Rebirth in Bleach
94 Siege on Kasumioji clan
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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94 Siege on Kasumioji clan

All Itsuki had to do was wait. Just because he had Eidetic memory didn't mean that he would know everything. He was just able to remember everything he saw. Currently, a few things had slipped his mind and Yamamoto ordering the siege of the Kasumioji manor was one of them. The old geezer already knew that there was something wrong with the clan and was just waiting for the right moment.

Sitting down on the Onmitsukido's commander in chief's seat, he took out his Kiseru and blew a smoke. He now went into his mind palace and started to binge watch the whole anime and he tried to remember the manga. He didn't use all his thought processes; some were still doing calculations while another took over and started to meditate. The hollow and the Sokyoku still hadn't fully merged and the process had started to slow down. It seemed that he was nearing a bottleneck.

As for remembering of the show, he remembered the canon but for the fillers, there were bits and bots he didn't remember no matter how much he tried.

'Shouldn't have constantly skipped ahead while pressing the right arrow button…'

For the manga, he had rushed through that and could barely remember small parts of it. While he was binge watching/reading, Soi Fon was out there contemplating on what Ichigo had said back at the Kasumioji manor. Plus, knowing Ichigo's true nature made her feel that something wasn't right. Looking in a certain direction, a sigh escaped her mouth before she returned in directing the search for Ichigo and co.

It wasn't until the next day when another announcement was made that shocked the Gotei 13. The order to capture Amagai Shusuke was given out,

"The captain has…"

"…joined with the substitute Shinigami Kurosaki Ichigo…"

The most shocked were the third squad as disbelief was present in their faces. They had sincerely hoped that this was the rise of them with their new captain, yet reality had just thrown them down a cliff. Also, their lieutenant and 3rd seat had gone missing and they were now just headless chickens, not knowing what to do.

Itsuki had remained in the same position since the day before as he received the occasional reports from either Yuki or Hinamori. Itsuki had just went through the whole show and was now just focusing on the current arc. He hated the fact that he could remember a scene and it would skip a part and it would change into another scene.

However, he felt that he was missing something. It wasn't until another announcement was made when he found what he was looking for. It was Ichigo's sane eyes behind a partially broken mask, they were yellow with a black sclera. Coming to a realisation, Itsuki felt that he was currently playing a connect the dots. He was at first surprised at seeing a new captain chosen so early but just attributed it to not knowing the plot clearly. However, seeing Ichigo in a sane hollow transformation, meant that the arc was supposed to occur after meeting with the visored.

But somehow, it had moved up and this was taking place even before Ichigo had met them. The only reason he could think of was him, he had strengthened the Onmitsukido which meant that Amagai had gotten stronger quicker and got the confidence to attack Yamamoto earlier. Still it seemed that due to this, the other events also hastened and Rurichiyo visited the living word earlier.

Opening his eyes, he saw Yuki and Hinamori standing there looking at him. Soi Fon wasn't there and it looked like the two were waiting for orders.

"Captain! The captain commander had issues orders to lay siege on the Kasumioji manor."

"What do you want us to do?"

Itsuki got up as he cleared his kiseru and put it away. Walking forward, he gave out his orders,

"Tell the executive corps to engage the enemies with the other squads. The patrol corps would set up a perimeter surrounding the area in case there are no escapees. You two are in charge of guarding the Kasumioji clan's senkaimon and stop anyone that even approaches that place."

Itsuki disappeared as soon as he gave out the orders. He also felt a familiar reiatsu enter soul society and direct Soi Fon along with Ukitake and Shunsui.

Outside the Kasumioji manor, Rukia and Rangiku along with the 10th division were holding of the Kasumioji clan's assassins. The opposite party were all wielding a Bakkoto and refused to go down. Their eyes glowed an unnatural gold and the reiatsu increased as they started losing their sanity. Before they even know it, the Bakkoto they wielded had completed taken over their minds and they lost all reasoning, attacking the closest Shinigami.

This caused the battlefield to descend into a stalemate as the Shinigami started getting tired out which made them more vulnerable to attacks. They started losing numbers while the assassins got up when they were struck and continued their assault.

