Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief
819 I Am the Top Scorer’s Mother
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Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief
Author :Brocade Star of Love
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819 I Am the Top Scorer’s Mother

If it had been somebody else, they would not have been able to focus on the exams.

Undoubtedly, they would need a lot of money as the mother was in a car accident. This only made matters worse for the Qiao family that was already in a dire financial situation. They had yet to pay their debts, and now they had another expense to take care of.

In the future, it would be more difficult for Qiao Nan to concentrate on her studies in college.

Qiao Nan did really well in the exams. Ever since the college entrance examination was resumed in China, she had the best results. It helped Ping Cheng High School win credit in the province.

As a result, all of the relevant departments and officials in Ping Cheng placed great importance on Qiao Nan who had such good potential. They tried to help her apply for some subsidies.

Qiao Dongliang's situation was rare. He had yet to divorce his wife but was already left with no possession or property.

Qiao Nan and Shi Qing had done Ping Cheng High School proud. No matter what, Principal Meng was willing to try his best to arrange for subsidies so that Qiao Nan could finish her college.

As for Zhai Sheng, Principal Meng knew that if Qiao Nan was willing to accept Zhai Sheng's help, it would never be his turn to help Qiao Nan make studying arrangements.

"Principal, thank you. Thank you very much." To Qiao Nan, Principal Meng's promise was timely assistance. It came at the right time.

They had spent all their savings on Ding Jiayi's hospitalization fees. Qiao Nan did not have any money for her college fees.

Now that the results were out, even if Qiao Nan could apply for scholarships, it was not enough to cover for her school fees. Qiao Nan was worried sick about her school fees. Principal Meng provided help in her hour of need.

"This is what I should be doing. Qiao Nan, you must study hard in the future. If you have the chance, you must come back to Ping Cheng. You must make contributions to your hometown." The mayor wanted Principal Meng to convey this to Qiao Nan. She was a talent. If she stayed in Ping Cheng, she would do good for the future development of Ping Cheng.

"Rest assured, Principal Meng. I will definitely do that. My roots and my family are here. I will definitely come back." Qiao Nan's eyes were red.

"Shi Qing, what about your parents?" It was not surprising that Shi Qing was at Qiao Nan's house. But Principal Meng found it strange that Shi Qing's parents were not around. The daughter had performed so well in the college entrance examination, yet the parents were not here to share the good news with her?

But then again, during the two years that Shi Qing was in Ping Cheng High School, he had never once seen her parents. Her parents did not turn up for the parent-teacher Conference either.

Although Shi Peng did not turn up for any of the parent-teacher conferences, Shi Qing did not behave oddly. She carried on with her studies and it did not seem to bother her at all.

Teacher Liu had asked Shi Qing to pass a message to Shi Peng, hoping that he would turn up.

However, Shi Qing had rejected Teacher Liu's request right away. "Teacher Liu, forget it. My dad is very busy. Instead of attending the parent-teacher conference, I would rather he stay at home to rest. He is not in good health and should skip all these unimportant events. Anyway, I don't mind at all."

The reason why Liu Neng wanted Shi Peng to attend was for Shi Qing's sake. He was worried that Shi Peng's absence would make Shi Qing be seen as the oddball and that she was anti-social. He did not want her to be upset, affecting her studies.

However, Shi Qing did not feel that it was important. She even spoke up for Shi Peng. In that case, Liu Neng had nothing much to say.

Although Shi Qing's parents did not attend the parent-teacher conference, she was in good mental health and strove for excellence in her studies.

"My dad? He is at work. He has no time." Shi Qing gave Principal Meng the same answer. Liu Neng was used to her reply, but Principal Meng felt perplexed that the parents were not present.

"Is your father that busy?" Why would he not show concern and support when his daughter was the provincial top science scorer?

Although Qiao Nan's father was so excited that he fainted and seemed to be very weak, he was better than Shi Qing's father who was absent.

"Principal Meng, Shi Qing's father is a busy man." It seemed that the teachers of Ping Cheng High School still did not know who Shi Qing's father was. "But Shi Qing, have you told your dad the good news?"

"Is there a need?" Shi Qing lifted her chin proudly. "It is expected of me to do well. I don't have to tell him and he knows that I will definitely perform well."

If she was not the provincial top scorer in the college entrance examination, she would be too ashamed to face her father. "How about you? Have you forgotten to share the good news with someone?" Brother Zhai must be waiting for the good news.

"In a while." Qiao Nan blushed. It was without a doubt that she had to share such a good piece of news with Brother Zhai.

When Ding Jiayi arrived, it was very crowded at the entrance of the small quad. Everyone was praising Qiao Nan for being so smart. Not only did she do well in the exams, but the students that she had tutored had good grades as well.

Ding Jiayi finally realized why Qiao Zijin wanted her to go to the Qiao family's residence today.

Ding Jiayi thought of Qiao Zijin's words and gritted her teeth. She did not mind that she would disgrace herself. Her only aim was to keep the family together. If she failed at doing that, the least she could do was to get the money!

With that in mind, Ding Jiayi steeled herself and walked toward the Qiao family's residence. "Please let me pass. I am Qiao Nan's mother. I am looking for Qiao Nan."

"Hey, who are you? Does Qiao Nan have a mother? Qiao Nan has been staying here for almost three years. Why is it that we have never seen you before? Qiao Nan and Old Qiao never mentioned you as well. Don't try to lie that you are their relatives."

The neighbors crowded the pavement to the Qiao family's residence. There were a lot of people who tried to squeeze their way into the house but to no avail. Some of them thought of lying that they were their relatives so as to squeeze through the crowd into the house.

It happened so often that most people refused to believe it anymore.

"I… I am really Qiao Nan's mom. I am Old Qiao's wife. Let me go in. I got into a car accident recently. Previously, Old Qiao went out early in the morning and only came home late in the evening so as to take care of me. I have something to tell Qiao Nan."

There were too many people outside the door and there was no way that she could squeeze herself through. Ding Jiayi decided to go all out. She raised her voice and shouted toward the house. "Old Qiao, Qiao Nan, I am back. I can't get into the house. Come out now! I have something to tell you!"

Ding Jiayi could be heard clearly even in the noisy surroundings.

She gave all her best to shout across the people. She felt as if her voice had turned hoarse.

Minutes ago, everyone in the house was in high spirits from the news. Minutes later, they turned somber at Ding Jiayi's voice.

Qiao Dongliang, in particular, turned grim when he heard her voice. "She should be at the hospital. Why did she run out to make a fuss? Did she feel that I am taking too long to get the money?"

He knew that Ding Jiayi could never behave herself or treat Qiao Zijin and Nan Nan equally. Unless she was no longer Ding Jiayi and had changed to another person, she would never be able to do that.

Look, Ding Jiayi could not keep still for a day and was up to something again!


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