Rebirth in Bleach
100 Itsuki vs Renji & Sado
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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100 Itsuki vs Renji & Sado

Itsuki stood in between the two, while Sado had taken out his arm, Renji had entered Bankai. Once more, the stone entered the scene within Itsuki's hands. Throwing it into the air, the eyes of Sado and Renji sharpened. As the stone reached it peak, they lowered their centre of gravity and got ready to attack. As soon as the stone touched the ground, the two instantly made their moves,


A powerful strike of reishi left Sado while Renji swung his zanpakuto which now looked like a giant serpent. While the powerful reishi reached Itsuki, all he did was wave his hand like swatting a fly and it destroyed the reishi attack, as for the snake attack, all Itsuki did was grab the snake and throw it, throwing Renji in the process. Still the two never gave up, Sado arrived next to Itsuki and let loose a punch in which Itsuki parried by touching the inside of Sado's arm with his palm. Sending a palm of his own, he threw Sado back while Renji jumped out of the rubble and made an attack of his own.

"Hikotsu Taiho!"

A ball of spiritual energy formed at the serpent's mouth and shot towards Itsuki. Itsuki barely glanced at it as he opened his palm in its direction,

"Bakudo #39. Enkōsen."

A spiralling barrier was created in front of Itsuki's hand leaving a shocked Renji as he looked at that kido spell successfully blocking his attack. Despite knowing that his strength was limited to 20% it was the same for the captain in front of him. As the two shot of spiritual energy and barrier clashed, it caused a tiny explosion throwing dust everywhere and creating smoke that obscured Itsuki.

Itsuki calmly walked out of the smoke and saw Sado and Renji regroup in front of him. He stayed there and was curious at what they would do.

"The captain's really strong."


Renji was the first to initiate the conversation while Sado nodded. He wasn't much of talker in the first place. Sado had only seen Itsuki fight once which was against the assassins sent after Rurichiyo, but it was the first time he was facing it himself. He also knew that Itsuki's power was limited causing only one thought to be processed in his head alongside Renji's,

'What difference does that made?'

The two seemed to exchange a few words before Renji first attacked. Swinging Zabimaru, his zanpakuto, he made the serpents head attack Itsuki by trying to crush him beneath its fangs. Itsuki once more didn't move even when the fangs hit him only for the serpent to fall apart. Renji looked aggrieved and moved behind Sado who was coming for a punch. Itsuki dodged the punch and saw Renji also coming in for one, it was now a two v one hand-to-hand combat situation.

"Abarai Renji."

Itsuki called out his name as Renji looked confused,

"Have you forgotten what the Onmitsukido is known for?"

That's when Renji remembered as it had slipped out of his mind. Pushing Sado's and Renji's punch to either side of him, he grabbed the back of their collar and threw them towards a rather large rock. The two landed rather harshly, hurting their backs. Upon looking up, they saw Itsuki slowly walking towards them and get into position for a punch. Lowering his body, he clenched his right hand and placed it behind him. With his eyes sharpening, he controlled the output and disappeared from their visions,


The next moment he appeared was above the two and punching in between their heads. They heard rumbling from behind them, only to turn around and see a massive ravine behind them.

'Not as powerful, but I'm glad I don't have to go bald to punch like that.'

The two's legs were shaking from when Itsuki got into position, and it still continued to tremble, even after Itsuki had left their sights.

"Hey, Sado."


"From now on, its only the two of us, ok?"

Sado nodded as he felt sweat drip down his forehead. He used to think that Ichigo was a monster, but now Ichigo looked cuter than a baby than the monster in front of him.

Itsuki however, was using this excuse as he was waiting for another event, it was the movie, DiamondDust Rebellion. He remembered their being something known as the king's key in it, but he wasn't sure if it would actually take place. The object was too powerful, it was literally broken like seriously broken.

The king's seal had the ability to control the dimension as the user saw fit. Time, space, energy and matter were all controlled by one's thoughts. Teleportation, healing any type of injury, anything was possible. He was sure that if it was canon, it would already be in Aizen's hand and the anime would be over before it even started. So just like that, he waited and waited until Toshiro and Rangiku got back.

