Rebirth in Bleach
109 “Death“
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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109 “Death“

Everyone was in shock. The captain's that had grouped to kill Aizen had actually been fooled by Kyoka Suigetsu and had attacked Itsuki. Quickly collecting their swords, they were surprised seeing Unohana suddenly appear next to him. A worried expression masked her face as she hurriedly tried to bandage him. She then tried to quickly leave with him when,

"Where do you think you're going?"


Unohana grit her teeth as she suddenly felt a palm on her chest. Looking down, she saw Itsuki push her back with a force she couldn't contend against. However, this meant that Itsuki would be thrown in the direction of Aizen and indeed Itsuki was grasped by Aizen. He held Itsuki by the head as a Garganta appeared beneath them. Seeing this, Shunsui and even Yamamoto shouted,


Aizen didn't reply as he slashed Itsuki's throat and let go of Itsuki. Time seemed to slow as Itsuki fell and the Garganta close. If one fell into the Garganta, no one knew what would happen to them.


That was all Itsuki heard before being let loose as all sound died out when the door closed. Contrary to everyone expectations, Itsuki that had now 'died' created a reishi platform and landed on it. Taking off his blindfold, his eyes that were destroyed had regenerated alongside the cut. The cut to the neck and his wounds started to visibly close and he lightly stretched.

"They didn't seem to hold back…Never knew dying was such a pain"

If one looked at him now, the only evidence that said he had been heavily injured was the state of his clothes. Tying his hair back with the ribbon, he thought back to Unohana's sudden intrusion, although he couldn't see her, he still felt the fluctuations of her emotions. Shaking his head, he disappeared and another reishi platform appeared in the distance.

Back in the fake Karakura town, a thought passed through Aizen's head,

'I've completed part of my deal, now we will see who emerges victorious and who loses the bet.'


A faint voice filled with deep anger was heard from his voice as Yamamoto appeared above him. Yamamoto appeared next to Aizen swinging his katana. Magnificent flames appeared stretching from the sword threatening to burn down anything in their paths. The flamed also seemed to respond to Yamamoto's emotions as they burned even more fiercely.

Hurriedly dodging, the strike hit the nearby buildings and literally disintegrated them. All the other captains including the visored had rage in their eyes as they all let loose their attacks on Aizen. Aizen still had his smile as he spoke out,

"How does it feel to end your fellow captain?"

His words hit their sore spots as they started losing control. However, what he didn't expect was for a presence behind him to suddenly appear. Swinging around, he saw an Unohana that he didn't recognise. Her original braided hair was let loose revealing a shocking scar in between her collarbones. Her eyes looked gloomy and menacing and she swung with intent to kill. Her killing intent thickened the air as she swung, pushing Aizen back. Letting out a laugh, Aizen looked at her carefully,

"Haha, you look rather different, Captain Unohana, no, the first Kenpachi."

Unohana was about to move when Yamamoto's voice was heard,

"Fall back."


"You're the medic, don't let Itsuki's sacrifice be in vain."

Hearing Itsuki's name, Unohana closed her eyes as she felt her heart tremble before calming herself. She didn't want to, but it was the truth. Sheathing her sword, Unohana left the battlefield with clenched fists, she understood why Itsuki 'sacrificed' himself. Indeed, from outsider's perspective, Itsuki gave his life to protect the only proper medic, who would've thought that he just wanted to get himself killed quicker. Yamamoto also nearly lost control but he was ultimately experienced. However, before he could say anything more, Yamamoto saw, Shunsui and Toshiro attack Aizen.


Understandably, Shunsui was immediately defeated while Toshiro lost an arm. Taking this chance Yamamoto made his move.

Within the Garganta, Itsuki stood there breathing in. He felt all his energies coalesce within his soul and stabilise themselves. A small hollow ball appeared within his soul as his reiatsu increased furthermore. If someone were to come near him now, they wouldn't feel anything near him, his pressure had vanished, more like it had in a way transcended.

Now, all he had to do was fill in the hollow ball. Taking a step forward, Itsuki vanished. He then appeared next to a pair of bodies. One of them was Tier Harribel while the other was Coyote Starkk.

