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Reborn in Dragonball World with Naruto System
Author :NetherHeaven
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3 Become Strong

Farmer look at me and say "So your John, what you doing here?"

Me answer with happy "I become-" suddenly I think that since this is Dragonball world, then it means people speaking Japan

Oh no, only words I know Japan is from favorite anime like Dragonball, Naruto and One Piece. Filthy Frank also help me speak Japan.

With big breath, I think what I say and shout "KAIGOKU WA ORE NI NARU!" Since it dragonball world, there is no pirate king like one piece so I change kaizoku to kaigoku

Farmer looks at me as if I'm a baka but I wave my arms and show big muscles and say again "KAIGOKU WA ORE NI NARU"

Farmer look at me and ask "What language you speaking? I no understand any other language except Dragonballian"

Dragonballian? Hmmm...this words make me big think hard and guess what farmer language is. Hmm...I remember Filthy Frank say something about Dragonballian before I drunked many alcohols.

Ah! I remember today!

"OCHINCHIN WA DAISUKI NANDATTEBAYO!" since I have naruto system, system add the dattebayo to end of sentence, but for no reason, farmer look at me with understand.
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"I see now, you want stronger like goku right?" farmer asks

Hearing farmer question, i nodding many times and say "YAMETE KUDATTEBAYO!"

Farmer then tell me "Come with me to my home, I show you how to stronger"

I shake head many times with tear falling from eyes. Farmer so kind...

[Thank to John for goaling First Speak, Naruto point +1]

Oh wow! I got Naruto point!

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    《Reborn in Dragonball World with Naruto System》