There was a faint hope within his heart that the secret mission that had taken place was about that but all they had was to escort a noble. It seemed that the faint hope he had bout the king's key was shaken. Looking through the records there was no name of Kusaka Sojiro, the villain from that movie and the king's seal wasn't even mentioned in any of the records from the library, finally crushing the light wisp of fire known as hope within Itsuki's heart. If he was able to get his hands on that, all his future plans would be much easier. Well all it would take was the snap of his fingers.

Still, Itsuki forgot about it and just carried on doing something he had never done before, cook. That was only for a short while until Toshiro came to meet him. Itsuki wanted to spar but it seemed that something had come up.

'I'll ask for one later.'

"So, you're talking about a pseudo-Arrancar with the ability to multiply?"

"Yes, whenever it appears, we hear the sound of a flute playing."

Itsuki nodded as he searched through the show. It seemed that it was a filler arc during when Ichigo was training with the visored.

"It has the ability to change into a soul that it has attacked."

"Attacked, huh?"


Toshiro could tell that Itsuki was on to something,

"What about the girl?"



"We've put her within a barrier."

"The pseudo-Arrancar most likely targeted the girl due to her unusually high amount of reiatsu, her brother probably has the same considering that they're siblings."

With that explanation, it was easy to put two and two together.

"But she had full control of herself,"

"Most likely an act."

Toshiro looked pissed at the way Itsuki was looking at him. He could tell that despite no saying it, his stoic face was just screaming at him, saying something like, so naïve little Toshiro.

"We need to hurry then."

Itsuki saw Toshiro use Shunpo and run back, however before moving, Itsuki seemed to hesitate. Looking towards another place was a hot and baking apple pie, just sitting there ready to be eaten. It had taken a lot of effort for Itsuki to make it as he wasn't a cook but finally, he had done it. Toshiro realised that Itsuki wasn't following him and looked back, only to hear a voice next to his ear,

"You go ahead, I'll meet you there."


"By the time, your short legs get there, I could've made a lap around Karakura town."


Toshiro just left, pissed at Itsuki's remark. The latter though, couldn't care less as he was prepared to dig in when a rumble occurred causing the pie to slip off his hand and drop on the floor, leaving Itsuki frozen in place.

Urahara, who saw this never laughed, but tried to appease the latter,

"It's okay, Minamoto-san, see five-second rule."

However, another rumble was felt whilst Urahara was picking the pie up only for it to slip out of his hand. The two stayed like that frozen while the one with the blonde hair started sweating.

Within a park, Toshiro had just arrived while Rangiku was massacring the clones made by the pseudo-Arrancar. It seemed that Itsuki was right after Rangiku reporting that the pseudo-Arrancar was hiding within the girl. Rangiku was, however, massacring them left and right but there was no end to them. More and more kept appearing. The pseudo-Arrancar had long disappeared after seeing Rangiku's strength and just let his clones attack

The rumbles seemed to have been caused by the numerous clones attacking various soles. Now with Toshiro here, it seemed that the pseudo-Arrancar had one more reason not to come out. Whilst, Toshiro was contemplating, a voice was heard, that reached down to the depths of their soles. While Rangiku felt warmth from it, it was the opposite for the hollows,

"Reign from the heavens, Ryurai."

Thunder could be heard in the distance as dark clouds began to gather in the sky. Despite the hollow being in a different dimension, it could feel its entire being shaking from fear. The hollow, wanted to run away, its instincts were screaming at him to run away, but before he could, the same voice rung out,

"Rakurai no Ame."

Instantly, a rain of lightning bolts descended from the sky, destroying every single clone the pseudo-Arrancar had created. Still the being that caused this hadn't appeared.

'I still have a chance.'

He thought,

'I can still escape.'

He thought while turning around only to stop as he felt a voice near his ear,

"Where do you think you're going?"

The pseudo-Arrancar felt its hollow chest freeze over. It had never felt this much fear for as long as he can remember. This was a fear that came from the depths of his soul, as if it was calling out to him, that being can make us disappear forever. While Shinigami's cleansed them, he would erase them.

No matter how much he tried to move, he couldn't until he felt something entering the back of his and out through the front, destroying the hollow mask. The pseudo-Arrancar didn't even have the guts to look behind as it dissipated. As for the group, all they saw was the clones being defeated by the lightning strike and Itsuki appearing a few moments later with a little girl in tow.


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