Rebirth in Bleach
111 Not dropped peeps
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Rebirth in Bleach
Author :DemonicPanda
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111 Not dropped peeps

@@Hey minions...I mean...precious readers. hows it been for everyone?

I would like everyone to know that I haven't dropped this, the dao of ahem is still here. Just been caught up with rl stuff, looking for a job and applying for my masters degree etc. I am excited to say that despite what happened these past months I was still able to get a first with my undergraduate course.

apart from that my subscription to Microsoft word expired and my laptop started having some issues. As this novel is entering a phase where it's mostly original I'm trying to look into the lore of bleach to get some characters involved. want to keep it as close to the original as possible and possibly add a few more things

I have never been a heavy bleach fan as I've only ever read the manga or watched the anime. so digging into wiki has caused some issues. been trying to look at some games etc but for now i dont have anything to release. may or not not have hit a writer's block

lastly, I may be focussing on my other fanfic which I haven't updated also and my original.

anyway thanks to everyone that haven't given up hope on this novel and stay safe everyone.



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