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Reborn in Dragonball World with Naruto System
Author :NetherHeaven
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6 More Big Think

I push body to move Big Boi Suit and me back to bed. But before I go sit bed, I remove Big Boi Suit and wenggg, my clothes back on.

So me have 4 point on big think and make me stupid thinky boi. Normal person has 10 point big think so have 4 is like big think level of not so big baby.

Since me no drunk no more, I think fast and better for self. And first thing to be hokage with naruto system is not upgrade strong punch, but because me want become hokage, I need upgrade big think.

"Shop" I say since I want open naruto shop


[Naruto System Shop]


Strong punch - 0/100 (Upgrade 1 Naruto point)

No hurty - 0/100 (Upgrade 1 Naruto point)

Whoosh - 0/100 (Upgrade 1 Naruto point)

Big think - 0/100 (Upgrade 1 Naruto point)


I only open body number section because that I need. Oh? Big think has no number 2? I remember get big think +2 from before, so maybe it is special action and it not apply?

Before I upgrade big think, naruto system how much Naruto point me have?

[John have 1 Naruto points]

1 Naruto point, enough for 1 point big thonk. I think what happen when big think become 5 point, will big think become bigger think? No idea.

[John want upgrade Big Think to 1/100, John want or no?]

No think more, I say "Yea"

In instant, my big think place hurty, more information enter my brain...wait, I can make better sentence now?

[John upgraded Better Thinking to 1/100]

[Better Thinking Stat reached 5, upgrading John's thinking]

[Congratulations John, you have better thinking on level of teenager from not English country.]

I see. Upgrading Big Think, wait it's now Better Thinking. Upgrading Better Thinking allows me thinking better and sharp, making better decisions yeah.

Well, since Better Thinking can upgrade through special action, I guess I'll go read books that farmer has in his house.

I'm gonna be a better thinker!
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    《Reborn in Dragonball World with Naruto System》