Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World
Chapter 680 - Military Instructor
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Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World
Author :Mad Snail
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Chapter 680 - Military Instructor

“Didn’t you already advance to a Sword Saint? You should examine yourself closer. You might make some astonishing discoveries,” Xiao Yu remarked.

Lei Su gazed at Xiao Yu with a look of doubt, then sank into deep thought. It would explain why Mo Yuntian confirmed with Nie Yan he was a Shadow Dancer before asking him to train these aces.

“Have you heard of the Shadow Dancer Mech Suit?” Xiao Yu asked.

“The latest dexterity-type mech suit? Isn’t that still in development? Only a concept model was shown. That kind of bleeding edge technology is off-limits, unless you’re an ace mech pilot in the army. It’s forever out of reach to plebeians like us. I haven’t even gotten near a current model mech suit, let alone touch one,” Lei Su gloomily said. Mech suits were usually found in military bases or warships in outer space. Ordinary people could only watch videos about them online.

“I heard there are other powerful models, such as Sword Saint, Archbishop, and Magister Mech Suits.” Xiao Yu mysteriously smiled, providing no further comment. He returned his attention to the match between Nie Yan and Wang Duo.

“Are you saying…” Lei Su’s mind trembled. Xiao Yu had just dropped a bomb on him. The dots finally connected in his mind.

It hadn’t been long since Lei Su completed his class advancement quest. His grasp of a Sword Saint barely scratched the surface. However, after becoming one, he could feel a brand new world opening up to him. His future growth potential was unlimited.

“It all makes sense now!” Lei Su said in a rare eureka moment, clenching his fists. He had finally found his path forward. Only after truly comprehending the essence of a Sword Saint would he grow stronger.

“It’s best if you ask Nie Yan for some guidance. Mech pilots have a saying, The melding of mind and body can evoke miraculous strength. Those who can tap into this power will grow incredibly strong. Nie Yan has probably grasped a bit of this feeling,” Xiao Yu said. This was likely the real reason Mo Yuntian wanted him in Heavenly Kings. Nie Yan really was blessed with luck. With Mo Yuntian’s backing, he could pretty much do anything he wanted in China.

Regarding this sort of complicated science, Lei Su felt his head spinning. However, it was true he should ask Nie Yan for guidance.

Seeing the match go on for so long without a clear victor in sight, the 30 or so other soldiers started seeing Nie Yan in a new light. Wang Duo was undoubtedly the strongest among them. In a one-on-one fight, none of them were his match. Yet Nie Yan was going toe-to-toe with this very same person and even more so maintaining a slight advantage! Combine this with his young age, and they were completely convinced of his ability. One of the good points of army men were that they were straightforward. They respected the strong. Nie Yan had proven he was qualified to be their instructor.

As Lei Su and the others conversed, the match was entering its climax.

Wang Duo launched off the ground with a flying side kick toward Nie Yan’s head, his leg sweeping up a powerful gust of wind.

Nie Yan stepped to the side and raised his arm to block. BANG! He skidded several steps back. His heart tightened. Wang Duo’s kick was extremely powerful! Seeing Wang Duo pounce forward in pursuit, he didn’t dare to dally and ducked to the side.

Wang Duo didn’t stop his assault. He launched another flying kick, this time aiming for Nie Yan’s head.

Seeing Wang Duo’s continuous chain of kicks, the other aces broke out in a cold sweat. They had sparred with Wang Duo before and knew just how frightening his kicks were. Many of his opponents had their necks snapped in half by them. And right now, since the fight had reached its crucial phase, he was going all out. If an accident were to occur, the consequences would be grave.

Seeing Wang Duo’s kick coming towards him, Nie Yan’s pupils shrank. Just as he was about to be struck, he ducked and narrowly dodged by a hair’s breadth.

Wang Duo’s attack missed and he landed on the ground. He raised his leg and came down on Nie Yan’s head with an axe kick, his foot cutting through the air like a blade.

Nie Yan suddenly accelerated. His body twisted in a peculiar angle as he dodged Wang Duo’s attack yet again.

BANG! Wang Duo’s foot smashed the gymnasium floor, causing cracks to spread out from the wooden planks.

In his flurry of attacks, Wang Duo was unaware he was already using the hard-style martial arts taught by the army. The force behind his every strike was astonishing.

If this fight continued on, someone was bound to get seriously injured or even killed. Mo Yuntian wanted to stop the match several times. However, every time it looked like Nie Yan was done for, he would somehow escape, and it seemed like he was doing this with ease too. Mo Yuntian couldn't help but sigh in admiration.

Mo Yuntian suddenly noticed something in Nie Yan’s movements. This was the Shadow Dance Sequence! He had watched the trial runs of the Shadow Dancer Mech Suits. There was no mistaking it. They were one and the same!

The Shadow Dance Sequence was a movement prediction algorithm. However, it required the pilot to achieve a certain degree of speed for maximum effectiveness. The Shadow Dancer Mech Suit would run countless simulations in a split second and select the most optimal evasive maneuver. This sort of dodging ability generally wasn’t thought possible without the assistance of a machine. However, Nie Yan was living proof this wasn’t true!

