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Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief
Author :Brocade Star of Love
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693 Poor Personal Qualities

Zhai Hua was infuriated, yet she could not find anything to retort Zhai Sheng with. "Are you going to look down on Wei De just because of this matter? This is already bygones. It has been a year since then. There's nothing much to bring up anymore. Won't it do as long as Wei De cherishes his opportunities from now on? You must know that people will change. It's wrong of you to discriminate. Did the leaders of our organization teach you to be like that?"

Zhai Hua had a phobia regarding this matter as well.

Nevertheless, Wei De had explained it many times to Zhai Hua, and Zhai Hua finally accepted it.

Since Zhai Hua had accepted Wei De's explanation, she could not accept Zhai Sheng's suspicions toward Wei De.

"Then, how much change has occurred in Wei De that will be obvious to me and even make me acknowledge him?" Zhai Sheng was annoyed.

If one wished to progress, sure, they just had to show their performance.

"He lacks personal qualities and did not perform well enough. Regardless, I still have to give him a chance? Are you saying that, as a soldier, he doesn't need to do anything but wait for the opportunity to fall from the sky and into his bowl? Am I the one discriminating against him or do you need me to give him special treatment?" Zhai Sheng snorted loudly. "Zhai Hua, do you know what you're doing now? You're getting in through the back door!!!"

At the end of the conversation, Zhai Sheng's tone sounded even angrier.

When Zhai Sheng and Zhai Hua joined the army, the Zhai family had never gone through the back door or pulled any strings for this pair of siblings, not to mention for Wei De.

Zhai Sheng could assume the role of regiment commander at such a young age because, firstly, he was outstanding enough. Secondly, Shi Peng had the heart to nurture him for the position. Zhai Sheng was at the current stage of his career mostly based on his own effort. It had almost nothing to do with the Zhai family.

When Zhai Sheng and Zhai Hua joined the army many years ago, they did not receive any special treatment either.

Yet, Wei De, who was not related to the Zhai family in any way, wanted Zhai Sheng to let him in through the back door. How could Zhai Sheng not feel angry?

Wei De was an outsider. Zhai Sheng did not wish to talk about it but Zhai Hua was his own family member. This fact intensified his fury. "Zhai Hua, didn't you say that Wei De is a capable individual? I'll give you another suggestion. Transfer him to Zhu Chengqi's troops. Gold will shine no matter where it is. If I don't have a good sense of judgment, there will surely be someone who does and is able to see Wei De's capability. When that time comes, Wei De, this prodigy, will have met his lucky star. He can then go very far. He doesn't need to continue to endure the suffering at my place."

He had boasted so greatly about his abilities, yet, at the end of the day, Zhai Sheng had to help him open up the back door. Zhai Sheng definitely would not agree to this.

"You, can't you take it that you're helping me, your sister? You're twenty-four years old but I'm already twenty-six. Wei De is older than me by a year. Me, me and him…" Zhai Hua was not worried about being left on the shelves. She was not anxious to get married either. However, with her age, how long more could she dawdle? With Wei De's age, she could not delay any further.

Wei De told Zhai Hua that if he could show any results, he would not be ashamed to ask the Zhai family for Zhai Hua's hand in marriage and would have the confidence to make Zhai Hua happy.

He was a man. He desired pride as well. His own wife was a deputy battalion commander but he was only an ordinary soldier. Most probably, he would have to retire from the army that he was most passionate about in a few years' time.

Coupled with the family status of the Zhai family, Wei De truly did not have the confidence to be together with a woman like Zhai Hua.

Nevertheless, he really loved Zhai Hua. For the sake of their future and so that they could be married earlier, he was prepared to give up his life and everything else to fight for a military achievement and to rise through the ranks.

Wei De even said that, unless he assumed the role of a company commander, he would continue to strive for it. Even if he had to marry late, have children late, and garner the resentment of his parents, he would drag his feet until he was over thirty years old and married Zhai Hua only after he became a company commander.

"Wei De has four sisters and he is the only son. His parents are not young anymore and they are waiting to carry…" Zhai Hua could not bring herself to say the word 'grandchild'. It was too embarrassing.

Zhai Sheng's fingers gave a few hard knocks on the table. "So, you're basically asking me to get him in through the back door and give him a chance. Previously, you put in so many good words for him. Is it meaningful? He's not capable but I have to help him cheat and then fulfill your wish to be a couple? Zhai Hua, why don't you ask me to bring him along in my mission and let him follow closely behind me so that he could pick up some military achievements before simply promoting him to a company commander? Both of you can then get married. Thereafter, he can continue to do the same in the future?"


"Zhai Hua, you have such thoughts and ideas. Do you still remember what your surname is? You don't have the confidence to bring this matter up to Dad. Hence, you could only come and find me. Zhai Hua, no matter how you justify it, you can't hide the fraud behind this. Zhai Hua, I'm very disappointed with you. Do you know why I am unwilling to give Wei De a chance and even more unwilling to see both of you together? Zhai Hua, reflect on it. Think about what you have become after you've been with Wei De for two years!"

When Zhai Sheng returned from the army, he had thought that this matter was already over.

He did not expect that Zhai Hua had not given up. She even chased to the house to talk about the matter regarding Wei De.

Zhai Hua was speechless after being questioned by Zhai Sheng. That stubborn face of hers was flustered in embarrassment. She gritted her teeth but could not say a word.

Zhai Hua was not confident. She was well aware that this matter was not honest and not something to be proud of. It was not presentable.

Zhai Sheng was her biological younger brother. They had been on good terms since they were children. Therefore, she dared to look for Zhai Sheng and plead for an opportunity for Wei De. However, before Zhai Yaohui, her biological father that she had never been that close to since she was a child, Zhai Hua would not even mention a word about Wei De.

"Zhai Sheng, it's also because I have no other alternatives. Given this situation, I can only come and ask you for help." Zhai Hua revealed a smile that looked worse than a cry. "I know it's not good for me to do this. It's even considered as flouting the disciplinary rules and merit of the army and organization."

"It's good that you know. Didn't you say that Wei De aims to be a company commander? And when he's a company commander, he will then ask for your hand in marriage and marry you? I only have one word in regard to opening a back door for him: impossible. Nevertheless, if he really has that aspiration and achieves his goals based on his diligence and effort, not to mention that he's now twenty-seven years old, even if he becomes a company commander at the age of thirty-seven, I'll help you with this when it comes to dad and mom!" This was the greatest help that he could render as a younger brother.

Zhai Hua smiled bitterly. "I can wait. I'm not afraid of getting married when I'm older but Wei De's parents can't wait. Wei De's mother is in poor health and she was hospitalized recently. Wei De sent all his money to his mother to pay for the medical expenses. Wei De is very worried about his mother. His mother has been yearning to see her grandchild being born while she's still alive."

She did not mind but she had to consider the elderly in the Wei family. What if, what if Wei De's mother were to pass away due to a major illness?


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