Tier Harribel was in her Resurreccion, her released state. She had olive skin, aqua green eyes, and blonde hair. Her released state consisted of hollow bones partially covering her body while a weapon similar to a broad pata that looked like a shark fin extended from her right hand. She had a white collar that extended towards her chest and spaulders on her shoulders that resembled shark find and two ribbon-like protrusions from her back. A thin, spine-like structure had formed on her stomach, spanning from her waist to the underside of her chest. She also wore a mini skirt which consisted of bones surrounding a dark undergarment. She also wore a pair of knee-length boots and elbow-length gloves. However, this time she also had a long wound that extended from the left shoulder to the right side of her hip.

She had currently sat up and was trying her best to heal the wound. When she first woke up, she was surprised seeing that she had somehow fallen into the Garganta and with the help of someone unknown survived. A Reishi platform appeared next to her and was surprised when she looked up, it was the same person that gave her the wound.

Trying to defend herself, she aggravated her wounds further as she flinched back. Itsuki looked at her,

"Don't move, it will only worsen."

Tier didn't reply as she grit her teeth in pain. Itsuki's attention was brought onto the second person. Starkk laid there on his dying breath. He had blue-grey eyes and wavy, unkempt, dark brown hair which ended at the base of his neck. He also had a faded goatee. He had a white eye patch that was connect to two chains. He wore a grey fur-lined jacket over a double-breasted vest. His legs were covered in dark, skin-tight pants with grey knee-high fur leggings covering his lower legs while his arms were covered in grey, elbow-length fur armbands, which ended at his wrists. There were ribbon-covered bandoleers emerging from his upper back and disappearing into his upper forearms.

His body was covered in wounds and his reiatsu was getting weaker and weaker. Itsuki moved next to him and sent Reiatsu within him to help activate and boost his regeneration. Arrancars were filled with the capability of high-speed regeneration so it wasn't until Itsuki fixed a couple things when the man's breath had stabilised, and he was brought back from death's door.

Tier watched this but wondered what was happening. Their enemy was helping them. Itsuki looked at the two and saw that there wasn't anything serious, so he opened gate this time in Hueco Mundo. On the other side, the village of the elves lay there as may other Vasto Lordes saw the door. Itsuki didn't dally further and waved his hand sending the two into the village to get healed. Leaving a hint of reiatsu with them so they wont just get attacked when they appear.

What Itsuki didn't expect was for a pair of shadows to suddenly fly through with one jumping in his arms and the other onto his shoulder right before the door closed. Looking at the green haired child in his arms, Itsuki wondered how she got here.

"What are you doing?"

Sniffling lightly,

"How mwean, jwust leaving me there…"

Itsuki listened to her ramblings until,

"…I wanna come with you."

Itsuki looked at the tear-stricken eyes before sighing to himself. The second shadow, which turned out to be Seikyo kept pecking him as if to say the same thing.

Far away from the battlefield a Garganta opened and out walked Itsuki. On his left shoulder was Seikyo pulling her bottom eye lid and sticking out her tongue at Nel while the latter was doing the same.

However, her expression changed as she squinted her eyes due to the light and looked around with curiosity,

"Waaaa, so this is the human world. Its bright."

Hueco Mundo was a dark place so it was natural for Nel to find this sort of environment new. Appearing near a random apartment near the edges of the town, he got changed, taking off his ragged clothes and wore proper ones. His captain's haori was replaced with a plain white one.

Now all he had to do was wait. His senses had already encompassed the battlefield as he saw Ichigo's reiatsu fluctuate as his resolution took a big hit. Most of the captains were taken down and it seemed that he found out that all the fights he had fought were planned out by Aizen. Itsuki's attention was dragged towards Unohana who was doing her job as the medic. Remembering back to her outburst, Itsuki didn't know what to feel before covering these thoughts, he never needed emotions now that he had gotten so far. He then turned towards Nel; he didn't know why he took her along with him, but it was purely on a whim.

Itsuki then reminisced and remembered his talk with Aizen back in the park.

- Flashback -

"So, what is this 'something interesting' you talked about in your letter?"

