Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief
873 How Could It Be the Same?
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Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief
Author :Brocade Star of Love
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873 How Could It Be the Same?

As soon as Shi Qing's family appeared, they surrounded Shi Qing and pushed Qiao Nan away from Shi Qing quietly.

The Feng family inquired after Shi Qing's well-being one after another. Qiao Nan stared at the sunny weather. She blinked and walked quietly to the side, finding shelter under the tree. She took out a scented paper fan and started to fan herself.

Why was the Feng family displeased with her?

Shi Qing drank a few mouthfuls of water and seemed to be recharged. "Grandpa, grandma, Mom, there is no need to be worried. I am fine. Since I have reached the school, I have to go directly to the office to report. I won't be going home for the time being. I will go back during the National Day holiday."

"Why are you in such a rush?" Grandma Feng was upset. "You finally returned to the capital and you will be studying in the capital for four years. There is no need to hurry to report to the school. Stay at my house for a night. I will make good food for you."

The elderly couple in the Feng family had more than one child, but Feng Cheng was their only daughter. She was treated very well in the Feng family.

Feng Cheng had two elder brothers. They each had a son.

Feng Cheng and Shi Qing were the only two females in the entire Feng family. Everyone in the family, including the elderly couple and the cousins, doted on Shi Qing very much.

"Grandma, I am already in the capital. I will have lots of time to accompany you. One or two days will not make a difference." Shi Qing was amused. "Grandma, it is such a hot day. I should hurry to report to school and then take a rest in the dormitory."

It was too hot standing under the sun. Qiao Nan was already standing in the shade of a tree.

"Qiao Nan, you are such a disloyal friend. Hurry up, let's go." Shi Qing waved for Qiao Nan to stand next to her. "Grandpa, grandma, Mom, this is my best friend—Qiao Nan. I will bring her home next time and I will introduce her to all of you formally. I have to report to school with her now."

Qiao Nan had no choice but to come out from the shade. She bowed to the three elders. "How are you?"

"Alright. Since you want to report to the school, we will accompany you. Let grandpa carry the bag for you." The Feng family refused to leave. Since Shi Qing insisted on not going home, they had to accompany her to report to school and check out the dormitory that she was staying in.

If it was unsatisfactory, given the Feng family's status in the capital, they would be able to make some other arrangements before school started.

To other people, the capital had steep housing prices. Students had no place to go and had to stay in school.

The rental fees were a high expense for students as well as the Beijing drifters[1] who already had a job.

Shi Qing was different. As long as she wanted to live somewhere else, the Feng family was able to find her a more comfortable place near Peking University for her to freely live in.

Among all the elders that Qiao Nan had seen, Old Master Feng was the only one who was less ferocious but more scholarly.

Old Master Feng pulled the luggage from Shi Qing, insisting on carrying it for her.

Grandma Feng did not idle around as well. She noticed the bags that Shi Qing had been carrying and she felt sorry for her. "Look at the small hands of yours. They have turned red from carrying the bags. Your dad is too much. Why would you need to bring so many things with you to study at Peking University? You only need to bring yourself along. If there is anything that you need, we will get them ready for you! No matter how rare the item is, your two uncles and two elder brothers will be able to get them for you!"

Qiao Nan smoothed her hair. She had confirmed once again that the Feng family was very displeased with her. "Shi Qing, you can have a good chat. I will report to the school first. All of these are mine. It has been hard on you."

Given Shi Qing Qing's family background, the Shi family or the Feng family had more than enough money to provide for her.

Most of the bags belonged to Qiao Nan. They did not belong to Shi Qing.

Qiao Nan was certain that the Feng family knew it as well.

Therefore, the Feng family said those words on purpose.

"Shi Qing, thank you." Qiao Nan took her bags from Shi Qing. She smiled politely at the Feng family before leaving without any hesitation.

The Feng family did not like her, and she would not get in their way either.

The Feng family did not expect that Qiao Nan would admit that those were her bags and leave right away. They thought that Qiao Nan would be embarrassed by their words or ashamed and thus unable to show her face. They did not expect her to be so calm and composed.

Old Master Feng frowned. His heart sank.

It was no wonder that Zhai Sheng was engaged to this young lady. She was a smart lady. Qing Qing was not her match.

"You are such a foolish child. You don't even know that you have been bullied by her!" As soon as Qiao Nan left, Grandma Feng made known her displeasure toward Qiao Nan. "Since a young age, we never allow you to do these manual chores. We doted on and pampered you, yet you are treated like a coolie by an outsider. Aren't you a fool?"

With that, Grandma Feng grabbed Shi Qing's hands and massaged them. "Are you in pain?"

"Hey…" Shi Qing finally came back to her senses. "Were those words directed at Qiao Nan? Why?"

This was the first time that her grandparents and her mother saw Qiao Nan. Why would they be so displeased with her?

"Why? Because of this!" Grandma Feng pinched Shi Qing's palm that had turned red.

Feng Cheng frowned. "Did your dad teach you all this?"

Did he teach his daughter that soldiers must serve the people and work hard for the people?

As his wife, she would support everything that Shi Peng did, but she would not allow him to teach her daughter the same ways!

"It has nothing to do with Dad. Mom, you sound as if you are displeased with Dad." Shi Qing was unhappy. "What's wrong with me? When I trained in the army, my arms turned redder than this before. Back when Qiu Chenxi went to Mo Du and insisted that I went as well, I was the one who helped carry her bags."

It was just that back then, Feng Cheng did not complain in front of Qiu Chenxi and Qi Minlan that Shi Qing had hurt her arms from carrying the bags. She only helped massage Shi Qing's hands when they were not around.

Shi Qing was younger back then and did not have as much physical strength as now. She had not gone through the training in the army and her hands were small and smooth. There were no calluses at all.

Now, although Shi Qing had helped Qiao Nan carry her bags, her hands were not painful. It was not a big deal to carry these bags.

"It is not the same." Feng Cheng looked awkward and stiff.

[1] A term used to describe people without Beijing registered residence who have migrated to Beijing from other places in China seeking opportunities and a better life.


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