Rebirth in Bleach
92 Inoue“s thi- no
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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92 Inoue“s thi- no


Ichigo looked gobsmacked at the actions of Inoue. However, he noticed that although she was shaking and her face paled, her eyes were firm with determination. Itsuki had a brief yet proud smile on his face before returning to his stoic look. Turning around, he looked down at the little girl who was looking up with sparking eyes and a blush on her cheeks.

With the way she was now, it didn't seem like there were assassins after her or that she was just attacked.

'Uwaaaaa, his eyes are more beautiful than the rumours….'

While Rurichiyo was thinking that, Itsuki bent down and patted her head,

"You okay?"

To answer Itsuki's concerns, Rurichiyo just fainted. Luckily, Itsuki quickly caught her and handed her to Kenryu. Turning to the Onmitsukido members he picked two out,

"You and you…"

Two Onmitsukido members appeared kneeling in front of Itsuki,

"You're in charge of her protection."


"The rest of you are dismissed."

The rest of the Onmitsukido members also kneeled and went off to their posts. Itsuki turned around and looked at Orihime who was still standing there. Although her gaze was firm, he could see the slight weakness hidden within. Shunpoing next to her, he bent down next to her and whispered into ear,

"You're mine."

What followed was them leaving the others and

- Ahem -

Itsuki shunpoed next to Inoue bringing Inoue out of her thoughts. What followed wasn't something that she just imagined. Itsuki appeared in front of her and patted her head, giving a small smile,

"You've done well."

This sent a blissful feeling straight to her heart. Her cheerful smile appeared on her face as she nodded. It was actually better than her imaginary scenario. Itsuki then turned around while Inoue thought to herself while covering her face,

'How vulgar of me'

With that she left with Ichigo and the others while Soi Fon, Rangiku and Yoruichi appeared in front of Itsuki. Itsuki looked at Soi Fon and Rangiku,

"We'll be returning to Soul Society; it seems that the 3rd Division's captain has something to say and Toshiro has called for you."

He then turned towards Yoruichi who walked forwards and put her palm on Itsuki's cheek.

"You're going huh?"

Nodding slightly, Yoruichi tiptoed slightly and the two shared a light kiss. Soi Fon and Rangiku had envious looks but allowed them as they knew Yoruichi would be staying here. As the three gave their goodbyes Itsuki opened a Senkaimon to Soul Society. With Hinamori and Yuki appearing beside Itsuki, Rangiku and Soi Fon followed after the three and left.

Rurichiyo, woke up shortly after with deep embarrassment,

'How could I have fainted?'

Within soul society, the main Senkaimon opened and out walked five figures. Knowing that this was where Itsuki and her would part ways, Rangiku took the chance. Instead of going in for a light kiss, she went on full attack and changed it to a deep one. As the gate's guards watched on with open mouths, Soi Fon looked as if she had just been betrayed. Once the kiss finished, Rangiku gave a slight giggle and disappeared. Itsuki didn't move for a while before he turned around and glared at the guards.

Increasing his reiatsu, he made sure that they forgot what took place. Soi Fon, on the other hand, had a pout when she looked away from Itsuki's eyes. He would do something to remedy this situation, but he now had to hurry to the captain's meeting. All he could do was approach her and give her a light kiss and head to the 1st division headquarters.

Arriving there he told Yuki and Hinamori to wait outside while he went forward and waited outside the meeting room's doors for a while before realising that no one was arriving. Waiting for a while, he saw Yamamoto leaving the hall while yawning and muttering,

"Must've fell asleep…"

Yamamoto walked a few steps past Itsuki as an enraged shout was heard throughout Soul Society,

"You're late!!!!"

Itsuki felt helpless, knowing that it was going to be a long lecture, Itsuki entered his meditation mode and left one thought process to just say,

"Yes, sensei… I understand, Sensei…"

A long while later, Itsuki was seen leaving the premises while wiping his face.

"Damn geezer."

Just as he left, he saw Kira walking past with a downtrodden gaze. He didn't seem to notice Itsuki as he continued walking while the latter just kept looking at him. When he did pass Itsuki, Kira cast a short gaze towards Itsuki before looking back to the ground. It was only until a few steps later did it register in Kira's mind that he just went past a captain. Turning around, he saw Itsuki just silently gaze at him as sweat started pouring down his back.

No one within the Gotei 13 knew what was going through the 2nd Division's mind. He was just as mysterious as he was good looking. Bowing quickly, he tried to run away from this atmosphere, but he found that Itsuki was already in front of him with the same gaze.

Taking a step back, an awkward look appeared on his face while his mouth twitched.

"C-captain Itsuki. I-is there anything wrong?"

Itsuki didn't say anything and just stared. Kira though, felt an unseen pressure engulf him as Itsuki's figure metaphorically enlarged. Suddenly, realisation was seen on Itsuki's face as he sighed,

'I forgot to speak.'

Itsuki then turned around and left a voice,

"Follow me."

Kira was confused but still followed Itsuki. They ended up in a restaurant where an employee came to greet the guests. As soon as she looked towards the entrance, a dreamy yet dazed look plastered her face. Itsuki didn't say anything and just carried on walking. Kira still never knew what was happening and just walked behind. Following Itsuki through the hallways two shadows appeared in front of him. The two shadows turned out to be Hinamori and Yuki.

Hinamori was surprised in seeing Kira with her captain. Getting the nod from Itsuki she approached him with her usual happy smile. Looking back at Kira who had lost his previous awkward atmosphere Itsuki just continued walking until he reached a set of doors. Sliding them to the side, he saw Shunsui holding a cup of sake and Ukitake next to him while Amagai Shusuke was in front of them collapsed with a red face. He was clearly drunk,

"Oh, Itsuki's here. Come join us."

Itsuki nodded and grabbed Shusuke, throwing him backwards. He then sat down where Shusuke sat and took a cup of sake for himself. Kira looked on with an open mouth while Shunsui's and Ukitake's eye twitched.

"Oi, oi, Itsu-"

Shunsui stopped talking when he saw the nonchalant expression on Itsuki. Itsuki then watched Kira take his captain away while holding him over the shoulder. Knowing that they were gone, Itsuki spoke,

"I encountered assassins before coming here."

The two looked shocked,

"Who in their right minds would send assassins after you?"

Itsuki shook his head before clarifying,

"Not me, the princess of the Kasumioji clan."

"Kasumioji clan…"

The Kasumioji clan was a clan that was rather sensitive topic within the Gotei 13. Rumoured to creating weapons like the Bakkoto, the Gotei 13 had sent people to investigate either returned without any useful information or they never returned at all.

"Still, for the princess of the Kasumioji clan to be in the living world…"

Itsuki didn't answer and just continued drinking. Ukitake had a thoughtful expression on his face,

"I'm pretty sure that the Kasumioji clan just got a new head, if I remember correctly, his name was Shu Kannogi. Yeah, it was a surprise seeing a male at the head of the Kasumioji clan. Apparently, the opposition's elders went missing on the day of the vote."

Shunsui looked at Ukitake and then at Itsuki,

"Did you tell Yama-jii about this?"

Itsuki nodded as he stretched. The three started conversing as it was one of the rare times the three students could get together and speak like this, Night had already fallen and the three had went their separate ways. While Itsuki arrived at the 2nd division Headquarters and was suddenly submerged with all the paperwork, a Jigokucho was seen flying by his office,

"Emergency Alert, Emergency Alert, Menos have been detected within Seireitei!"


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