Rebirth in Bleach
101 Arrival of the Arrancars
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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101 Arrival of the Arrancars

Itsuki landed in front of Rangiku and a boy. It was a fairly average boy with brown hair and eyes, possible around 12-13 years old. Apart from the bandage on his nose, his high spiritual power and the chain sticking out from his chest, he looked like an everyday boy. The girl Itsuki put down was around 6-7 years old wore a pink one piece and her brown hair was fashioned into two pig tails.

The boy immediately ran towards the girl and hugged her,

"I'm sorry for leaving you behind Yui."

Tears started coming out of his eyes as the girl smiled back,

"It's fine, onii-chan."

The two stayed like that for a while as Rangiku crept up next to Itsuki and leaned her head on his shoulder. She never said anything until the two children calmed down,

"Well then, I think its time to send you off to soul society."

The girl Yui looked up to her,

"Onee-chan? Will I still be together with onii-chan?"

Rangiku smiled and nodded while the little girl smiled back. Rangiku couldn't tell the girl that she would lose all her memories from her time in the living world, so she never said anything back. She could only hope that the two would appear in soul society together. Performing Konso on the two, they transformed into a mote of lights and disappeared. The group of Shinigami just stood there as Itsuki went and patted Rangiku's shoulder.

Itsuki looked at Rangiku as she returned to her cheery self. After teasing her captain, Itsuki looked up into the sky,

'It's about time, eh. Now I just have to wait.'

The next day, Itsuki went for a walk only to see Toshiro playing on a phone. The latter also saw Itsuki and watched him stand next to him. An awkward silence descended as Toshiro tried to pour more focus on his phone. His eyebrow started twitching as some memories resurfaced of him being in a similar situation. He got his phone closer and closer, until someone smacked his head,

"You'd strain your eyes."


Toshiro turned around to shout at Itsuki when he saw a ball roll over next to them. Stopping it with his feet, Toshiro looked at where it came from and saw Kurosaki Karin. There was a raised pathway next to them, and Karin was on top. She was annoyed knowing that her brother was out there fighting monsters and hated the fact that he didn't tell her. She only found out when she saw him enter his Shinigami form.

The girl had been frustrated with it and took out on the ball, only for it start rolling towards the hill.

Seeing Itsuki, the girl was surprised,

"Minamoto-san, you're here."

She then noticed Toshiro next to him and realised that he looked familiar. Looking back and forth from the two, she noticed despite the two looking different along with their eyes being different, their white hair somehow created a link between the two.

"Your little brother?"

A hidden smirk appeared on Itsuki as he nodded. Seeing this Toshiro, was about to flip out but Itsuki pat and ruffled his hair, forcing back his complaints.

"His name's Toshiro."


"I'll see you around, Karin."

"Hai, then I'll take my leave, Minamoto-san, and uh?"

"You can call me Itsuki."

"then, Itsuki-san."

With a bow, Karin left to play football while Toshiro smacked Itsuki's hand away.

"What are you doing, Minamoto! How…"

Toshiro's grievances went in one ear and out the other. Itsuki was looking at where Karin had run off to, she seemed to be more polite and formal than the anime, it was probably due to the fact that her mother was still alive.

"…Listen to me!"

Itsuki didn't stay long but carried on walking, leaving a fuming Toshiro behind. Not knowing where to let loose, he saw that there were a few hollows active, so he ate the mod soul pill and let out his grievances on them.

The day passed by and Itsuki was looking at Toshiro defeat a hollow in front of Karin. Knowing that Toshiro wore similar clothes to Ichigo she started questioning him only to find out that the boy in front of her never really knew where her brother was.

"If you're like this, then is your older brother Itsuki-"

"He is not my older brother!"

Veins seemed to pop out form his head as he shouted at the girl.

"Then lower your voice!"


The two quickly descended into an argument, until Toshiro calmed down.

"Well, Minamoto, yes he is the same."


"Then who's stronger between you or Ichi-nii?"


"Who's stronger, you or Ichi-nii?"

"Well your brother is an anomaly and I've never really fought him, so I don't know."

"Then, you or Itsuki-san?"

"Enough questions but he is stronger."

Toshiro was a little irritated, but he spoke the truth.


"I told that it was enough of the questions."

Like that Toshiro, disappeared in front of Karin leaving the girl to stand there alone. Itsuki then was about to move when a bald man appear. Itsuki could see the reflection of the sunset as he bowed and presented a box towards Itsuki.

"What do you want, Madarame Ikkaku?"

"Captain Minamoto, there's this…"


"Eh, but I haven't…"

"I'll be there."

"Ok, thank you for your help, Captain Minamoto!"

Itsuki nodded as he snatched the box from Ikkaku. There was all sort of delicacies within that box that were, in one way or another, related to apples. Grabbing the first delicacy, he took a bite while experiencing the taste. While he was digging in, he thought aloud,

"So, what did I say yes to?"

