Rebirth in Bleach
95 An enigma
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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95 An enigma

Itsuki's ice cold gaze eyes descended on the aftermath of the battle. He never lowered his head, just his eyes before they turned towards the deeper parts of the manor. The original beautiful manor was now surrounded by death and battle. Bodies littered Itsuki's path as Itsuki made his way towards centre, slowly taking his surroundings in. His eyes remained unnerved at the sight, looking for any survivors.

Yet, there were none, it seemed that the Onmitsukido had done what a proper job. With a satisfied nod, an explosion attracted his attention. Looking toward the explosion's direction, he felt Soi Fon, Yoruichi, Ukitake and Shunsui attack the Kasumioji's smithery. Turning his attention back, he disappeared from his position and arrived at the core of the manor. On the way, he noticed the assassin's Bakkoto's eyes missing. While the blade was still there, the core of the Bakkoto, its eye, was nowhere to be found. Getting closer He felt a pair of reiatsu up ahead as he once more shunpoed at the spot.

When he arrived at the location, it seemed that the events here had already transpired. An elderly, heavily wrinkled yet monkey looking man lay in a pool of blood while Rurichiyo was nowhere to be found. Ichigo also wasn't here leaving only Rukia and a young boy, who Itsuki presumed to be Kannogi Shu. He wore an oversized white kimono with a blue vest on top. His brown was in a messy state, while his grey eyes expressed concern with hints of depression. Overall, he was in a distress state while Rukia had joy surface on her face when she saw Itsuki.

Hearing the events from Rukia, Itsuki quietly listened and pretended it was his first-time hearing of this. Well it wasn't exactly hard for him to do so. Just a raise of an eyebrow seemed to do the work. For some reason, despite seeing that the situation seemed urgent, Itsuki took his time with this whole ordeal. He listened to how she got here and how the dead man lying on the ground was orchestrating the whole conspiracy, but it was actually Amagai Shusuke pulling the strings.

In a different location, Amagai had just landed at the 1st division HQ and was confronting Yamamoto. A calm look plastered his face while hate had filled his eyes and his reiatsu had started to slowly increase.

Rurichiyo was next to him on her knees with her hands bound behind her. She watched two monstrous individuals confront each other.

"You never thought that there were people in soul society who would kill you if they had the chance."

"Kill me? To what extent?"

"Kisaragi Shin'etsu."

These words seemed to silence Yamamoto before he replied in a tone as if he was reminiscing,


"I know you haven't forgotten; I've come in his stead to take your life!"

Amagai seemed to get more riled up the more he spoke. He had just got into stance and prepared to draw his sword when a voice destroyed the atmosphere from the confrontation.

"Blossom madly, Benishidare!"

A pink mist covered the area as flowers started emerging from Kenryu's sword. Still, Amagai looked unperturbed,

"I thought I had masked my reiatsu, but it seems that the princess has dedicated babysitters…"

Turning towards Kenryu,

"…still your struggle is pointless."


With determination in his eyes, Kenryu shouted,

"Benishidare, Sange!"

A flower had bloomed at the tip of Kenryu's sword as it dispersed into a cluster of petals. These petals rose up and fused into a series of needle like blades. The blades then struck down targeting Amagai allowing a chance for him to be distracted. Seeing the latter occupied, Kenryu shouted towards Rurichiyo,

"Princess, hurry!"

Rurichiyo also didn't just sit by as she picked herself up and ran towards Kenryu. Seeing his hostage get away, Amagai got annoyed, swiping his sword, cutting the needle like blades and dispersing the mist, he prepared to attack,

"You damned-"

His voice was interrupted by a rise of reiatsu from behind him. Looking back, Amagai saw the giant of a man, Enryu, behind him grasping his zanpakuto. Enryu didn't allow Amagai to think as he voiced out,

"Rock, Daichimaru!"

