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Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief
Author :Brocade Star of Love
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1279 The Headstrong Da Bao

To Tian Dong, Zhai Hua going to the Tian family was truly a huge and pleasant surprise.

Under Zhai Sheng's help, Tian Dong found out that quite a number of misunderstandings happened between the Zhai family and the Tian family. Tian Dong understood Zhai Hua's temperament too well. Hence, as soon as he had the time, he hurried to the Zhai family's residence to look for Zhai Hua today.

Unexpectedly, his elder uncle got to know his plan of looking for Zhai Hua and notified Qiu Chenxi.

At the very moment the main doors of the Zhai family's residence opened, Tian Dong was caught off-guard and did not manage to avoid the approaching Qiu Chenxi.

The face of the auntie, who opened the door, turned black instantly at the sight. If not for the fact that he was not willing to hit a woman, Tian Dong almost could not control the urge to hit Qiu Chenxi.

Tian Dong had already thought of how to spend the entire day appeasing Zhai Hua, clearly explaining to her the circumstances of the matter.

It was fortunate that he did not use any of the many words that he had thought of earlier. This was also the first time that Zhai Hua had offered to visit his parents. This pleasant surprise came too suddenly. It was so sudden that Tian Dong could not believe it.

Holding the flask of soup, Zhai Hua walked to Tian Dong and glanced sideways at him. "What is the matter? You are not willing to let me go to your house? If you're really so unhappy about it, forget it then?"

"I'm willing. Let's go home quickly. Qiao Nan is right. If my parents see you, they will definitely feel happy and eat another half a bowl of rice. Let's go." How could Tian Dong decline Zhai Hua? He did not even have the time to rejoice. He pulled Zhai Hua's hands and walked out immediately.

He was not feeling unhappy earlier. Clearly, he had been dumbstruck by happiness.

Qiao Nan and Miao Jing suggested too quickly and Zhai Hua agreed too readily. Tian Dong was dumbstruck by happiness, whereas Qiu Chenxi was almost driven to a state of madness.

She had just received news that Tian Dong was going to visit the Zhai family. Qiu Chenxi was aware that there something must be lacking in the ploy of the elder brother of the Tian family such that Tian Dong had not given up on Zhai Hua and still had the patience to woo the tomboy of the Zhai family.

All of them grew up together. Qiu Chenxi was aware that Zhai Hua had a proud character. She initially believed that if she and Tian Dong appeared in the Zhai family, the Zhai family would misunderstand their presence as showing off. Once Zhai Hua flared up, Tian Dong might not even have a chance to speak. She might simply give him a scolding and chase him out.

As such, she did not believe that Tian Dong would be so thick-skinned and refused to give up on Zhai Hua, this tomboy. Who, especially men, did not want their face?

Without Zhai Hua hindering her, Qiu Chenxi did not view other women as threats at all. After all, the elder brother of the Tian family favored her as the niece-in-law. After receiving the affirmation of the elders of the Tian family, all other women were considered as superficial as clouds.

As such, Qiu Chenxi even deliberately devised a ploy to catch Tian Dong off-guard by moving next to him at that very moment when the auntie opened the door. Their arms were intimately placed next to each other then and they looked very much like boyfriend and girlfriend.

Naturally, if the auntie told the Zhai family what she saw, Zhai Hua would flare up.

Qiu Chenxi even thought of the best outcome, which was Zhai Hua refusing to let her and Tian Dong enter the house as soon as Zhai Hua heard the auntie describing how close she and Tian Dong were standing together.

Unfortunately, although Qiu Chenxi had it all thought out, none of that became reality. On the contrary, she had been mocked by Zhai Hua.

Looking at the couple walking in front of her, with equivalent heights and looking quite compatible from the back, Qiu Chenxi caught up with them, feeling indignant at heart.

A few years ago, she lost to Qiao Nan. Now, she did not believe that she would lose to such an unladylike Zhai Hua. Tian Dong had to be either blind or gay to marry a woman like Zhai Hua, who behaved like a man who could also conveniently bear him a child.

Qiu Chenxi, who suffered another setback, felt so gloomy. She could not stop thinking that there was something wrong with Tian Dong. She felt that he was very persistent toward Zhai Hua because he had something to hide.

"Phew…" Qiao Nan did not feel the least strange that Qiu Chenxi ran after Tian Dong and Zhai Hua. In the past, Qiu Chenxi pestered Zhai Sheng so badly. Those memories were still fresh in Qiao Nan's mind. When Qiu Chenxi was unaware that she was Brother Zhai's girlfriend, she even 'wrongly' accused and scolded her as the vixen for the sake of luring the actual 'culprit' out.

Thankfully, a few years had passed. No one gave Qiu Chenxi any face today. However, Qiu Chenxi could still maintain a smile throughout without saying anything provocative or that would make everyone feel awkward. "Mom, I think Qiu Chenxi has improved."

After carrying one of her grandchildren, Miao Jing gave the child a kiss on the face. "She has been learning from Old Master Shi these past two years. Although that old master can be a scoundrel, he is still quite capable. Otherwise, his son can't be so outstanding. However, increasingly, I can't figure out what that old master has in mind now."

Old Master Shi looked up to Shi Peng. Hence, he would not give up on this son.

However, Old Master Shi also seemingly wished to nurture Qiu Chenxi. The second son of the Tian family had just returned from abroad and seemed to be progressing well. If Qiu Chenxi was successful, there would be another 'gold mine' in the Shi family. This was pure 24K gold!

After hearing her mother-in-law's words, Qiao Nan's brows arched slightly. She did not speak further and bent down to touch San Bao's tummy. "San Bao's tummy looks a little shriveled. Are you hungry?"

San Bao could completely understand these words. She nodded honestly like a chicken pecking on rice. "Hungry. Eat. Eat nice things."

As soon as San Bao spoke, Da Bao and Er Bao responded enthusiastically. The auntie quickly served the desserts that she had just prepared.

Recently, Da Bao's temper had grown. He had not grown up much physically, but his confidence had grown. It was not sure why, but Da Bao was unwilling to let others feed him. He was always yearning to try eating on his own by holding the spoon himself and putting food into his mouth.

However, Da Bao was still very young and his arms did not have much strength. His hands would tremble when he held the spoon. Usually, he would spill most or all of the food in the spoon. As such, not much of the food went into Da Bao's mouth and stomach.

At such times, only Qiao Nan, this biological mother, could snatch the spoon from him and feed him without him getting angry.

As such, during mealtime, she would pass the San Bao in her arms to her mother-in-law. She would then 'forcefully kidnap' the gamboling Da Bao over.

Qiao Nan bit on Da Bao's amiable face, which looked like an apple. "Be good, Da Bao. Mom will feed you later, okay? When you grow older, to at least three years old, Mom will let you eat on your own, okay?"

Da Bao knitted his brows, grimacing. Obviously, he was not pleased that his striving for self-sufficiency had been stopped. For three seconds, Da Bao was staring helplessly at Qiao Nan as if he was expressing that he temporarily would not take issue with Qiao Nan as she was his mother. He would indulge her first.


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