Taking a puff of smoke, Itsuki replied,

"I want you to kill me."

Aizen raised his eyebrow at this unexpected request, while Itsuki continued,

"Obviously not now, but when you finally move. You obviously know when…"

"Can't face to betray Soul Society like that?"

"No, you should know the enemies we will face…"

"You're that confident in winning?"

Itsuki didn't reply while Aizen looked at him with an amused smile,

"That truly is interesting, let's do this, this doesn't count as a favour due to it being an amusing one…"

Itsuki just took a puff of smoke while Aizen took his leave,

"So long, Minamoto Itsuki…"

- End of Flashback -

Itsuki felt Isshin enter the battlefield and take Ichigo with him. The two then attacked where Gin faced off against Ichigo, and Isshin went against Aizen. They were later joined by Urahara and Yoruichi who tag teamed with Isshin to face off against Aizen. Aizen had entered the Chrysalis stage and Itsuki could see that the lines of death he had were slowly decreasing the more he fused with the Hogyoku.

Seeing Yoruichi, a heavy feeling was felt in his heart and that amplified seeing Rangiku and Soi Fon get up. He wanted to look for his Kiseru, but he couldn't find it. His attention was then dragged by Gin. Aizen had defeated Urahara, Isshin and Yoruichi but Gin suddenly moved. While Aizen defeated them, his chrysalis stage was over and ordered Gin to open a path to Soul Society. The latter complied and did as ordered only for him to suddenly grasp the sword Aizen was holding. His slit eyes that opened slightly were filled with heavy killing intent, and muttered,

"Korose, Kamishini no Yari."

Aizen was surprised as he felt a blade extended through his chest and back out. Gin had betrayed him. Well, Aizen had already expected it.

"The only way to escape Kyoka Suigetsu's ability is touchin' the sword already before Perfect Hypnosis takes effect. How many decades did it take for me to finally hear that one fact?"

Gin retreated his blade while Aizen held his wound

"I already knew of your intentions back then, I just wanted to see how you would attempt to take my life."

Aizen lashed out at Gin who dodged backwards and escaped.


Rangiku appeared with Soi Fon. The two saw what happened while Aizen collapsed.

"It's finally over."

Gin looked at the hogyoku in his hand as he felt a burden lifted from his shoulders. He had been planning this for over a hundred years and he had finally succeeded yet at what cost. Remembering Itsuki, he remembered the days where it was just the three of them back in Rukongai. Now he was here and Itsuki wasn't while Rangiku still seemed oblivious to the fact that Itsuki was no more. Just as he was about to tell her, torrents of reiryoku was released from Aizen.

Aizen started levitating and ascend to the sky as a pair of white wings appeared behind him. After the Chrysalis stage, Aizen's pupils had turned white while his sclera turned purple. A slit appeared on his forehead and he now wore what looked like a long white cloak which split into four parts when it reached his waist. A hole appeared in the middle of his chest while a cross was formed while his hair got longer.

"It's over Gin. The Hogyoku you stole doesn't have to be inside of me or outside for it to belong to me."

Saying that, he appeared in front of Gin and slashed outs.

Itsuki saw this but didn't move, Aizen had held back. Aizen was probably the only one that could feel Itsuki spectating the battlefield. Opening the senkaimon, Aizen let out a smirk and left for the real Karakura town.

Itsuki also got up and while Nel and Seikyo hurriedly latched themselves onto him in case he left them behind. He then reappeared on the battlefield where he found his Kiseru before also leaving for Soul Society. A gate opened up on top of the real Karakura town where Itsuki walked out. The Gotei 13 had swapped the real Karakura Town for the fake one and now the real one was in soul society. Extending his senses over the town, he saw Ichigo's schoolmates awake and helping each other. Tatsuki wasn't here so it was only Keigo, Mizuiro and Chizuru that were awake and helping each other. There was also that Don Kanonji guy that had stayed awake.

Itsuki wondered what Aizen was doing but it seemed that he was wating for Ichigo. Itsuki could feel the arrogance exuded from Aizen's movements as he leisurely strolled around Karakura Town waiting for Ichigo.


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