Yet the voice that left his mouth wasn't the scruff and rough voice found in a man of his stature. What left his mouth was a girly cute voice with a high pitch. Yet Amagai didn't find time to laugh as two large fists appeared surrounding Enryu's hands. Smashing the right one down, a gigantic pair of hands appeared on either side of Amagai as they both closed down, trapping Amagai.
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Enryu then shunpoed next to Rurichiyo who had her arms unshackled by Kenryu. While Rurichiyo was marvelling at Enryu's voice, the latter's blush disappeared as a bead of sweat fell down his face. Quickly getting up, Enryu turned around and spread his arms out and covered Rurichiyo while Kenryu hugged her. What followed was an explosion from Amagai's location causing pieces of rocks to fly out in all directions. The two used their bodies to shield the little girl.

Before the dust had even settled, the now free Amagai made his way towards Yamamoto's table where a half broken Bakkoto lay. The Bakkoto still had its core, a black eye with a yellow sclera.

"Amagai, what do you plan to do with that?"


Taking out the eye, he moved it towards his own Bakkoto that looked like a tuning fork with the sides curving inwards and its tip curving outwards. He brought the butt of the Bakkoto towards himself and uncapped the lid revealing another Bakkoto nucleus. This one however, stretched out and revealed a mouth that chomped down on the nucleus that Amagai brought closer. This action allowed his reiatsu to show noticeable signs of growth. Apparently 'eating' the other bakkoto's nucleus allowed his own to grow more powerful.

After tapping his Bakkoto with his zanpakuto, a tendril shot out and wrapped around Amagai's arm. This then transformed into an armoured black gauntlet that was shaped like a dragon. The gauntlet fully encompassed Amagai's entire arm, creating a claw on the hand. A green energy blade materialised from the claw.

Looking at this, Yamamoto's eyes remained closed so the opposite party couldn't read his expression.

"I wasn't sure what you were plotting…"

Yamamoto brought his walking stick in front of him and held it horizontally, the said stick's wood started disappearing while Yamamoto held the hilt of his zanpakuto.

"All things of this world, turn to ashes, Ryujin Jakka"

The flames of the sun surrounded them as the flames burst outwards. Enryu and Kenryu once more shielded Rurichiyo but they were unharmed as Yamamoto didn't intend to harm them. Still the two's bodyguard's instincts kicked in and they shielded the girl from harm.

Seeing the flames, Amagai had a hint of smile on his face as he stabbed his Bakkoto onto the ground. This resulted in garnering Yamamoto's attention for the first time, as he opened his eyes slightly. All the flames that were surrounding them, suddenly disappeared into nothingness. The previous soul scorching heat gone.

Seeing the proud look on Amagai's face, Yamamoto knew exactly who the culprit was. It wasn't rocket science.

"What did you do?"

The smile on Amagai's face just got bigger.

By the time, Itsuki left the manor, a large explosion garnered his attention towards the first division HQ. Knowing that the cause was Amagai, Itsuki disappeared from his position.

Back at the first division HQ, the dust cleared and Amagai was seen standing with his zanpakuto unleashed. His upper body was bare, and a sash-like component had appeared over Amagai's left shoulder and reached down to his waist which contained five Bakkoto nuclei. Attaching the armoured right arm and the sash was something reminiscent to a dragon's tail, which hanged freely from the upper shoulder area of the back.

Itsuki got there when Ichigo had just arrived and was confronting Amagai. While the two were staring at each other, the latter's attention was immediately attracted by Itsuki when he arrived. A frown appeared for a short while before he returned to normal. Turning to Itsuki, Amagai gave a small smile,

"From all my plans you were an enigma, Captain Minamoto. I had taken everything into account, the military might of each squad, got the trust of my division, planned everything to the last detail, even the substitute Shinigami…"

Saying this he threw a glance at Ichigo before continuing,

"…yet you and your Onmitsukido…"

He didn't finish his sentence off but even Rurichiyo knew what he meant. Itsuki just looked on coldly as he arrived next to Yamamoto. Yamamoto looked at Amagai,

"Kisaragi Shin'etsu. How do know this name?"

"Kisaragi Shin'etsu…was my farther."

This declaration was like thunderclaps in Yamamoto's ears as his eyes widened. Contrary to Yamamoto, Itsuki didn't have much change on his face,

'I already knew that.'


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