Rebirth in Bleach
88 Leaving
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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88 Leaving

Aizen looked at Itsuki with an amused smile,

"That truly is interesting, let's do this, this doesn't count as a favour due to it being a truly interesting one…"

Itsuki just took a puff of smoke while Aizen took his leave,

"So long, Minamoto Itsuki…"

Seeing the Garganta close Itsuki also got up and left for Urahara's training room. He needed to polish his skills and get revenge. But he knew that right now, the revenge he was planning would probably kill Ichigo, and he didn't want that to happen. It would just increase his workload. Rather have someone else do the legwork for him while he will only act when it matters.

Itsuki immediately took out his two swords and started training from the basics all the way to his most recent moves. Itsuki never had any signature moves as he felt he didn't need any. Even if there was, he wouldn't want to shout out its name and let everyone know what he was doing.

The three girls just stood there before leaving. Something had hurt them when they saw Itsuki injured for the first time like that. The went to train together and hope to become strong enough that they are capable of protecting him from things that he wouldn't expect.

As they went off on their own way, Itsuki created a barrier surrounding his training space to make sure nothing can observe him. With that he tried to remember how Ishida used his Hirenkyaku. The Quincy's method of movement. Each race had their way of moving, Shinigami had their shunpo which used an individual's own reiatsu to propel them forward, the arrancar had the sonido that somehow erased the pressure exerted when it was used. It was a complicated movement but Itsuki was able to combine the two.

He now wanted to combine his movement technique with the Hirenkyaku. Hirenkyaku used the surrounding reiatsu to propel one forward. It was easy trying to combine the three and didn't take longer than a couple days with constant trials and errors. He had also worked on his control due to his reiatsu slowly increasing.

In the outside world, Ichigo had just encountered Kasumioji Rurichiyo for the first time. The plot continued with Itsuki continuing his training. Amagai Shusuke had won the trust of the 3rd Division and all was going with the plot. He could feel two individuals enter the Urahara Store and buy three Gigai before leaving.

'They must've been Rurichiyo's servants.'

Itsuki looked at the letter next to him. It was from Byakuya, but it was more of a message from Hisana. It basically told her to protect Rurichiyo. It seemed that she was a fan of Itsuki and found her way to the Kuchiki Household where he would usually train with Byakuya. There the two became acquainted and Hisana was quite fond of the girl. Seeing the reports of many assassination attempts conducted on her, Hisana was worried for her. Byakuya saw this and immediately wrote to Itsuki.

Giving a sigh, Itsuki continued to train while he sent Seikyo off to Rurichiyo's house. Next to the Kurosaki clinic there were new people in the neighbourhood. The woman that used to live there before mysteriously moved out and strange new people had moved in.

Seikyo hovered above the house and immediately shot down, landing within a tree near the house. Seikyo first looked around and found out that no one was there. Seikyo had become a rather intelligent bird as she started sensing the reiatsu around her. It was one of the tricks she had picked up when she was with Itsuki. She had become the perfect scout.

After making sure everything was alright, he submerged himself into his mind library, reviewing all the information he had.

Within the house next door to the Kurosaki Clinic a young child was throwing a tantrum,

"Where is Itsuki-sama?! You guys said he would be here!"

A young girl with green eyes and blonde hair held back by a red hair band threw a fit on the couch. Two servants tried to appease her but to no avail. The first one was of average build that had spiky black-blue hair with ice blue eyes. The second servant was a large muscular man with a mohawk shaped like a lightning bolt. He had a pair of sunglasses while he started gesturing with his hands, trying to appease the young girl. His actions indicated his status of a mute while the other servant started explaining what he meant.

"Ojou-sama, Me and Enryu went to the Urahara Store and were told that the captain was training. We can't disturb him."

The young girl looked back at him with reproach with tears threatening to fall out of her eyes. She of course understood what the latter meant but there was still some unwillingness in her heart.

"Tch, Enryu! Kenryu! Tell me when Itsuki-sama leaves!"

With that she stormed off to her bedroom with a pout. Rurichiyo had tried numerous times to meet Itsuki but failed to do so. The 2nd Division was too scary for her to enter while she had failed to encounter him at the Kuchiki Household. But that did allow her to get acquainted to the madam of the Kuchiki Household. They treated each other like sisters.