Rangiku's face was covered in sweat as she held of an attack while her back was covered by Rukia, who was also in a similar position.
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"Dammit, what's up with these guys?"

Rangiku grit her teeth as she struck down another assassin before being attacked by another. The former got up with its reiatsu increased and when in for another attack. They had been caught by surprise by the sudden ambush, who would've thought that the Kasumioji clan was hiding this type of force.

"We're not getting anywhere with this?"

Rukia knew they were in a predicament until she heard Rangiku's voice,

"Growl, Haineko"

Ash filled the sky as she started striking down the assassins yet more and more came. While Rukia kept her back protected, her front was now exposed due to the lack of blade. Seeing more and more assassins converge in front of her, she was able to take them down before they reached her, however they just ended up getting back again. Only when she struck them down a second time did they finally stop.

Rukia also took the initiative as she struck forward,

"Dance, Sode no Shirayuki."

Rukia's zanpakuto turned into a glistening white katana while its blade and even the handle were pure white. There was also a white strap attacked to the end of her handle, resulting in a beautiful, snow like blade.

Slowly, the numbers started to put a toll on Rangiku until a mistake caused an opening, allowing an assassin to get through. Seeing the assassin get closer, Rangiku was mildly surprised but was still able to analyse the situation. She tried to return her zanpakuto to its original form, however, the assassin was too fast as he was already in front of her. She had underestimated the increase of strength caused by the Bakkoto and now she was facing a dire situation. Seeing the blade descend, she felt that it was unnaturally slow as she dodged with slight ease. Rukia was already some distance away, so she had no reservations about dodging.

Leaning to the side, she watched as the blade flew past her while she rotated her body and landed a kick on the assassin's head. The details of the result of that kick will be put aside.

Seeing the sight before them, even the assassins that had lost their rationality flinched a little before continuing their assault, this time with more vigour. Suddenly, an explosion sounded, and a dust cloud was seen on the other end with a few assassins falling around it. Out came Hisagi Shuhei attacking the nearest assassin. He then rendezvoused with two girls before telling them,

"There's evidence of the Kasumioji clan plotting treason, we are to aid the substitute Shinigami,"

As soon as he said this, the walls of the manor welcomed another visitor. Some of the Shinigami mistook it for a second sun but the voice that originated from it made them think otherwise,


Seeing the second sun descend with a rather familiar voice he started dispatching the nearby assassins with his released Shikai. Just then the gates to the manor smashed open and ruffian like voice was heard,

"Follow, 3rd seat Madarame!!"

Accompanied with a few roars, the Shinigami started flooding the grounds. Toshiro and Byakuya were looking at this from a vantage point as the former sighed.

"They never change do they."

"Like your height."


Byakuya quickly turned his face as he covered his mouth with his hand, yet his trembling shoulders revealed the fact that he was trying his best to hold back his laughter. Toshiro was also trembling, yet it was for a different reason. His face turned red as he forcefully held back his anger, he knew that if he retorted now, he would cement the idea of his childishness. Forcefully calming down, Byakuya also returned to his normal stoic look as he also looked at the new arrival. Itsuki stood next to the three while Toshiro refused to look at him in case, he did something unthinkable.

Seeing the gradual defeat of the assassins, Itsuki only had one opinion,

"Too slow."

His words were like some sort of start signal as black shadows encompassed the grounds and dived straight in. Rangiku had just pushed back an assassin when the latter stopped and went forward to strike again. Swinging his sword, he brought it down only to realise that his mind had cleared, and he felt a certain weightless in his arms. Looking to his right, he noticed the obviously absent right arm. Rangiku was also surprised as she could have sworn, she just saw an Onmitsukido member. Before the pain registered in the assassin's head, it was disconnected from its pain receptors. Rangiku watched the headless body collapse, marvelling as to how the Onmitsukido efficiently dispatched the assassin with two strikes. All it took was two members to attack at the right time at two different vital areas.

Slowly, other saw this and the rest became easier to handle. There were always at least two shadows for one assassin as they would strike when their prey was distracted. One would go for the arm and amputate the connection between the assassin and Bakkoto while another went for the head.

As soon as they were finished with one, they would move onto another. Before they knew it, the ground was littered with bodies missing an arm and head.


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