Rebirth in Bleach
103 Meeting Nel
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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103 Meeting Nel

The group of five including Seikyo were currently sitting down in the desert of Hueco Mundo. They had just encountered a tornado like disaster but were fortunately sent closer towards their destination. Las Noches, the capital of Hueco Mundo, and Aizen's fortress and base of operations. They could tell that the fortress was incomparably huge with a large dome like structure and six thick towers surrounding it. At the tip of the dome were five more rather thin towers and the whole structure was white.

Seikyo was continuously sending a glare in Ichigo's direction and earning his irritation, while turning her head away whenever Ichigo tried to confront her. This game of cat and mouse continued until they heard a little girl's cry heading towards them. Looking in that direction, they saw a girl being chased by two humanoid hollows and a worm like hollow.

The girl was naturally Nel and the two behind her were Pesche and Dondochakka.

"A human?"

"What is a little girl doing here?"

Nel was wearing her hood causing it to cover her hollow mask and make the four mistake her for a human girl. Seikyo on the other hand, felt something familiar from the girl. While Ichigo hit Dondochakka with his sword, Ishida and Chad went for Pesche and the worm like hollow. Tatsuki didn't get a chance to move as the three started to beat them up.

Nel saw this and immediately ran to them,

"S-stop it!"

The three looked at Nel as they stopped.

"What did Nel's bruddies ever do to you? Stop bullyin' dems."

"A mask?"

While Nel had made her entrance, Itsuki was on the other side of Hueco Mundo still fighting against the group of Vasto Lordes. He was now surrounded completely as he started losing his edge in battle. Despite having released his Shikai, Itsuki was slowly being pushed back. It wasn't a surprise that this was happening, Vasto Lorde's were either as strong, or stronger than captain class Shinigami while the bear and mantis had approached Itsuki's strength.

There was also a snake like female Vasto Lorde and a tiger one that had similar strength as they were the main four that were attacking Itsuki. Itsuki never activated his Mystic Eyes or go into Bankai, in his perspective him being pushed into dire straits were the only way to evolve. If he couldn't accomplish this much, it was better for him to die. It was a stupid mindset, but it was the only one that would push him to his limits.

While the mantis Vasto Lorde occupied both of Itsuki's swords, the snake Vasto Lorde would sneak in an attack whenever she got the chance. The bear like Vasto Lorde would send out attacks with a roar while the tiger one tried to confuse him by feigning attacks.

Itsuki's mental abilities were pushed to the max as he predicted the various ways directions could go towards with his memory partition while his thoughts acceleration processed the thoughts at immense speeds. The other Vasto Lordes would attack from time to time and would take the place of the four main ones when they got tired.

The Vasto Lordes found the Shinigami in front of them really annoying, his power didn't lose out to theirs, but they weren't able to kill him even when they joined hands. This further agitated them as their hollow instincts made them enraged at Itsuki and they attacked in a stronger fashion. Itsuki could feel his body slowly break with each strike but continued as a relieved feeling accompanied the destruction.

As Itsuki was being pushed into his evolution, Rukia and Renji had grouped up with humans and like the other three, they were also surprised seeing Tatsuki there. It was more so for Rukia as she was friends with her. However, just like Ichigo, she failed to get anything out of the girl. What the group was more concentrated on was Seikyo in Nel's grasp. She was hugging the bird as if she was family and didn't let go. Seikyo didn't resist as she sensed her feather on the girl.

Nel had got the feather that Itsuki gave her to protrude out of her mask. Feeling a familiar reiatsu on Seikyo she refused to let go of her.

As they were riding on the worm, Ichigo looked at Nel,

"Aren't you scared of Shinigami?"

"I am."


Remembering back to Itsuki, he was an existence that even Shinigami feared. The person in question however, had just got his leg tied by the snake Vasto Lorde's tail and thrown into a hut followed by a barrage of attacks from the other Vasto Lordes.

"No. Itshwuki-Sama is diffewent."


"He protected mwe from *sniff* bwad hollow."

Nel started crying,

"I miss Itshuki-Shamaaa!"

"Look, making a little girl cry."

The rest of the group teased Ichigo as he tried to calm the crying girl. Suddenly, the sand rumbled, and a large sand figure appeared in front of them. The figure's size didn't lose out to Gillians but rather exceeded their height. The group was shocked as they were sure that they had killed the guardian when Rukia had arrived. Once more, the group defeated him but this time, the guardian left a sink hole and the group was dragged into it.

Once the group arrived there, they were assaulted by a large cluster of Gillians with a group of Adjuchas controlling them.


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