Before he knew it, Itsuki was sitting in between Toshiro and Renji.

'Oh yeah, wasn't this part of the anime.'

Itsuki was currently taking part in a kendo competition against another school. He was too lazy, but was confused, why did his uniform smell fresher than the others.

The others looked in disbelief as they turned to Ikkaku,

"Why does his uniform smell nice?"

Ikkaku was also confused until Rangiku's voice was hear,

"How could I let Captain Minamoto put on such a smelly uniform?"

Toshiro's eyebrow started twitching, he felt that he would get cramps seeing how much his eyebrow twitched nowadays.

'She can get him a new uniform, but not me, her captain. I think this is the most diligent I've ever seen her.'

Toshiro was up first, and his match was over in an instant. It was the first time Itsuki had been or even seen a kendo tournament, so he went in with a simple rule,

'All I have to do is hit him, right?'

Well, for that matter, that was the case to win it. Itsuki's opponent, looked a bit shaken as he saw the girls on Karakura High School's side giving him the death stares. However, he mustered up his courage, and looked at the opponent in his eyes. They were unusual eyes, but he was determined to win. Breathing down slowly, he felt his heartbeat and saw the referee start the match with a wave of his hand.

Kicking off the ground, everything was in slow motion as the figure in front already moved. He had just brought up his Shinai when he felt an impact on his arm, causing him to halt. The referee was gobsmacked but ended up giving the win to Itsuki. While Renji was next, he also one making Karakura high school the winners. Suddenly, they all felt a reiatsu fluctuation of a hollow. This was no ordinary hollow, but a Gillian. Still it was easy for them as they ate their mod soul pills and ran to the scene.

Itsuki never left with them as they were more than enough to handle the Gillian. He then looked to the side where the mod souls had a different personality. While Renji got lazier, Ikkaku became a coward, Yumichika became mean while Toshiro became a shy little boy. Rangiku's mod soul jumped onto Itsuki and started kissing his neck. As much as Itsuki wanted to, he kept his cool and waited for the real one to come back.

Once the real one came back, as soon as she got into her Gigai, Itsuki grabbed her hand and dragged her away. Rangiku was clearly confused but she just let herself be dragged away. On the way, it seemed that Yoruichi's cat senses had picked it up, but she joined in as well.

- Ahem -

Another day went past, with Yumichika, helping out a soul with baking. Finally, the Arrancars made a move. Itsuki was currently sitting in the entrance of the Urahara store having a milkshake when he felt the three Arrancars enter the real world. He, however, didn't make a move as the other five were enough to do so. Continuing to do so he saw an Arrancar land in front of the shop. The Arrancar had slicked back blue hair and a thin moustache. His sunken eyes painted his personality while his hollow hole was on his stomach.

Itsuki continued sipping his milkshake while the Arrancar looked at him. This staring contest lasted for a while as the two plushie toys were hiding behind Itsuki. The bird was sitting comfortably in his lap, reading a comic book. Itsuki didn't make a move and continued drinking, until he started sucking in a bit of air and an annoying sound was created.

Still Itsuki didn't stop as he saw a vein pop out in the Arrancar's forehead but still continued. As the sound got louder and louder, the Arrancar could barely take it anymore when Renji arrived in front of him. Surprisingly, that was when the sound stopped and the two started fighting. Renji was able to go toe to toe with the Arrancar, unlike in the anime where he was easily overpowered. Itsuki did feel a little useless at this point.

This went on for a while until the Arrancar got annoyed and jumped into the air and sent continuous attacks of Reishi towards Renji and the Urahara Store included. While still in his Gigai, Itsuki put his hand up,

'This much should be enough.'

"Bakudo #81. Danku."

A translucent barrier was put up, stopping all the attacks and creating a cloud of smoke at the point of impact. Once the dust cleared, the Arrancar was surprised seeing the building still intact and everything unharmed. Landing back down, his attention was immediately attracted by the one that had annoyed from the start. Even now, he couldn't see a glimpse of Reiatsu from him and he looked like a normal human.

Just when he was about to ask a question, Renji attacked and the two entered into a fierce battle. However, Itsuki could tell that the Arrancar was holding back moves in case he decided to enter the battle. With such an unknown variable, he found it difficult to go all out. But before he knew it, he started getting pushed back by Renji and out of desperation, unleashed his zanpakuto. Itsuki wanted to see what it looked like, but he had gotten bored, and he waved his hand in the direction of the Arrancar like swatting a fly,

"Hado #54. Haien."

An oblong shaped purple energy left his hand and landed on the Arrancar. The Arrancar saw this but barely had anytime to dodge as he went up in flames, turning into ash instantly. His two companions had jumped down just to warn him but upon seeing that, they immediately tried to retreat when ice covered their body and shattering together with their bodies.

