuki's sword.

Ganryu watched the two being driven through with Itsuki's sword in horror, as he screamed in anguish.


All that was returned was Itsuki's apathetic look as Bau appeared behind him and once more, using pure brute strength and the help of gravity, he once again struck his club downwards. Upon impact, a cloud of dust was produced covering Ganryu's vision. As the dust cleared up, there was a huge crater beneath the set of Bau's clubs but no Itsuki. A sprout of hope appeared but was instantly demolished seeing Itsuki's back behind Bau. Just then, a cut appeared on Bau's chest and blood shot out of his mouth as he collapsed.

An angry Mue appeared after seeing his comrades defeated one by one as Itsuki blocked his sword. Suddenly, Mue disappeared and appeared behind him and sent another strike.

'Trying to compete in speed?'

A small derisive smirk appeared on Itsuki's face as he also moved and reappeared in front of Mue. Surprised by seeing the captain in front, Mue swung his sword which was once again blocked by Itsuki. He didn't stop there though, he seemed to have pressed a button and another blade appeared from within. This new blade was gold in colour and extremely thin.

Itsuki didn't wait for Mue to attack once more as he drove his sword into him. Now there were only two left, Riyan and Ganryu.

Ganryu looked at Itsuki and shouted,

"Why? Why are you doing this?"

Itsuki didn't say anything and started to slowly walk towards him, just as he took a step forward, a sudden noise destroyed the atmosphere,


Looking at what he stepped on, Itsuki saw the back of a certain lion plushie. He could see the sweat pouring down the giant head of the toy as he slowly lifted it up and faced it towards him. A rather normal look was on the toy as Itsuki could see the toy trying to act like a normal one.

'How did he get here?'

Ganryu and Riyan looked shocked at the toy,

"What the…"

"It just spoke, didn't it?"

Itsuki ignored the two as his gaze penetrated to toy.

"You must be the one called Kon."

Kon twitched slightly but still tried to play it off. Moving the toy to his shoulder, Itsuki just said,

"Hold on, if you don't want to get killed."

Instantly Itsuki felt two soft paws latch onto his back as he shunpoed. Though this time it was accompanied by a scream,


Tears flew out of Kon's eyes as he desperately clutched Itsuki's shoulder. Appearing behind Riyan, the latter heard Kon's scream but was still unable to defend. After defeating Riyan, the last one left was Ganryu as the two faced off each other. The wind blew past them as they started their stare off.

Kon, behind Itsuki was gasping for breath when a furious look appeared on his face, jumping in front of Itsuki, he once again destroyed the atmosphere. Grasping Itsuki's collar he started shouting at his face,

"Oi! What do you think you're doing?! You trying to kill me?! First you say that to hold on if I don't wanna die, then you try to kill me yourself! You son of a &^%$", you £$"%$^£…"

A truck load of profanities followed as he spat his saliva on Itsuki's face, yet when he looked at Itsuki's eyes he froze completely and started wiping it off with his hand and obediently went back to latching on Itsuki's shoulder.

Seeing the toy shut his mouth, Itsuki turned his attention back to Ganryu, wondering why he never attacked. The answer soon came as he stared disbelievingly at Kon before looking back at Itsuki. Not knowing what to say, Ganryu just got into stance.
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Kon thought he was off the hook, but his eyes blacked out and he found himself looking at Ganryu's shocked eyes. Feeling something amiss, he realised that he had full control of his limbs but was still confused as to what was happening.

He first looked at his paws then moved his vision downwards, saw his kicking legs and that was when it clicked. Two blacked straps made an X on his torso and looking at where the straps led, he realised that he was properly strapped onto Itsuki's Torso. A small cardboard sign fell from his neck that read 'protection'.


Realisation dawned on his face,


Itsuki ignored the crying Kon and attacked Ganryu. Ganryu decided to ignore the weird combination of man and toy as he also reciprocated Itsuki's attacks. Yet, the screaming Kon was extremely distracting as all Ganryu could hear was a scream that would fade in when Itsuki attacked and fade out when he pulled back.

Kon's screaming slowed down, when Itsuki and Ganryu continued to cross swords. Ganryu then saw a slight opening that was heading straight for the toy. Ganryu didn't know if it was intentional or not but he decided not to take any chances and went for it.

Kon had slightly calmed down causing his scream to die down when alarm bells rang out within his head and a cut appeared on his torso. Feeling a chill in its soul, Kon's racket returned. It lasted until he fell unconscious and Ganryu was tired. Seeing the toy out of it, Itsuki sheathed his sword, much to the surprise of Ganryu. Looking at Itsuki, Ganryu shouted,

"What are you playing at?"

Itsuki took of Kon and threw him to the side,

"Has the reiatsu of you comrade's disappeared?"

Ganryu's eyes widened as he sensed the reiatsu of the others and realised that it was still there. A frown covered his face and he looked towards Itsuki when Seikyo landed on his shoulder alongside Ichinose and Baishin appearing next to them.

Saying something to the two, he then went off on his own with Seikyo perched upon his shoulder.

Ichinose then appeared next to Ganryu while Baishin went off to pick up the other dark ones. Ichinose handed a letter to Ganryu and awaited his decision. Ganryu looked through it and nodded his head at Ichinose while he then looked towards Itsuki's direction. Ichinose used his ability to mask the presences of the group and made his way to the exit.

While this was happening, Ichigo fell through the hole that had appeared in the living realm alongside the reinforcements from Soul Society. Sensing Senna's reiatsu, he made his way towards it when he saw Itsuki standing in front of her. What shocked him next was, Itsuki draw his sword and cut through Senna.

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Author's note

Guys, guess what, it's my birthday, well in half an hour, but for some of you it already is while some of you need to wait for the 8th of august.

Happy Birthday to the genius me.

Though I did have to by my own birthday cake because no one else in my family could :(


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