“Xiao Yu, who do you think will win?” Lei Su asked. Nie Yan and Wang Duo’s fight had him trembling in trepidation. Nie Yan originally maintained a certain advantage. However, once Wang Duo went all out, Nie Yan was instantly forced on the back foot. He was almost defeated several times over, only narrowly dodging by the skin of his teeth. This was a hair-raising and nail-biting match to follow.

Wang Duo’s axe kick that destroyed the gymnasium floor was violent beyond compare. If that same kick landed on a person, it would shatter their bones.

“I’m not sure either, but if I had to guess, I think Nie Yan will lose. Wang Duo’s iron leg technique is too fearsome,” Xiao Yu replied.

Mo Yuntian shook his head. “Wang Duo is going to lose. This match will end within the next three minutes.”

Xiao Yu and Lei Su had a look of doubt on their faces. Wang Duo clearly held the advantage right now. All Nie Yan could do was dodge for his life, helpless to retaliate. Why was Mo Yuntian so certain Nie Yan would win?

Mo Yuntian chuckled. “Keep watching, you’ll see.” Nie Yan lacked sufficient combat experience. He'd never met an expert on Wang Duo’s level before. This was why he appeared to be in dire straits. When he familiarized himself some more with the combat techniques of a Shadow Dancer, Wang Duo would quickly find himself on the losing end.

Nie Yan really did cut a bit of a sorry figure right now. However, with every second that passed, he became a little more proficient in the techniques of a Shadow Dancer. His comprehension grew deeper and deeper.

Faster! Faster! Faster!

This was the essence of a Shadow Dancer!

Wang Duo’s continuous kicks failed to hit their mark. His heart was filled with a sense of urgency and uneasiness. He increased the ferocity of his attacks. With another kick, his foot stabbed toward Nie Yan’s chin like a sharp dagger.

Nie Yan’s pupils suddenly dilated before instantly contracting. At this moment, he felt like Wang Duo’s movements had slowed to a crawl. He slightly retreated back, one step, two steps, and stopped, not a step less or more.

WHOOSH! Wang Duo’s kick swept past Nie Yan’s face. It fell just centimeters short of hitting his cheek.

This is the feeling!

Nie Yan felt the power in his body tingling as a miraculous strength overflowed through him. His muscles brimmed with strength.

Nie Yan didn’t immediately retaliate.

Wang Duo halted his steps. Bracing his hand against the floor, he threw out another kick.

Nie Yan nimbly dodged. Every attack from Wang Duo missed by the smallest margin.

What the hell is going!? Wang Duo sensed something wrong. The uneasiness in his heart became even more intense. Even though his attacks were faster and fiercer, they didn’t have any effect.

Nie Yan seemed to be always one step ahead of him.

Nie Yan had reached an astonishing speed. All the spectators saw was a silhouette dashing about. They couldn’t clearly see his position.

“Damn! Is this guy still human!? What frightening speed!”

With every attack dodged, Nie Yan’s movements became smoother and smoother. This is a Shadow Dancer! What a wonderful feeling!

As Nie Yan’s speed increased, the openings in Wang Duo’s attacks became crystal clear.

Nie Yan smoothly employed the shadow steps. His silhouette blurred, his movements too fast for the eye to follow. His hand extended out, striking like a viper, as fast as lightning.

Wang Duo’s attacks missed. He instantly sensed danger. A silhouette flashed behind him. He wanted to counter and retaliate, but it was already too late. He felt a chill at the back of his neck and inwardly despaired. I’m done for!

Nie Yan’s hand came down with frightening speed and power. As long as the chop landed, Wang Duo would lose his life.

Wang Duo felt the grim reaper’s scythe around his neck. After all, he had experienced life and death situations countless times before. He wouldn’t lose himself like an ordinary person. He calmly waited for Nie Yan’s judgement, knowing any resistance at this moment was futile. He directly accepted death.

Wang Duo’s resolve garned Nie Yan’s respect. A normal person definitely couldn’t remain so calm in the face of death.

The situation had changed too quickly. In the blink of an eye, Wang Duo was in danger of losing his life. No one had caught Nie Yan’s movements clearly. Seeing his chop coming down on Wang Duo’s neck, everyone held their breaths.

Everyone understood Nie Yan could easily end Wang Duo’s life right now.

A dense killing intent bore down on Wang Duo but suddenly vanished without a trace.

Nie Yan’s hand came to a stop at the very last second. He gently chopped Wang Duo in the back of the neck, then stepped back. “Many thanks for going easy on me.”

Wang Duo opened his eyes. He breathed a sigh of relief, feeling as if he had just travelled to the underworld and back.

“I lost…” Wang Duo said in a somewhat dispirited tone. However, he immediately recovered. For people like him, winning and losing was ordinary. As long as he still had his life, it was something worth rejoicing over.

Nie Yan faintly smirked. Wang Duo was fairly gracious even in defeat. He was a real man.

Just as Nie Yan was about to say something, the 30 odd soldiers immediately organized themselves and stood at attention. “INSTRUCTOR, PLEASE GUIDE US!”

Nie Yan was dumbstruck. Are they referring to me? He turned to Mo Yuntian, only to see him nod back with a faint smile.

Nie Yan felt an indescribable surge of emotion in his heart.
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