Rebirth in Bleach
108 Death
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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108 Death

"W-w-why is-"

Itsuki didn't give him a chance to finish and moved his hand while extending his finger. His actions were too fast and by the time Barragan realised, Itsuki 'poked' him. Well that would be an understatement as Itsuki's finger dug a hole in his skull. A heavy feeling of dread engulfed him before he lost all feeling.

Itsuki looked at Barragan collapse and disintegrate. His eyes never changed as he looked at his finger. What he had done was stab his finger into one of Barragan's many points of death. A weird feeling was felt as he took someone's life with just a finger. But his apathetic quality seemed to kick in as that feeling was washed away.

Not many people had seen this, but they were too shocked to process what had happened. Itsuki didn't say anything as his attention was brought to the other fights. Yamamoto's face was unchanging while Omaeda at the bottom was looking at Itsuki with extreme reverence. Itsuki wouldn't be surprised if he started a cult, wait wasn't there one already?

Itsuki pushed these thoughts back to his head as he appeared next to Soi Fon. The latter was exhausted but her smile never left her face.

"As expected of…"

Itsuki didn't let her finish before he brought her to where the vice captains were getting healed. Hachigen followed as he also started helping out with the healing. Leaving a kiss on her forehead, he smiled at her while he also did the same to Rangiku. Soi Fon didn't know why but an unsettling feeling propped up within the depths of her heart. It seemed to be telling her something, yet she didn't know what it was.

While Soi Fon was occupied by her thoughts, he saw Shunsui fighting Starkk while Toshiro, Lisa and Hiyori were fighting against Tier Harribel. Toshiro and Hiyori kept on arguing, to sum it was it was just,



Itsuki instead walked next to Yamamoto and overlook the battlefield. Gin was crossing swords with Hirako while Kaname Tosen was in a fight with Komamura and Hisagi. From everyone here, Itsuki's attention was brought to Kaname Tosen. Not much was known as to why he chose to join Aizen but many thought that it was because of his ideals. Following the path with the least bloodshed. Yet he was willing to kill for this so-called path.

Tosen had a friend, a soul that went by the name Kakyo. After joining the academy, she went on to become a Shinigami and eventually marry. However, that was when the good times ended, and the next time Tosen saw her it was a body. While the official reason was that she had passed away due to an illness, the original reason was that she was killed by her husband for rebuking him after killing a comrade. Yet, that wasn't the full story.

Tosen obviously went to Central 46 and tried to get justice but he was thrown out. Many speculations were made but no one knew the reason. However, it was rather simple. The man Kakyo had married was someone from the four great noble families. Tsunayashiro clan. Alongside, the Kuchiki clan, Shihoin clan and Shiba clan, it was a rather secretive clan that wasn't divulged upon in the anime or even the manga. Yet the current head, Tsunayashiro Tokinada, was the 'Shinigami' in question.

Itsuki didn't know much, as all this had happened before him, yet he was able to find out due to the library back in Soul Society. It was hidden the secret archive. Still from all the great families, the Tsunayashiro family had the deepest ties to the royal family. With Tosen wanting to help Aizen, it seemed that he wanted to take revenge, well it was probably coated with something sugary like justice.

Knowing Tosen's character, he wouldn't do this for something like revenge, but if Aizen was put into the equation, a few words would easily be able to manipulate the former. Itsuki didn't care though.

Thinking up to here, his eyes travelled to Aizen who also looked back and smiles. Itsuki's stoic face remained the same as Starkk was defeated. Aizen thinking that it was taking too long made a move and appeared next Tier. Seeing him make a move, it was naturally Itsuki's turn as he appeared next to Aizen and clashed swords.

"Hooooo, a shinigami captain saving an arrancar?"

Itsuki didn't say anything as he pushed Aizen back. Tier still looked on with shock as a small voice left her mouth,


Itsuki didn't do anything as he took out Byakko and slashed at Tier.


The latter wasn't expecting this and succumbed to the strike. Spitting out some blood, she fell from the skies. Everyone was rather surprised as well but Itsuki walked forward and appeared next to Aizen, slashing out. Aizen reciprocated yet the aftereffects were rather large. They all felt Itsuki's and Aizen's reiatsu increase as the clash of their swords sent wind everywhere.

"They're really goin at it"

Gin's slit eyes slightly opened as a worried look flashed though his eyes before they closed again.

Suddenly, Itsuki moved and held Byakko to the side. They were surprised with the sudden move, but they heard the sound of metals striking. Slowly, Byakko's ability to nullify reiatsu came into play and there appeared a second Aizen with a stunned look.

Itsuki though was calm and immediately lashed out with Ryurai as a flash appeared and cut through Aizen's shoulder. The latter was able to dodge despite the shock and retreated as his usual smile surfaced.

"I knew it. You purposely saw my release, didn't you?"

Itsuki tilted his head as Aizen continued,

"Your eyes they're special, aren't they?"

His next words even brought a raised eyebrow from both Yamamoto.

