Rebirth in Bleach
91 Inoue“s second
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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91 Inoue“s second

Itsuki let Inoue bawl her eyes out as he continued to pat her back. It wasn't until a short while later did she calm down and left his embrace. Pulling herself out of Itsuki's embrace, she wiped her tears off and laughed,

"Sorry for that, Itsuki-san must think I'm pathetic."

She gave a self-depreciating smile as she looked down. Itsuki could see her pale trembling hands grasping the end of her top in nervousness. Her strength in grasping them increased the longer Itsuki took to reply.

"I don't."


Inoue looked up with her eyes widening. He didn't allow Inoue to speak,

"Everyone has different reactions to their first kill, yours isn't much different to Rangiku's. She bawled so much that she didn't let go for a few days, I couldn't leave her alone for that time. Though, I do suspect that she was fine after a few hours."

Rangiku, who was listening to them giggled slightly.

Inoue looked up into Itsuki's eyes,

"T-then what I about you Itsuki-san. Did you feel anything?"

Itsuki sighed as he looked at towards the sky. Looking back, he answered her question with one of his own,

"Do you want the truth or the lie?"

Inoue hesitated but firmed her resolve,

"The truth?"

Itsuki stayed silent for another while,


Inoue looked confused before realisation hit her face. Itsuki continued,

"I felt nothing. What do you think of me now, Orihime Inoue?"

Inoue didn't know what to say as she stared right back at those soul sucking eyes. She wanted to avert her eyes but something within her told her that id she did, she would regret it for the rest of her life. They stayed like that for a while before Itsuki blinked and destroyed the eye contact. Smiling lightly, he immediately captivated Inoue as it was the first time, she saw him smile genuinely.

Coughing lightly, he brought Inoue out of her daze as she blushed slightly. Bending down, he whispered into her ear,

"For the coming future, you would need to resolve yourself. Sometimes in order to protect, you would have to kill."

Inoue was slightly shaken up as she didn't think she could do it.


Itsuki cut her off by grabbing her shoulders and making her look at him.

"You have no choice."

"B=but how?"

"First, just watch."

Before she knew it, Itsuki had shunpoed and they had arrived in a completely different location.

'Such powerful shunpo.'

Before she could think any further, she felt a large amount of Reiatsu and looked towards that direction.


In the distance she saw Ichigo face four intruders. The leader was Nukui Hanza but this time, it seemed that he had completely fused with his Bakkoto. He had red armour covering his whole body. The first of his companions had brown hair that had a slight lift and then extended backwards yet stayed straight. Like Hanza, he wore a black mask that covered his mouth, along with a long-sleeve black shirt and black pants. The purple scarf he wore also extends down his arms and a dark pink armour was present on his chest. Itsuki recognised him as Kuzu Ryu

The other wore yellow armour on his lower half and a yellow eye-patch over his right eye. The white cloak he wore covered his head and acted as a cape. He also had a scar going across his right eye, over his mouth and ended at the chin. Itsuki recognised him as Genga. The last was a strange looking man. His teeth were square and spaced far apart, he had pink skin and no hair on the top of his head. What hair he did have was blonde. He was Jinnai Doko.

They all looked at Ichigo and the rest like they were ants, one slightly larger than the others.

Inoue looked worried as she tried to go over and help when Itsuki's cold voice was heard,

"What can you do when you go there?"


Inoue didn't know what to say as she looked depressed.

"Don't worry, for now you are just observing me kill."


Itsuki didn't give her time to speak as he grabbed her and disappeared. Despite not knowing, Itsuki had taken up Yamamoto's ways of not letting the opposite party finish. Yamamoto would never let any of his students finish talking when they were training. The next moment they appeared next to Ichigo and Rurichiyo still on the roof.


Inoue just gave out a slight laugh as she looked back at Ichigo. Acting like a proper girl,

"Hello, Kurosaki-kun, Rurichiyo-san…"

The latter didn't reply to her as Rurichiyo's whole focus was on the persons standing behind her. A slight blush appeared on her face as a small voice left her mouth,


Meanwhile, Kenryu, Enryu, Rukia, Ishida and Sado quickly appeared at the roof and were surprised seeing Inoue there. While Rukia went towards her and asked her why she was here, the four assassins started trembling seeing Itsuki there. Hanza gulped lightly and quickly ordered,


The senkaimon behind them was still open so they still had a chance. However, as soon as he said that they quickly turned around only to see Itsuki standing behind them. They watched in despair as they saw the senkaimon slowly close behind Itsuki.

"Why are the assassins of the Kasumioji clan attacking their own heir?"

The four didn't know how to answer as Itsuki unsheathed Ryurai. Once he did this, the four realised that they were surrounded by Onmitsukido members looking at their every move. The felt like rats having entered a snake's nest. Just when they were about to choose suicide, they realised that their suicide command seal was nowhere to be found.

"I already took care of them."

Itsuki's voice made them even more frightened as they started to tremble. Just when they were about to attack, Genga's voice was heard,


Hanza and Ryu turned around only to Doko's headless body slowly fall. Quickly turning around they saw the small traces of blood on the sword slowly drop. A couple seconds later, all the blood was removed, and the blade looked brand new. The three gulped as they knew what he was saying, they were just lambs in front of a chopping board, Doko was the furthest from Itsuki. Itsuki now stood at a lightly higher elevation as he looked down. His eyes glowed in the dark with the moon behind him.

No one knew if it was intentional but the head of Doko landed right next to Inoue, Inoue saw this and was about to step back but remembered Itsuki's words and kept her ground. She watched the head role as tower of resolve started being built within her eyes.

'To help the other…'

Saying that in her heart, she looked back at Itsuki with determined eyes. Itsuki saw this and smiled inwardly. He then looked at the other three and narrowed his eyes as they started to step back. Disappearing in front of them, he appeared next to Ryu and kicked him to the side. The Onmitsukido members saw this and immediately acted, stabbing him from all directions. Genga saw this and tried to flee while Hanza went ahead to trap Itsuki.

Within the seal world, Itsuki didn't look but swept the sword to the side, destroying the sealed world in one move. A long crack appeared on the mirror of Hanza'a Bakkoto as Itsuki moved forward and finished Hanza off. As for Genga, Itsuki appeared next to him, and kicked him towards Inoue.

He held back slightly, as Inoue saw a large body fly towards her. Opening her shield Genga hit but quickly reacted and swiped his sword at Rurichiyo. However, before he could finish his move a beam of light went through Genga's throat and his head was split from his body. Itsuki had appeared in front of Rurichiyo to shield the child from the sight while the others looked at Inoue with shock. Inoue, on the other hand, looked at the dead body with a firm gaze yet a trembling body.


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