The other four Shinigami landed when Ukitake and gang came. Only then did they know that all of this was a scheme by Aizen, and he had an ulterior motive as they say Ulquiorra on the way here. Ulquiorra was the smaller man from the first appearance of the hollows. That was indeed the case when only a couple days later did Itsuki sense another intrusion of Arrancar, this time, a stronger force.

Itsuki was watching Renji and Sado spar when he felt it. As the two also sensed it, they stopped and were quite eager to go. Renji stopped Sado while Urahara stopped Renji,

"You're tired, instead I'll go."

Itsuki nodded as he also left his Gigai.

"Arara, you're also coming Minamoto-san."

Itsuki nodded to Urahara's question and started walking.

"Wanna race?"

As soon as Urahara said that, he disappeared while no fluctuations were seen in Itsuki's eyes as he also disappeared. Itsuki reappeared at the top of the Urahara store and sent of few secret codes, basically telling the Onmitsukido not to come once he unsheathes his sword. He looked at Urahara Shunpoing and he also moved, immediately catching up to him and surpassing him. Within a park, Yumichika, Ikkaku and Toshiro were currently bound by tentacles from an Arrancar they were facing.

It was a short Arrancar that had effeminate features while being male. He had lavender eyes and there were three pink stars in a row above his left eyebrow. While his black hair was curly it was unevenly cut and was also where the remains of his hollow mask were. Eight tentacles had sprouted from an octagonal design on his back while a bone cowl was on his head. Three of these were used to restrain them while three more were heading towards Rangiku to try and restrain her, until finally she was restrained.

The Arrancar, jealous of Rangiku's beauty, he tried to punch holes in Rangiku's body with another tentacle. As the tentacles got close, Rangiku had a mocking smile on her face, causing it to stop.

"What's funny?"

"You tend to talk a lot, Luppi."


To reply to his question, ash was seen covering the tentacle slicing it apart. While Luppi looked shocked by the sudden turn of events, he tried attacking only to see that all of his tentacles were frozen. As Rangiku's ash sliced the other tentacles that held Yumichika and Ikkaku, Toshiro looked at Luppi.

"Hyourinmaru is known as the strongest ice elemental zanpakuto and all it needs is water. So, while you have eight tentacles, I have all the water in the atmosphere."

With that, he froze Luppi into a large pillar of ice. Toshiro then suddenly felt someone's gaze and saw Itsuki looking at him with scorn. It was like he was saying, why are you talking so much?

As Itsuki arrived there he suddenly felt appear next to him with a punch. Itsuki didn't move as he held out his hand and saw a childlike Arrancar appear. He had light blonde hair, freckles and light purple eyes. The remains of his hollow mask were in a three-pointed tiara on his head.

'So, this is Wonderweiss."

Wonderweiss was the only modified arrancar with the sole purpose of sealing Ryujin Jakka's flames. Due to this, all forms od rationality, memory retention, speech and intelligence was removed causing him to be in a child like state, where he only pronounced elongated syllables.

His childness could be seen as immediately after he attacked, he stopped to chase a butterfly. Urahara meanwhile was facing against the large hollow that had appeared on the first appearance of Arrancars. The one that had his arm cut off by Orihime. Yammy, the 10th Espada.

Itsuki never pursued but looked in the direction of another battle where Ichigo and Grimmjow were fighting. Itsuki never moved because, only a short while later did that battle stop and yellow rays came down enveloping all the Arrancars, including Luppi who was considered dead.

As Luppi was giving his vow of revenge, a voice entered his ears,

"You're thinking of escaping."

Luppi was surprised at the voice and looked in the direction of Itsuki. Itsuki's eyes glowed slightly as he activated his Mystic Eyes for a long time. He then saw the ray's line and points of death as well as Luppi's. Luppi didn't know why but he instantly felt dread in his heart. As a point of death of Luppi and the ray's aligned while he was rising, Itsuki threw Ryurai, shattering the ray and impaling Luppi's point of death. Yammy looked on with disbelief as he saw Luppi's soul get extinguished while being in a Negacion. Fully knowing that anyone within the ray of Negacion was essentially in a different world, it further shocked him to his core.

Rewinding time a bit,

"Come with me, girl."

Inoue was currently looking at Ulquiorra while healing the two shinigami's behind her. Threatening with her friends, he expected her to come and indeed she did. Inoue knew that her friends weren't really in danger, but before she came to soul society to train, Itsuki had met with her.

- Flashback -

Itsuki was currently standing in front of Inoue before she left for Soul Society,

"I doubt you would be able to return to living world after this small trip"


Inoue looked confused while the man in front of her smiled,

"You would know when you are coming back."

Inoue nodded while Itsuki continued,

"Do you trust me?"

Inoue once more nodded and a firm gaze appeared in her eyes.

"Then comply. It will be the best for everyone, especially Ichigo."

Inoue didn't ask any further, she wanted to be of some help and by knowing that her complying will be of help, she didn't question it further.


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