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Reborn in Dragonball World with Naruto System
Author :NetherHeaven
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2 My name John

Suddenly, Naruto system say "You can clothes with system and Naruto points, to open say shop."

The system say shop so I say "Shop"

Instant, info on screen change to number and letter and button shapes,amazing.


[Naruto System Shop]

Body number:

Strong punch - 0/100 (Upgrade 1 Naruto point)

No hurty - 0/100 (Upgrade 1 Naruto point)

Whoosh - 0/100 (Upgrade 1 Naruto point)

Big think - 0/100 (Upgrade 1 Naruto point)

Special air:

Special air circle - 0/1000 (Upgrade 5 Naruto point)

Special air dense - 0/50 (Upgrade 5 Naruto point)

Special air time - 0/50 (Upgrade 5 Naruto point)

Clean special air - 0/10 (Upgrade 25 Naruto point)

???? - Get Clean special air lv.10 unlocked

???? - Get Special air dense and Special air time lv.20 unlocking

Other thingys:

Clothes - 0/1 (Upgrade 1 Naruto point)

Instant clothes - 0/3 (Upgrade 1 Naruto point)

Clothes differently - 0/1 (Upgrade 1 Naruto point)


Wow, so many thingys! I read little and see that everything need Naruto point, so I ask system "How get Naruto point?"

Second taking, Naruto system reply "You get Naruto point by goal, kill, or train, or more thingy. But since you need clothes, I give 1 point free now"

[John gain 1 Naruto point]

Yay, I got Naruto point! No delaying, I go back to shop and upgrade the clothes to 1/1.

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In a second, normal clothes covering all my body, I no naked anymore!

Now that I no naked, I can go to city and become hokage! But how to start becoming hokage is big problem.

Suddenly, I hear rustle from behind and see farmer. I look around and see farmer say "Who you?"

I think for seconds and answer "My name John"
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    《Reborn in Dragonball World with Naruto System》