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Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief
Author :Brocade Star of Love
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208 Good Influence

At home, Zhu Baoguo was a bully, but when he was with Qiao Nan, he was well-behaved and honest. He was willing to accept punishments for his mistakes. He was also willing to be pushed around by Qiao Nan.

So, when it comes to disciplining Zhu Baoguo, Qiao Nan was the best candidate in the eyes of both the Zhu family and the Lee family.

After receiving a warning from Qiao Nan, Zhu Baoguo dared not play around. He took out a pen and started to do the problem sums.

The classroom initially had been noisy with people chattering about military training. It was as noisy as the market. But it had quiet down as the students noticed that Qiao Nan and Zhu Baoguo were doing their problem sums.

Many of the students stared dazedly at Qiao Nan. Did she have to be so conscientious on the first day of school? In comparison, they seemed to be slacking, not doing any studies.

"Stop showing off. She must be worried that other people do not know that she is the top scholar in the middle school examination. She likes to put up pretenses." Seeing that Qiao Nan had influenced the atmosphere of the entire class, Zhao Yu felt annoyed.

Zhao Yu was a member of the class committee in the past. Back then, she was in charge of a morning self-study group. The classmates did not cooperate when they were studying. Once, Zhao Yu tried her best to discipline the class but to no avail. Her voice was hoarse from trying to get the class to keep quiet and do their work.

But today, though Qiao Nan did not try to discipline the class and was concentrated on doing her studies, the rest of the students became quiet under her influence, causing Zhao Yu to be annoyed and frustrated.

Initially, everyone had been ostracizing Qiao Nan. Despite all these, she could still have such a big influence on the class. Zhao Yu grounded her teeth. Sure enough, Qiao Nan was her nemesis. As long as there was Qiao Nan, she would not be able to have a peaceful school life!

It was really annoying!

"Why don't you try doing what Qiao Nan is doing?" Fang Fang, the Disciplinary committee member who was also Qiao Nan's roommate, frowned and said coldly, "Your behavior is just sour grapes. Qiao Nan is quite special. Is there any problem with her attitude or the fact that she is the top scholar in middle school examination?"

When talking to Zhao Yu, Fang Fang gently reminded herself that she must work hard.

The curriculum in high school was much more difficult than that of junior high school. Although she was admitted to Ping Cheng High School, it was not like she was admitted to a first tier key university. She could never relax. When it came to studies, it was akin to sailing against the currents. If one did not improve, one would fall behind. She should learn from Qiao Nan and put in more efforts into her studies so as not to waste the three years in high school.

Fang Fang, who had settled down, took out the textbooks that were given out today and looked through them.

When she was in junior high school, she would prepare for her lessons before class. But after one summer vacation, she was not used to doing that anymore.

Even before the class monitor and the boys had come back with the camouflaged suits, everyone in class one was as quiet as if they were having lessons. Despite having no teacher around to supervise them, every student took out their books and looked through them. It was a good learning atmosphere.

Liu Neng smiled at this scene. It was great that Qiao Nan could study at Ping Cheng High School. A good learning example was much more effective than ten strict teachers who disciplined the students with whips.

Qiao Nan did Ping Cheng Junior High School proud in the middle school examination. Three years from now, it should be Ping Cheng High School's turn to be in the limelight, lest The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China became too arrogant and had the false impression that they were the best in Ping Cheng.

When the class monitor came back with the boys and saw that the classroom was quiet and everyone was studying with their heads down, the class monitor took a step back in shock. "Did I go into the wrong classroom? Is this a year two or year three class?"

On the way back, the class monitor noticed that except for the classrooms of year two and year three, which were very quiet, the other first-year classrooms were all very noisy.

When the class monitor saw that everyone was busy studying, he thought that he had gone into the classroom of year two.

"Alright, since the clothes have been brought over, just come on in." Liu Neng, who was standing on the podium, did not interrupt the students who were studying.

"Teacher Liu!" Upon seeing Liu Neng, the class monitor was sure that this was the right classroom. "Come in and put the clothes on the podium first. Let the students collect their clothing according to their height."

There was some bustling when the boys brought the camouflaged suits back with them. But it was not as noisy as before.

The class monitor realized that now that the classroom was very quiet, he did not need to shout over the top of his lungs when he gave his instructions to the students. "There are three sets of clothes in total, one set is for military training, and the other two sets are school uniforms. When your name is called, come up to collect your clothes. Then, check if there is any problem with the size or the clothes. If there is, please hand them to me and put a note with your class, name, and matriculation number on it."

Zhu Baoguo, whose name was being called, went to the podium in an unhurried manner. He refused to go after collecting his three sets of clothes. "Okay, let me have the three sets of clothes that belonged to Qiao Nan. I will pass it to her."

The class monitor was taken aback when Zhu Baoguo narrowed his eyes at him. He quickly picked three sets of female clothes according to Qiao Nan's height and handed them to Zhu Baoguo.

Zhu Baoguo snorted with satisfaction and returned to his seat with a mountain of clothes in his arms. He sat down and said, "Xiao Qiao, these three sets of uniforms are yours."

"Put it down. Look at the questions that you have done." Qiao Nan had a stern expression on her face. "Didn't you tell me that it would only require a little effort of you to finish these questions and to get all of them correct? But out of the ten questions, two of them are wrong and one is left empty!"

"…" Zhu Baoguo blinked and quickly took back the questions from Qiao Nan. "Two of the questions are wrong? Xiao Qiao, what's the hurry? I am still halfway through the questions, and I have yet to check through them. This is considered a sneak attack!"

Qiao Nan put down the red pen and checked through her three sets of uniforms. "Don't forget that this is not an exam. There aren't so many rules. You cannot take your time to do them. Don't find an excuse for yourself. It's a fact that you did not get all of the questions right. I won't accept your excuses!"

Sure enough, the pants of the military training suit were too long and the waistline was too loose.

It would be impossible to wear this military training suit tomorrow.

"You should know what you should do with this kind of results. I don't want to supervise you like a teacher. You must have self-discipline. If you do not improve next time, you should know what the consequences are."

"…" Zhu Baoguo turned a blank eye. Xiao Qiao was too strict.

If Xiao Qiao was riled up, she would be stricter than the teacher!

"Hmm?" Zhu Baoguo did not respond to Qiao Nan's words. Qiao Nan, who was removing the sewn stitches from her uniforms, raised her tone in a questioning manner.

"I understand. I will take note of it and do much better next time." Zhu Baoguo replied obediently. He dared not play around with Qiao Nan.

"Okay." After getting a satisfactory answer, Qiao Nan acted in her usual ways.

They behaved as if they were teacher and student.

Liu Neng witnessed what happened between Qiao Nan and Zhu Baoguo, a smile on his face.


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