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Reborn in Dragonball World with Naruto System
Author :NetherHeaven
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5 No Drunk Long Chap

"Old Dragonballian? So that mean Japan is Old Dragonballian and English is Modern one?" I think and then slap myself on face. I'm big fool.

I look at Big Boi Suit and wear it over my clothes. Surprising that my clothes disappeared when I wear Big Boi Suit, system think it another type of clothes?

I try walked and see that it hard to do. One step already is hard, how about two step? I think three step will even no happen. But with naruto system, i think to myself that this is way to stronger to become hokage. I take step, then one step, and then one more and more step

After hour of walk with Big Boi Suit, I able to walk for ten step, which is many step already. I try sit down, but Big Boi Suit is fixed in stand so I just stand.

[Thank to John getting goal Ten Step, Naruto point +1]

Oh? I got Naruto point again! Since I have clothes now, what do upgrade with the system?

I remember to say shop to open shop so I say "Shop"


[Naruto System Shop]

Body Number:

Strong punch - 0/100 (Upgrade 1 Naruto point)

No hurty - 0/100 (Upgrade 1 Naruto point)

Whoosh - 0/100 (Upgrade 1 Naruto point)

Big think - 0/100 (Upgrade 1 Naruto point)

Special air:

Special air circle - 0/1000 (Upgrade 5 Naruto point)

Special air dense - 0/50 (Upgrade 5 Naruto point)

Special air time - 0/50 (Upgrade 5 Naruto point)

Clean special air - 0/10 (Upgrade 25 Naruto point)

???? - Get Clean special air lv.10 unlocked

????-Get Special air dense and Special air time lv.20 unlocking

Other thingy:

Clothes - MAX

Instant clothes - 0/3 (Upgrade 1 Naruto point)

Clothes differently - 0/1 (Upgrade 1 Naruto point)


I look at shop and see that clothes is max because i upgrade already. Special air is something i no understand but body number make me remember special word.


Suddenly, screen pop up in front me.

[Big think +1 because John know stats = body number]

Wow! I don't know what big think doing, but I think it is good yeah! Can know what big think is?

[Big think is John power to think big hard. 1 point in big think allow John to think bigger harder every time.]

I understand today. Big think is something allow me to think big hard! Since big think is a body number, then strong punch and other thingy are body number too?

I remember back in before reborn, there is game name RPG that has thingy called profile?

I speak out to naruto system and say "Profile"


All of sudden, numbers and letters change showing me drawing of myself. I look good and handsome yeah!

[Big think +1 because John open John profile]

[Thank to John got goal First Open, Naruto point +3]

Oh wow! Not one Naruto point but three, so many Naruto point! I look at my profile next


{Name}: John

{Age}: 17

{Status}: Drunk (Big think power -50%)


Strong punch - 4

No hurty - 3

Whoosh - 3

Big think - 1 (+2)

Special air circle - 0 (need one point to unlock all special air stats)


So I have 4 strong punch, what does mean naruto system?

[1 point is number for compare to other ppl, normal number for stats is 10 for human]

Wait, so I reborned with low stat? And my big think is only 1? If no +2 then it only 1! I so stupid aaaaaa!!!

Look bit more, I ignore special air since I dunno what special air is. My age is 17 only? Wow, I am so healthy and strong with that age.

I look more and see my status, it say drunk. Drunk...hmmm...maybe it something has do with many alcohol drinking before reborning?

Maybe yes. Alcohol give drunk to John so maybe it carry to Dragonball world because of it. Naruto system, is there way to remove drunk?

[System can remove drunk with 3 Naruto point, John you like to do?]

I look at my points and remember I have 4 Naruto point so I say yes

In only second, I feel like head is big wide clear. I feel like big think is bigger faster. Not sure about my big think, I check profile again.


{Name}: John

{Age}: 17

{Status}: Strong healthy


Strong punch - 4

No hurty - 3

Whoosh - 3

Big think - 2 (+2)

Special air circle - 0 (need one point to unlock all special air stats)


Remove drunk only give me one point on big think? Am I really stupid? Why me still standing with Big Boi Suit?
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    《Reborn in Dragonball World with Naruto System》