Rebirth in Bleach
93 Joint Training
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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93 Joint Training

Itsuki was surrounded by Soi Fon and the Onmitsukido members at the 2nd division headquarters. They were all waiting for his orders. Extending his senses, he didn't feel a single presence of Menos and remembered that it was actually something cooked up by Yamamoto to see how the different teams would cope in an emergency when they encountered one another on the field.

"Stay at your posts, if you see a Menos attack them whenever you get a chance, send a report back to Soi Fon afterwards. She will be in charge"

Saying his orders, Itsuki then disappeared and reappeared next to Ukitake who was just telling Kiyone and Sentaro that it was all a ruse. While Kaien greeted him, Ukitake didn't seemed surprised in seeing Itsuki come here as he put on a thoughtful expression,

"Then who is the one feeding the squads with false reports?"

As soon as he said this, a voice was heard from the side,

"That would be me."


Yamamoto had appeared with Chojiro following him.

Yamamoto had spread the false reports on the appearing Menos. Going back to the balcony outside Yamamoto's office, Itsuki, Ukitake and Yamamoto looked over Seireitei and saw the various divisions quickly falling out with each other.

They all came in each-other's way, wanting to get the merits for themselves rather than cooperating. Seeing a few Menos Grande sprout suddenly from nowhere, all the squads converged and went towards them, Itsuki saw that Rangiku was leading the 10th Division and had a confused expression on her face.

All the squads were making their way towards the Menos and they were bound to get in the way of each other, especially if the path they took led to a dead end. Seeing the Shinigami all get stuck in what could only be described as a pathetic display, the two captains had a disappointed look on their face while Itsuki remained stoic like usual. The three saw the Shinigami form various divisions, all crowded around each other as shouts and curses were thrown about.

A few fake Menos had thrown the whole Gotei 13 into disarray.

Itsuki sighed lightly as the three watched Amagai appear and give out orders. Although he looked normal, Itsuki and Yamamoto could tell he was drunk with the slight redness on his face.
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Convincing them with his strength, he instigated all the squads to listen to his commands and allowed them to take down the Menos while working together. Ukitake took his leave once everything settled down while Itsuki remained,

Yamamoto had an approving light in his eyes seeing the results when the squads worked together as he barked out an order,

"I hereby approve of holding joint training sessions for the Gotei 13."

Itsuki heard the order and turned to leave. Yamamoto never said anything about the Onmitsukido.

The next day, an unkempt Itsuki finished the last of his paperwork with a satisfied smile as he felt a specific type of reiatsu approaching his office. Itsuki quickly fumbled around to make himself more dignified as he returned to his stoic look. Acting as if he just finished, he saw the door to his office smash open and in came Amagai.

"What is the meaning of this, Captain Minamo-?!"

Amagai came in with such strength that he ended up tripping himself over and falling face first. Itsuki and Seikyo both looked at each other and back at the captain that had fallen over. Sighing lightly, he saw a hint of redness fill the captain's face. This was by no means due to embarrassment, but rather, due to the open bottle of sake on Itsuki's table.

Shutting the lid, Itsuki picked up the unconscious man and left the 2nd Division Headquarters.

Meanwhile, at an unused large training ground, groups of Shinigami from various divisions had gathered and were waiting for further instructions.

"Where's Captain Shusuke?"

An unknown voice was heard,

"Apparently no one from the Onmitsukido showed up."

"So basically the 2nd division."

"Yeah, the captain has gone there right now…"

Before the voice could finish his sentence, Itsuki appeared in front of the group while holding Amagai by the scruff. Silence filled the training ground while Amagai was thrown down and Itsuki left the premises. However, after he left, twelve members of the patrol corps appeared and waited for the training to begin.

"Only twelve…"

A rough voice was heard,

"Those damn Onmitsukido, looking down on all of us…"

Although no one voiced their opinions, due to the lack of opposition didn't mean that they thought differently. However, just because no one spoke up afterwards didn't mean that no one reacted to those words. There were some that had a reaction, well twelve of them. As soon as they found the origin of the previous voice, the twelve of them locked down on that Shinigami and sent their killing intent towards him.

The man felt his heart stop for a moment before sweat poured down his back. He then remembered something, no matter what part of Onmitsukido one belonged to, they were the cream of the top. However, apart from Onmitsukido not coming, the other Shinigami had just another thing against them, they had the most female Shinigami after the 4th Division.

While this was happening, Itsuki felt a tug in his connection with Seikyo as he was returning. Closing one eye, it showed the scene at the Kasumioji manor, the scene of Rurichiyo's wedding. Itsuki was surprised seeing this scene already take place.

'Damn paperwork.'

Within, Seikyo's vision he saw Ichigo being confronted by Soi Fon and a group of Shinigami. Omaeda Marechiyo also there holding Kenryu and Enryu. It seemed that Marechiyo had become a valuable asset within the patrol corps as Itsuki saw him have no arrogance on his face from the anime.

As the events had started to reach a climax, Itsuki made his way towards the 1st division. Seeing Yamamoto buried in paperwork, he didn't say anything and just stood there. A short while later, a Jigokucho made its appearance saying that Ichigo and Rukia had kidnapped Kannogi Shu. Yamamoto looked up at Itsuki,

"You do know that I won't give the order."

Itsuki did know and he also knew why. With all that had been happening, the Gotei 13 were currently on a fine line. With three of its captains betraying and the fact that the organisation itself had two powerful figures like Yamamoto and Itsuki created a massive power tilt in their favour. Although the soul king's palace had more of these figures, the Gotei 13 had the most influence over all of Soul Society. The central 46 had just been replaced and most noble families kept to themselves. Yet they all had some members within the Gotei 13.

Itsuki kept his silent as he followed the old man towards the captain's meeting hall. As the two were the first to arrive, they waited for all the other captains to arrive.

Itsuki stood there and just closed his eyes, he wouldn't actively take part in this meeting. At the end, just like he expected, upon hearing the report from Soi Fon, the order for the capture of Ichigo and Rukia was given and Amagai Shusuke would lead it.

Upon leaving the meeting hall, Itsuki turned to Soi Fon,

"I'll leave the searching to you."


Soi Fon left as soon as she acknowledged the order. Seeing all the other captains leave Itsuki sighed as he looked at the sky, the longer he stayed here the more restricted he felt. The chains felt heavy as they tied him to the Gotei 13, there were too many things he cared for here. Shaking these thoughts out of his head he just shunpoed into the distance.

Him doing things his own way would cause the detriments to outweigh the benefits.

'I need an apple.'

Thinking that to himself Itsuki saw all the Shinigami that were at the training grounds return to their division headquarters. Knowing that Ichigo and co were currently in the sewers beneath Seireitei, Itsuki made his way back to the 2nd division HQ.


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