Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief
170 Public Display of Affection
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Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief
Author :Brocade Star of Love
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170 Public Display of Affection

"I am young. I am only sixteen years old this year and just started high school. I did fairly well in my English class at school and had full marks for middle school exams." Qiao Nan gave the answers to Qiu Chenxi's questions.

"I see. You just started high school." Qiu Chenxi gave a scornful smile. She was more at ease now. "But you scored one hundred for your middle school English exams. You are considered to be very good among your peers. But when you get into society, it is nothing much to be proud of. Little sister, let me give you a word of advice. It is important to gain a competitive advantage against others."

Qiao Nan laughed again. To put it bluntly, what 'Miss' meant was that she knew better than Qiao Nan about the rules of the society!

"You should not waste your time on doing such hopeless things. Since you are still young, you should go back to school and put more efforts into your studies." Qiu Chenxi reminded Qiao Nan 'kindly' to go back home, and that she should not waste her time.

Qiao Nan stared at Qiu Chenxi as she continued with her lecture. When she heard footsteps coming her way, she turned and smiled. "Brother—"

"Brother Zhai!" Qiu Chenxi's surprised voice drowned Qiao Nan's voice. She hurried over to Zhai Sheng. "Brother Zhai, did you specially come because you know that I am coming to the Lin family's residence?" Qiu Chenxi blushed. She never thought that she would run into Brother Zhai at the Lin family's residence!

Qiao Nan lifted her face and looked at the ceiling which was white as snow. The ceiling looked clean and beautiful.

Zhai Sheng was walking toward Qiao Nan when he was stopped in his tracks by Qiu Chenxi. He dodged to one side, frowned, and asked, "Who are you?"

"…" Qiu Chenxi who was all smiles stiffened. She could not hide her embarrassment.

Qiao Nan who was staring at the ceiling did not pay any attention to them. She fixed her gaze on the ceiling.

"What are you looking at? Come here." Zhai Sheng could not be bothered with Qiu Chenxi who looked upset. He looked toward Qiao Nan who was staring at the ceiling.

"Brother Zhai." Qiao Nan had no other choices but to walk in Zhai Sheng's direction since he had called her name.

"Brother Zhai, do you know her?" Qiu Chenxi schooled her expression. "The little sister is very adorable. She showed me the directions just now. Brother Zhai, where did you get such a pretty little sister? You should tell me so that I can get one for myself as well."

"This is Grandpa Lin." Zhai Sheng did not bother to look at Qiu Chenxi. He brought Qiao Nan to see Lin Yuankang instead.

"…" Qiao Nan blinked in surprise. She did not understand why Zhai Sheng brought her to see 'Grandpa Lin'. But most importantly, the 'Grandpa Lin' Brother Zhai wanted her to visit was none other than the unreliable old master she met just now.

Lin Yuankang lifted his chin. "Little girl, what I said just now still counts. You can ask for a favor." He did not like to owe people favors. As long as they did not make any unreasonable requests, he would always fulfill their wishes.

"Grandpa Lin." Qiao Nan stood beside Zhai Sheng and addressed him as 'Grandpa Lin' as instructed by Zhai Sheng. As for the favor that Lin Yuankang mentioned, she said that it was too windy today, and she did not hear anything just now.

Or rather, she did not understand what he meant.

Qiao Nan blinked at Zhai Sheng. "Brother Zhai, why did you bring me here today?"

Though the unreliable old master insisted that he owed her a favor and that she could make any requests—and the 'Miss' looked as if she wanted to get in through the back door—Qiao Nan knew that one should cut their coat according to their cloth. She wanted to go back to where she came from.

Could she say that she was clueless all along?

Qiao Nan blinked her bright eyes at Zhai Sheng. Her long, curly, and luscious eyelashes swept over her eyes. Zhai Sheng looked at Qiao Nan and felt the unidentifiable itch again.

He tried to ignore it, but the itch intensified by the second. He controlled himself not to reach for Qiao Nan's face and rubbed her head instead. "Be good."

It was just two simple words. Even though Zhai Sheng said it calmly and briskly, Lin Yuankang and Qiu Chenxi who were bystanders could sense the tenderness and gentleness in his voice.

Zhai Sheng exerted too much force in his hands, and Qiao Nan could not withstand it. Her body slanted, and she had to grab hold of the corner of his shirt to steady herself. "Brother Zhai, I am not a kitten or a puppy. Stop rubbing, I cannot stand properly!"

She had known Brother Zhai for a long time. He never had the habit of rubbing people's head. She had never seen any cats or dogs whenever she went to the Zhai family's residence as well.

"Oh…" Lin Yuankang gave a slight cough, reminding Zhai Sheng that they were not alone. It was better not to publicly display his affection for Qiao Nan.

He used to think that Zhai Sheng tended to give the cold shoulder to ladies and preferred to spend all his time in the army, was it not so?

Lin Yuankang felt pleasantly sweet at this scene. On the other hand, Qiu Chenxi was in extreme grief.

"Little sister, I still do not know your name despite chatting for such a long time just now." When did Brother Zhai get to know this woman?


Qiu Chenxi looked at Qiao Nan. She was still young and had yet to develop her curves. Qiu Chenxi felt slightly at ease. Although the woman who stood in front of her was not short, she was still a child. It was impossible for Brother Zhai to fancy her.

Could she be the daughter of Brother Zhai's relatives?

Lin Yuankang and Qiu Chenxi were curious about Qiao Nan's identity. They stared at Qiao Nan, waiting for her answer.

Qiao Nan frowned. She was not used to being the center of attention. Zhai Sheng shifted to stand in front of Qiao Nan. "Elder Lin, let's have a seat while we talk."

Zhai Sheng had spoken up. Lin Yuankang might be older than him, but he did not have any objections. Nevertheless, things got complicated when they sat down.

Zhai Sheng led Qiao Nan to sit on a two-seater sofa. Qiu Chenxi who wanted to sit beside Zhai Sheng had no place to sit.

Qiu Chenxi remembered her objective today. She turned and walked toward Lin Yuankang, finding a place beside Lin Yuankang and sat down.

Lin Yuankang smiled. He was old after all and no longer as attractive as the young man, Zhai Sheng. But the lady from the Qiu family did not seem to be as good as what he heard.

"Grandpa Lin, here are the assignments I completed in these few days. Would you take a look for me?" Qiu Chenxi quickly took out her 'homework', hoping to prove to Lin Yuankang that she was capable.

Lin Yuankang did not look at the stack of papers he took from Qiu Chenxi. Instead, he passed it over to Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan did not wish to take the stack of papers, but Zhai Sheng took it from Lin Yuankang and gave it to Qiao Nan.

"Young lady, I am old, and my eyesight is getting worse. I have presbyopia, but I cannot find my spectacles. Can you take a look for me first?" It would be very interesting if this young lady was the one who translated the documents Zhai Sheng took from him last time.


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