Rebirth in Bleach
86 Arrogance
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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86 Arrogance


Although Itsuki felt the group entering, he felt a sudden burst of reiatsu from Ichigo when he had just finished 'killing' the connections Senna had with all the other memories. He was barely able to turn around and block the attack, yet no panic could be seen in his eyes. Perhaps it was arrogance or his confidence in his ability, Itsuki never expected what happened next.

Ichigo appeared right in front of Itsuki and struck his sword at him. Itsuki had simply miscalculated the speed it would take Ichigo to reach him and due to this error, he was barely able to block the sword in front and with a turn, completely offset Ichigo's sword. Yet Itsuki was still harmed on the shoulder and with a surprised look he faced his injury.

How long had it been since he was hurt? Yamamoto didn't count as that was only for training purposes. Probably the last time he was harmed in any sort of was like this was in his first living world training session. Back when he fought the hollow with the sword.

Itsuki's thought session was short lived when Ichigo once again appeared in front of him while showing faint signs of turning into a hollow. His sclera was a deep black and his irises had turned Yellow,

"Getsuga Tensho!"

A large black and red blade strike hit Itsuki as it opening a rather big wound on Itsuki's torso. Itsuki's hand touched his wound and saw the blood covering his hand. He could feel his heartbeat thumping as he began to lose control.

The others were shocked by the turn of events and hurriedly went to stop Ichigo.

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Rangiku, Soi Fon and Yoruichi appeared in front of Itsuki to protect him and vigilantly looked at Ichigo. The only thought in Ichigo's head was how he was unable to protect Senna. Itsuki was trying his best to stay in control as bloodlust slowly ate away his mind. He started seeing red and knew that the raw power of the hollow that still needed to be assimilated was acting out of control.

Clutching his chest, he realised that his wound was rather slow in healing as he found it difficult to call upon his hollow powers. With Ichigo's rampaging reiatsu not providing any sort of help, Itsuki was able to slowly clear up the remnant reiatsu of Ichigo.

Making sure the wound was not dangerous and had any negative side effects, a cold look came across Itsuki's face He had been too arrogant in his strength and had started neglecting his training.

Standing up from the rubble caused by him crashing into a cliffside, Itsuki saw Senna jump and hold Ichigo back as clarity hit Ichigo's face.

Turning to Senna, he quickly looked her up and down, touching various places to make sure that she was unhurt. Suddenly, a chill was felt through his spine when he saw Itsuki's eyes stabbing into him. Looking at the wound that he most likely caused, he gulped and stepped back, preparing to make a break for it.

Itsuki shrugged off Ichigo's actions as he left the place without listening to anyone and made his way towards Orihime. He couldn't just use his hollow's regeneration ability in front of the others and make it look suspicious. And about Ichigo, with Itsuki's character, he wasn't going to let him off with a simple shrug, but revenge had to wait.

Leaving through the portal next to the bridge, Itsuki landed in front of Orihime who started to heal him almost immediately with an astonished face.

'Who could've hurt him like this?'

She wasn't the only one shocked, a nearby Hinamori and Yuki were also shocked.

Seeing Orihime heal him, Itsuki pulled out his Kiseru and entered his mind's library. He needed to find another way to strengthen himself and assimilate with the raw power hidden inside of him. Once more opening his eyes, Itsuki found himself looking at various folders hovering in front of him. It read from things like history, techniques, forbidden knowledge and various other categories. With a wave of his hand, he started scrolling through them he found himself looking at the one he was looking for, Bleach.

Orihime looked at him weirdly as she had already finished healing him. The others had already returned and as Itsuki had severed Senna's relation to all the other memories, the blank souls regained their memories and entered the cycle. The valley of screams would slowly shrink and eventually disappear.

Ichigo looked at Itsuki with a complex gaze and opened his mouth,


Itsuki quickly put his hand up and shushed him,

"Don't speak, you're lowering everyone's IQ."

Everyone heard an arrow pierce Ichigo as they pityingly looked at him. Though it didn't take away the surprise in their eyes, it was the first time Itsuki had acted like such. Ichigo's shock was replaced by a furious one but he held himself back because he didn't want to be embarrassed further.

Back in Itsuki's mind library, Itsuki was surrounded by various screens, all playing different parts of bleach. Looking round he found ways to further his plans in the future and rethink some of them, but it wasn't what he was currently looking for. Frustration appeared as no matter where he looked and what he saw of the show he couldn't find it. With the physical Itsuki, taking in another puff of smoke, chibi Itsuki decided to further enter his mind's library, look for the things he barely read and just glossed over. Seeing all the information, Itsuki quickly scrolled through it and finally found what he was looking for.

A hidden village, Konohagakure, where beings known as ninjas reside…wait, wrong info. A hidden village, it has no name, but Itsuki remembered reading about it. It housed nothing but Vasto Lorde's and it was only when Tier Harribel, who became the de-facto ruler of Hueco Mundo after the war with Aizen, was captured by the Wandenreich during the thousand-year blood war, they came out and started competing for the throne.

The only reason he didn't know of this was because, all Itsuki had done was watch the anime and read the manga but hadn't read any of the light novels following the events of the war.

He ended up with one conclusion, fight. With the talent of arrancars of improving with every fight and his past experiences, it was the most efficient conclusion.

Opening his eyes, Itsuki saw his second puff of smoke disappear within the air as he looked around him. The three girls quickly came next to him with worried looks covering their eyes as they looked all over him for injuries,

"I'm fine, I was just taken by surprise that's all."

Although they knew that he was taken by surprise, they were still shocked seeing him injured. For most of them, it was the first time seeing it. Itsuki payed it off while ignoring Ichigo's furious look, enraging him further. As he was about to shout at him, Hinamori and Yuki appeared with their sword touching his throat. The latter had passed the exam and with a cold look, the two locked Ichigo where he was. With Itsuki leaving they gave Ichigo one more look with their menacing eyes and disappeared. The two had heard the story from Soi Fon explaining their hostility towards Ichigo and their feelings amplified seeing Itsuki injured like such when they are supposed to be his personal guards.

Back in the valley of screams, Kon had just woken up,

'Huh, where am I?'

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Author's note

Ok guys, made a few changes here as I did seem to downplay Itsuki's abilities.

Also your comments hurt :'(


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