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Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief
Author :Brocade Star of Love
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1319 Help Introduce a Job

Qiao Nan, who had been 'tired out' by Zhai Sheng yesterday, did not have a chance to tell Zhai Sheng that the Qiao family of three had come to the capital and said that they would attend Zhai Hua's wedding. However, this morning, Miao Jing had already 'notified' Zhai Sheng about the situation when he brought the triplets downstairs for breakfast.

Hence, Zhai Sheng was not surprised at all when he saw the Qiao family of three appear. "Father-in-law, Zhai Hua is getting married this time, and you have to make a special trip here. It must have been tough on you." Zhai Sheng knew that Qiao Nan had been perplexed and troubled about how she should treat Qiao Dongliang. He was still willing to address him as father-in-law.

Qiao Dongliang, who heard the greeting 'father-in-law', was pleasantly surprised by the attention. He knew that he owed it to Qiao Nan to receive this greeting.

When he insisted on returning to the small courtyard of the Qiao family previously, Qiao Dongliang was already prepared that his younger daughter might not acknowledge him anymore. Also, the son-in-law's family would not continue to treat him the same way.

Fortunately, although Qiao Dongliang had prepared for the worst, the final outcome was much better than he had expected. "Not tough, not tough at all. Hua Hua is getting married. I am very happy for her." When Qiao Dongliang said this, he even looked at Zhai Hua.

Zhai Hua, who had been given a blessing, said 'thanks' before rolling her eyes at Qiao Nan.

Uncle Qiao was well aware of the 'scandal' between her and Wei De all because of Qiao Nan. Zhai Hua felt that Qiao Dongliang said these blessings mostly because of this matter.

Qiao Nan shrugged her shoulders. She would not take the blame for this.

Occasionally, her father would act as if he was very familiar with someone. She was unaware of it in the past. Two years ago, when her father brought the Chen family to look for Uncle Shi, she then discovered that her father had such a hidden shortcoming in his character.

The Qiao family and the Zhai family were not on very good terms. Under Qiao Nan's influence, both families basically did not interact with each other much.

At this moment, Qiao Dongliang's grateful expression looked as if Zhai Hua was his best friend's daughter, whom he had watched growing up. His best friend's daughter was akin to half his daughter. When Zhai Hua was getting married, of course, Qiao Dongliang would feel happy for her.

"Sister Hua Hua, I wish you happiness." At this juncture, Qiao Zijin walked over at the opportune time. She was holding a little gift bag in her hands, which she then passed to Zhai Hua. "This is just a little gesture of mine. I used the money that I earned when working part-time to buy this gift. I hope Sister Hua Hua will like it."

Courtesy costs nothing.

Qiao Zijin, who had not been performing very well in this aspect, made everyone's jaws drop today. She seemed especially good-mannered.

Zhai Hua curled the corners of her lips. "You're so polite. Thank you very much. It's the thought that counts. I understand." Zhai Hua could not bring herself to say more.

Ding Jiayi suddenly laughed. "Zhai Hua will be getting married the day after. It's so good to see Zhai Hua looking so shy and feminine. In-law, you must feel very happy that your daughter is getting married? You know that she has found someone whom she can depend on for the rest of her life. It's certainly something to be happy about. Two years ago, when Nan Nan married into your family, I was so happy for her that I had many sleepless nights. In-law, you have two children. Your son already has a son, and your daughter is marrying into such a good family. You should have nothing to worry about in the future."

Next, Ding Jiayi gave a gloomy sigh. "Unlike me, I treat and dote on these two daughters like precious darlings. Nan Nan is married to Zhai Sheng. Not many people can be more blessed than her. Although Nan Nan is married, I still have Zijin. Zijin will be graduating from college in half a year. What are we going to do about her job? Where is she going to find one? I am very worried about this matter. In-law, look at all my white hair. Unlike you, you have a happy life and look younger as time passes."

Miao Jing smiled without many expressions. "Don't say that. All our children have grown up. They have their own thoughts and plans about the future. Hua Hua is getting married the day after next. However, I have been very worried for her. She is too honest and upright. She never listens to our words. Fortunately, she met a man whom she is willing to marry. I can then rest my heart."

"As for your family's Qiao Zijin, it should be the same in the future. It's different from the past now. Everyone prefers to have freedom of love. The one that the young lady finds herself must be the one that she is most satisfied with. You just need to worry less and wait for Qiao Zijin to bring your elder son-in-law home." Job and partner. So, the actual motive of the Qiao family of three for coming to the capital was to request them to help Qiao Zijin find a job and settle her marriage at the same time?

Qiao Zijin blushed for a while. She looked extremely shy beside Ding Jiayi. It was as if she was embarrassed by the conversation.

Ding Jiayi patted Qiao Zijin's hands. "Don't say that, in-law. This daughter of mine. You really don't know. I am very worried for her. She is very sweet-tongued and obedient in front of her family or people that she is familiar with. However, in front of people that she is not so familiar with, she is very quiet. She doesn't talk much even after meeting the person for a long time. Given her character, can I still wish for her to go through freedom of love and find me a son-in-law? When I arrange blind dates for her, if she can be more eloquent and chat well with the other party, I will already thank god."

Qiao Zijin had a glib tongue and was good at talking off one's head. However, under Ding Jiayi's description, she had actually become a good lady who was honest and simple.

This was not the first day that they knew each other. No one, including Qiao Nan and the Zhai family, knew when Qiao Zijin had turned into someone with such a character. They had not met for two years. They only knew that Ding Jiayi's eloquence had improved tremendously during this period. She seemed to be on par with the Qiao Zijin in the past.

Actually, what Ding Jiayi wanted was already very obvious. However, Ding Jiayi was still used to making herself clear. She would say it word for word on the mission that she would like to assign. She added. "Besides finding a reliable partner, I am also very troubled over what kind of job she will find after she graduates in half a year. In-law, didn't they say that you have many connections? You know a lot of people. Can you help introduce a suitable job for our family's Zijin?"

"Mom!" Qiao Zijin looked like she was full of embarrassment. "Auntie, don't listen to my mom. I am studying for a diploma now. It's not that hard to find a job. The school has arrangements. I can settle this matter on my own. Mom, I will be angry if you do that again." Qiao Zijin looked even more apologetic when she glanced at Qiao Nan.

If the Qiao family and the Zhai family were on good terms, it was not too much for Ding Jiayi to mention this.


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