"I wasn't sure at first but when I saw that human girls' abilities, it brought a few ideas. I don't know what the exact power is, but it should be something along the lines of rejecting an existence…"

A thoughtful look appeared as rubbed his chin,

"No, its more brutal, something like the ability to kill something, in a specific manner…"

This time Itsuki was rather surprised but he didn't think it was weird. He never once believed that Aizen could never figure his power out given his intelligence. Aizen continued thinking out loud,

"…in a specific way, I don't know. What I do know…"

A Garganta appeared behind Itsuki and an eye was seen. It didn't have a body, but it was just an eye and it looked at Itsuki. Feeling the gaze, Itsuki turned around only to see the eye close on to him and suddenly explode.


Flesh sprung out as Itsuki moved to block but that was it, he couldn't move further. He wasn't frozen as the flesh that exploded was also frozen. It seemed more in relation to time,

'He was able to stop time?'

An incredulous look appeared in Itsuki's eyes but that was all he was able to see. With a flash of light, Itsuki was engulfed in sudden pain and then blackness. Itsuki grunted in pain.


Time resumed and Itsuki could move again but that was it. He felt incredible pain from his eyes as bought his hand up, only to feel a cut that extending from one eye to another. He could feel that Aizen had managed to cut his eyes causing him to go blind. If it wasn't for all his training, then he would be screaming his head off right now.

Still, Itsuki was able to get back his composure as everyone's worried voices were heard,


Soi Fon's heart clenched as she had a worried look in her eyes. She tried to leave but a sudden exhaustion flooded her body as she collapsed. Hachigen looked at her and quickly went next to her,

"Your injuries…"

Soi Fon didn't listen,

"Shut up!"

She once more tried to get up only to fall down. Suddenly, another noise caught her attention as she turned around only to see Rangiku kneeling down and using her sword as support to get up. Soi Fon worriedly went next to her and grasped her when she heard a rather low voice,

"Itsuki needs us."

Hachigen had a complicated look before a resolute one and knocked the two girls out. The two were really injured and exhausted, it was time for the vice-captains to step out.

Back with Itsuki, he felt the whole situation as he came to terms with the lines. He could very vaguely make the shape out with the lines and dots but was very hard and really vague. With his senses he was able to amplify the image of his surroundings even more and he would get a clearer picture if he pulsed his reiatsu out with him as the centre. Itsuki quickly got his ribbon from his hair and tied it round his eyes to stop the bleeding.

"You okay?"

A rather familiar voice was heard as Shunsui appeared next to him.


Itsuki nodded in return as he 'looked' in the direction of Aizen. The sky cracked behind Aizen and out jumped Ichigo while swinging his sword,

"Getsuga Tenshou!!"

Aizen was immediately engulfed by Ichigo's reiatsu. However, within the maelstrom, Aizen's voice was heard.

"I specifically made that hollow taking into account your abilities, yet, I never went for the kill."

He had completely disregarded Ichigo's strike as a barrier appeared behind him.

"Taking care of your eyes became the highest priority…"

He then looked at Ichigo,

"…and you, you think I wouldn't protect my blind spot. If you had hollowfied then maybe but you didn't…"

Aizen then went ahead and started 'explaining' the difference between the two. Shunsui, Komamura, Toshiro and the visored then appeared in front of Ichigo saying they would protect him from seeing the release of Kyoka Suigetsu. Itsuki however went first.


Ichigo was first surprised at Itsuki's blindfold and the blood marks on it. He knew that Itsuki's strength was one of the best, but he was still injured like so. Swinging his right sword at Aizen, the latter let out a smile,

"Even without your eyes, Captain Minamoto, you leave one quite wary."

Itsuki's now unbound hair fluttered behind him as he went in for a second strike only to feel ice encompass his left hand.

"I wont give you another chance…"

He had just turned towards Toshiro's voice when two rather familiar twin swords went through his chest followed by Shunsui's voice,

"Even ice can cast shadows."

Pain immediately registered in his body as he grit his teeth. However, that wasn't the end of it, more and more weapons became embedded into his body before he had any chance to react. Another two weapons were stabbed in, one was Lisa's spear and the other was Hirako's sword.


A roar that leaked hate was heard from Komamura as Itsuki felt a rather large sword swung down and cut open his chest. And to end it all of, one more cold sword pierced his chest. Itsuki coughed due to the sudden blow to the lungs while a cold energy entered his body. He could feel the openings of his wounds freeze over as Toshiro pressed his blade further in.

'Kyoka Suigetsu, huh?'

That was Itsuki's last thought as he lost all energy in his body.

"They did it! They took him out! The captains finally did it!"

While everyone was cheering, one person was not.


It was only then did they realise who the person they had brutally attacked was. Wearing that all familiar second division captain's haori and that familiar white hair. That familiar emotionless face now had blood dripping down his mouth. They only came to it when his Kiseru fell out from his sleeve and landed on the ground.



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