Rebirth in Bleach
96 Itsuki vs Amagai
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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96 Itsuki vs Amagai

Yamamoto's eyes widened in surprise after hearing Amagai. What followed was Amagai's sad story of seeing his father die and how Yamamoto was the one to kill him. How he joined the Gotei 13 and found information, accused Yamamoto with conspiring with the Kasumioji clan to kill his father. After that lengthy speech, it was Ichigo's turn to give one, of how Amagai was selfish…

All in all, Itsuki got bored. This didn't escape Yamamoto's eyes as he sighed to himself,

'This disciple of mine…'

He watched as to how Itsuki moved a couple steps in front of him. His attention was then brought out front seeing Amagai attack and Ichigo block his path of advancement. The two shared a round a blows before Ichigo was slowly pushed back.


Ichigo activated his bankai and once more attacked. Amagai's Bakkoto had only nullified Yamamoto's Ryujin Jakka and nothing else. During their clash, Ichigo felt his reiatsu slowly be sealed away.

"Like I said, my Bakkoto seals away a shinigami's reiatsu, the source of their Zanpakuto's power."

Hearing this, Ichigo replied,

"Getsuga Tenshou!"

Amagai was easily able to block the attacks and make a move of his own. He stabbed his hook like blade into the ground and generated a spout of fire at Ichigo's location. Seeing the latter dodge, Amagai took his blade out and thrust it into the ground, generating another spout of fire at his location. This carried on until Amagai got behind Ichigo while he wasn't paying attention and launched a fireball at his location. Ichigo wasn't prepared for the attack and was hit onto the floor. Seeing him down, Amagai shunpoed in front of Itsuki some distance away.
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Despite just landing a faint voice could be heard,

"It's not over yet…"

Looking back, Amagai saw Ichigo struggling to get up. Yamamoto saw this and looked at his disciple…who, for some reason, had a sadistic smile on his face. Feeling Yamamoto's gaze, Itsuki sighed within and knew that it was time for him to step in. Seeing that Amagai was about to land a finishing move on Ichigo, Itsuki finally made his move.

Shunpoing next to him, Itsuki dragged him out of harm's way. Amagai however, didn't notice this and still smashed his weapon onto the ground where Ichigo previously was. The others seemed to also not have seen Ichigo being taken away as Rukia and Rurichiyo screamed.


Dust flew into the air where Amagai struck his weapon but all that was left was a crater nothing else. Feeling a little odd he looked around only to see Itsuki standing there while holding Ichigo by his scruff.

"Captain Minamoto…"

Itsuki didn't say anything but threw Ichigo towards. As Itsuki started slowly walking forwards, Amagai's eyes widened slightly while he gulped a little. The latter could feel his heartbeat spiral out of control while beads of sweat appear on the surface of his skin. He was once part of the Onmitsukido and for them, the most scariest existence wasn't Yamamoto but rather the man in front of him.

Now seeing that same man walk towards him, fear started encroaching his mind like a disease. However, what helped calm it was the idea of finally getting revenge for his father. Steeling his resolve, he stopped himself from taking that step back and remained firm in his position.

Itsuki had no idea what was going through Amagai's head, but he could see the flames of resolve burning in his eyes. To be honest, Itsuki didn't care as he placed his hands on both his zanpakutos. Seeing his former captain get into stance, Amagai narrowed his eyes and got prepared to defend. With a slight movement, Itsuki disappeared from his peripheral vision which sent a wave of shock within Amagai's head.

Before Amagai could regain his composure Itsuki had already appeared next to him. Appearing in a crouched fashion, Amagai saw a faint crouching dragon and crouching tiger manifest behind Itsuki. With his swords sheathed, the moment he slightly unsheathed them, the two beings' eyes opened, and they pounced.

All Amagai had time to do in that wave of interaction was move his eyes in the direction of Itsuki and barely move his Bakkoto in the Itsuki's swords path. Still, it was all useless as what followed was him feeling a powerful strike land on his Bakkoto and throw him back wards into an intact wall.

What everyone saw there was Itsuki disappearing and the next instant, Amagai being launched into the wall. It was too fast for them to see and the only one that barely saw it was Yamamoto. Yet no surprise was held in Yamamoto's eyes as it was what he expected with his disciple.

Itsuki reappeared next to Amagai's previous position with both his zanpakutos sheathed. He looked in the direction of where Amagai landed and waited for him to come out. The group on the side looked on with wide eyes as Rurichiyo opened her mouth,

"Is it over?"

Rukia's voice followed,

"No, it's not over yet."

As if on cue, everyone saw a figure walk out the debris and reveal himself in front of them. What was different about him was his Bakkoto missing. Well, it wasn't missing, everyone could see the shard of the broken Bakkoto lodged into his skin and him only holding a black handle. Amagai didn't look at Itsuki but rather his right hand where the Bakkoto was. Disbelief poured out his eyes as he looked back at Itsuki.


Itsuki raised eyebrow as he saw Amagai say something while trembling.

"Why do you stand in my way? Don't you know what type of person he is? You're his disciple…"

"I stand in your way because I know exactly what type of person he is."

This was the first time Itsuki had spoken in this confrontation, but it had warmed Yamamoto's heart. A look of pride and grandfatherly love appeared in his eyes, but no one noticed it due to his eyes begin closed.

As Amagai clicked his tongue a look full of resignation appeared on his face as he looked back and forth between master and disciple. As if realising something a small laughed escaped his mouth,

"Haha, I see, like father like son, or in this case, like master like disciple. You-"

Stopping his talk, Amagai pointed his zanpakuto at him releasing a burst of flames in the direction of Itsuki. Itsuki dodged the flames but Amagai was already gone. His intentions weren't directed at Itsuki at all but rather Yamamoto himself.

It was right then when all the other captains had arrived along with Yoruichi's shout,

"Stop! Amagai!"

Amagai seemed to not have heard this as he was only focused in killing Yamamoto. The last strike had also ended his Bankai and his zanpakuto had returned to its sealed form. Seeing Yamamoto get closer to his blade, a vicious smile masked his face. Victory seemed to be in sight as memories flashed through his head of finding his father dead,

'I've finally avenged you fa…'

Suddenly another figure entered his vision as his sword was deflected into a different path. That figure's other hand welcomed another sword in a back handed grip heading straight for his neck. Suddenly, everything seemed clear as he saw the opposite party's face,

'Captain Min…'

A cold feeling washed over his heart as another thought sprouted in his heart,

'No, I can't die here! I haven't even got my revenge!'

Yet there was nothing stopping that sword. Time seemed to slow as the sword headed for his neck until a voice stopped everyone's actions.

"Everyone stop!"

The blade coming to Amagai's stopped right before touching his neck while everyone looked at the source of the voice apart from Itsuki who held his sword up to Amagai's throat. As Amagai felt a cold feeling on his neck, a shocked expression surfaced on his face while a confused look flashed through his eyes.

Why did he stop?

That was the only question that currently occupied Amagai's mind. His enemy had the perfect chance to kill him, yet they stopped. In that moment a female voice answered his questions,

"Amagai, the captain commander didn't kill your father. Your father was just another victim of the Bakkoto."


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