The two servants stood there, mouth agape while Enryu looked at the food he was holding in his hands. Kenryu saw this and just sighed,

"Don't worry about it."

Patting the big guy on his shoulder, Kenryu left him and went to patrol the area. Enryu packed the food and went to guard Rurichiyo outside her room.

Back at the Urahara store, Itsuki opened his one closed eye and got up, dusting off his clothes. Sighing to himself, he picked up his zanpakuto and started practicing.

Within a group of abandoned warehouses, three flashes were seen clashing at one point or another. They turned out to be the three girls. Although Rangiku was the weakest of them, she was still able to breath but only slightly. All three had at some point trained with Itsuki which had resulted them having better reflexes than others.

They all had determined faces as they kept seeing the image of a shocked Itsuki with a wound on his torso. He hadn't spoken much since then but their image of him being invincible had instantly shattered the moment of that incident. It reminded them, that no matter how strong he looked, there was still a chance of something bad occurring.

Though, either Soi Fon or Yoruichi could instantly take Rangiku down, they were holding back in case the other took the chance to attack. Rangiku couldn't help it, they were already fully-fledged Shinigami when she was still at the academy.

As the three continued sparring, no news was heard from Itsuki when all of them felt a fluctuation of reiatsu coming from the direction of the clinic. It was quickly stopped but only a couple days of days later, Itsuki got a prompt from Seikyo. Closing one of his eyes, Itsuki saw Rurichiyo leaving her house in her spiritual form. She was currently walking through the riverside of Karakura town while talking to herself only to trip and meet Orihime. A fight followed while Orihime was able to repel the enemy for a bit longer, it still seemed that she was hesitant to deal the final blow. With Ichigo and Rukia entering the fray, the enemy was quickly caught but was able to escape only to commit suicide.

Knowing what was going to happen, Itsuki finally left his training grounds just when Ichigo, Rukia, Enryu and Kenryu left for Soul Society to look for Rurichiyo. There was only so much one could only do with training. Hinamori and Yuki who were sparring, came to a stop when they saw him leave.


Itsuki nodded while he started sweeping through all information he had on the current and former members of the Onmitsukido. Finding Amagai Shusuke's information he glanced over it and found nothing wrong with it. He was just a capable Shinigami that was a patrol group's leader, although Itsuki did oversee the Onmitsukido's training and had memorised everyone's files he didn't pay much attention to them.

There was a strict command and every member did what they were told, no questions. Soi Fon thought process still hadn't changed. She always kept a distance with their subordinates, believing that personal struggle builds character.

Entering the Urahara store, Itsuki sat down at the usual table while a silence descended onto the room. Urahara and the others stood there while the former brought a fan to cover his mouth.
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"Finally out of training, Itsuki-san. I had heard you got done in by a kid."

Jinta who was sitting by the side could swear that he heard the sound of glass breaking as sweat gushed out of his boy,

'Oioi, boss, why are you riling him up…'

Tessai was also surprised but was even more so seeing the lack of response from Itsuki. This either meant that Itsuki didn't think much of it, or that he was really good at hiding emotions. The calm look in Itsuki's eyes retained itself as he took a sip of tea given to him by Ururu. Hinamori and Yuki heard this as a menacing look surfaced on their faces, but they restrained themselves seeing Itsuki's lack of action.

"It was just a moment of distraction; it won't happen again."

Itsuki was worried about one thing, he let his emotions slip at that moment when he scolded Ichigo. Although he was annoyed, he should've done something more than just scold him, but currently he couldn't do anything. Ichigo was still weak.


Didn't make any changes.

I do understand that many would be disappointed but my decision stands, partly due to option 3 winning and partly due to me being a lazy author that just can't be bothered to rewrite any chapter.

Anyway, nearly a month has flown by. Was in the mood of writing something modern so I created another project. not sure i'll ever post it, we'll see.

And, lastly, i'm back.

I've seen that the ahem dao has spread to other fanfics and Ulcifr, love your profile pic.

Let me know if there is any inconsistency, this chapter was written over the period of one month and I haven't exactly properly read through it. It was just me going off and on when writing this.


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