Rebirth in Bleach
104 Omake 2 - The one that could“ve happened 1
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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104 Omake 2 - The one that could“ve happened 1

Seeing the door to the living world in front, they quickly jumped through only to see a pair of lights approach them. Itsuki felt a sense of déjà vu as the three jumped to the side dodging the vehicle. Itsuki realised why he felt a sense of déjà vu, it was a common Japanese truck, similar to the one that brought him here. The driver didn't horn at them indicating that he never saw them.

A rather disturbing thought flashed through Itsuki's head.

'What would happen if I get hit by one?'

- Rewinding time a bit and entering a parallel universe -

Itsuki saw the lights and instantly knew what was coming. Despite his instincts telling him to dodge, he didn't budge and looked at the same headlights that bought him here. Firm resolve plastered his face while his eyes narrowed with sharp resolve. Bracing himself for the impact, Itsuki subconsciously closed his eyes and waited. He felt something touch him, but that was it.

Slowly opening his eyes, he saw the Japanese truck laid to waste in front of him. The whole front bumper had lodged itself into the driver while a human looking dent was in the front. Surprised by this change, Itsuki hurriedly looked at the driver's seat that was shockingly empty.


A small voice brought him out of his thoughts. Turning around, Itsuki saw a fat obese man look through him and at the now incapacitated truck. Looking at the body and face that screamed 'otaku,' Itsuki raised an eyebrow and connected the dots.

'Did I stop someone getting reincarnated?'

Thinking it was stupid, Itsuki quickly cleaned the area and left. What he didn't see was a truck washing it's windscreen as a drop of water landed on its headlights. The drop landed in such a way that it looked like a teardrop. Surprisingly, within that truck there was no driver and a voice was heard in the radio,

"Reincarnation Inspector 101. Status:K.I.A...revenge must be taken..."


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