Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief
607 Will You Accept Someone Like Qiao Nan?
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Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief
Author :Brocade Star of Love
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607 Will You Accept Someone Like Qiao Nan?

"You want Dad to help you clean up the mess that you've created. Aren't you being too much with this attitude?" Zhai Hua sat down hard on the sofa. The soft feel on her bottom made her sigh. True enough, home was the most comfortable place. "Dad, when Mom was with you outside in the past, was her temper always like that?"

Zhai Yaohui did not deny.

At this juncture, Zhai Hua laughed. "Dad, why didn't I hear you mentioned this before? All these years, I have been thinking that mom was the one accommodating you. She doesn't even bother about Zhai Sheng and me anymore. So, you're the one who became mom's scapegoat. Given Mom's such temper, it seems that you didn't live as good a life as Zhai Sheng and I thought for these twenty years."

So what if his wife was always by his side? The wife was occasionally muddleheaded and had an extremely strong temper.

She did not understand what her grandfather saw in her mother that he insisted that her mother married into the Zhai family.

Zhai Yaohui gave Zhai Hua a look of warning and hinted at her not to go overboard. No matter what, Miao Miao was Hua Hua's biological mother. Could Hua Hua treat her elder in such a manner?

"Mom, did you see that? My dad treats you much better than what we think. He has to see your frowning and sulky look occasionally, especially when the Qiu family visited us. You looked so bitter as if you're nursing a deep hatred. I really once believed how much Dad made you suffer. Mom, you have to cherish your fortune. It's not easy to meet someone like Dad. Don't be too much."

Zhai Hua only knew today that the way her parents got along was not as simple as what she thought previously. Her mother, because of her family background, not only had low self-esteem but was also looked down upon by people around her.

Moreover, her father was also not the kind of male chauvinist that would entirely disregard his wife's feelings and turn a blind eye to her mother's pain.

So, over these years, it was not her mother accommodating her father but her father tolerating her mother?

After all, every time the Qiu family visited and left, her mother would flare up. Also, each time, she and Zhai Sheng would cast ugly looks at their father as they felt that he had bullied their mother. It had been so many years and her father had endured it silently. Hence, the one who was really suffering was not her mother but her father.

Zhai Hua looked at Zhai Yaohui with eyes full of empathy: To have such a worrisome wife and two biased children…'Dad, you're so pitiful.'

Zhai Yaohui saw through Zhai Hua's thoughts immediately. He was so furious that he nearly threw the newspapers in his hands at Zhai Hua's face. Pitiful? How was he pitiful? His wife was virtuous and he had few worries. Moreover, both his children were capable and completely unlike those from other families who had so many bad habits. "The matter regarding the Qian family, I've already contacted them."

Miao Jing, who nearly stood up upon hearing her daughter's words, felt a little surprised when she heard this good news. "You've contacted them?"

"Yes, the Qian family understands now."

The minute Miao Jing stepped out of the door to look for Qiao Nan, Zhai Yaohui had found out what the phone number of the Qian family was. He gave a call to Secretary Qian and expressed that Zhai Sheng did not inform the family that he was in a romantic relationship. Hence, Miao Jing was unaware of this matter and thus arranged the blind date. Everything was a misunderstanding and they were very sorry to have wasted Qian Mufang's one day of time.

As soon as these words were out, it was clear that the Zhai family did not object to the relationship between Zhai Sheng and his current girlfriend.

Secretary Qian was not willing to give up yesterday because of Miao Jing's attitude.

However, Zhai Yaohui, the head of the family, had already said that the Zhai family did not have an objection to the current relationship of Zhai Sheng. Hence, Secretary Qian no longer had anything to yearn for. He immediately told Qian Mufang that he would find another good man for her.

After Qian Mufang finished the conversation with Secretary Qian and hung up the phone, she was so furious that she threw a huge fit.

Find another good one?

Would he be as good as Regiment Commander Zhai? Would he be better than him?

To put it bluntly, they were going to find a substandard product that was not better than Regiment Commander Zhai.

"So what if there's no longer any issue with the Qian family? It is the Qian family this time. Maybe it will be the Zhao family, the Sun family, or the Lee family next time. Dad, our Zhai family will be very lively in the future." Zhai Hua, who was sitting on the sofa and drying her hair, spoke menacingly and nastily again, giving no face to her mother, Miao Jing, at all.

Zhai Hua's character was as such. In the past, when she thought that Zhai Yaohui was not good enough to Miao Jing, she also spoke to Zhai Yaohui in such a bizarre manner with implied meaning in her words. It was just that the party she was aggravating was changed from Zhai Yaohui to Miao Jing today.

"Hua Hua, restrain yourself a little. Even if you're at home, there's still someone who can discipline you!" Zhai Yaohui's face turned black. Hua Hua was getting overboard.

"Hahaha." Zhai Hua did an action of zipping her mouth and expressed that she would shut up.

Miao Jing's hands trembled a little. In the past, she had seen her daughter using such an attitude toward Zhai Yaohui. She did not expect that she would suffer from the same kind of 'treatment' one day. "Don't worry. There won't be any Zhao, Qian, Sun, or Lee families. Since Zhai Sheng already has a girlfriend, even if this young lady's birth status is not good enough, as long as there isn't much issue in her character and she won't drag the family down, I won't object to it."

"Really?" Zhai Hua, who had just shut up, looked at Miao Jing in shock. "Mom, Zhai Sheng is someone who is very determined. He's getting along very well with that young lady. It's impossible that he will be willing to meet that lady from the Qian family. If you say this, the more Zhai Sheng won't change his mind. You have to know that if you relent on this, basically, it's almost a certainty that your daughter-in-law will be this young lady."

This time, Zhai Yaohui did not hold Zhai Hua back. This was because, he, too, thought alike.

Once Miao Miao said this, if Miao Miao regretted what she said today, Zhai Sheng would not care about Miao Miao's feelings. He would act first and inform later. He would submit the marriage report and collect the marriage certificate. The situation would become awful and difficult. The mother and son would become like enemies with each other.

"It's real. More real than real gold. If I'm unwilling, I'm unwilling. Previously, I didn't agree to his relationship with that young lady. I only said that we need to observe more. Of course, if Zhai Sheng really wants to be with that young lady, it's not that I won't have any requirements. Given the status of our Zhai family, when Zhai Sheng marries his wife, it will be different from the time that your dad married me. I can have no expectations regarding her family background but not in other areas. If she does not meet my expectations at the very least, I won't agree to let her marry into the house of the Zhai family. She has to be a good person without malicious intents. She has to be smart, presentable, and able to handle things in a gracious manner. She has to meet all these criteria!"

Her requirements were not low either.

If that young girlfriend of Zhai Sheng had no problems meeting all these requirements, then she would really have nothing to say.

On the contrary, if she did not meet her requirements, then it would not do. It was not just her. The Zhai family could not agree either!

Zhai Sheng, who had been crossing his arms and displaying the attitude of refusal all these while, suddenly opened his mouth and said, "Mom, if I find you a young lady like Nan Nan, whose family background is not the best but not the worst either, is pretty and smart, has top-notch grades, has contributed to the country, and is commended by the army before she even steps out of the society, will you accept?"


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