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Reborn in Dragonball World with Naruto System
Author :NetherHeaven
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7 System Upgrade

With my brain have more capacity to process word, I can make better sentence than before I didn't reach 5 point in Better Thinking.

Wait...Better Thinking and Big Think. Does it mean that Naruto System had upgrade as well?



[Naruto System Shop]


Higher Power - 0/100 (1 Naruto point to upgrade)

Reduced Damage - 0/100 (1 Naruto point to upgrade)

Higher Speed - 0/100 (1 Naruto point to upgrade)

Better Thinking - 0/100 (1 Naruto point to upgrade)


Energy Pool - 0/1000 (5 Naruto points to upgrade)

Energy Density - 0/50 (5 Naruto points to upgrade)

Energy Time - 0/50 (5 Naruto points to upgrade)

Cleaner Energy - 0/10 (25 Naruto points to upgrade)

???? - Obtain Cleaner Energy lv.10 to unlock

???? - Obtain Energy Density and Energy Time lv.20 to unlock

Other Items:

Clothes - MAX

Cloth Repair - 0/3 (1 Naruto point to upgrade)

Cloth Changer - 0/1 (1 Naruto point to upgrade)


Oh, it make more sense now! With brain having better thinking, I'm able to understand more of what system offer!

The energy thing is still something I don't understand yet. For now, I go read book while wearing the Big Boi Suit.



With my better thinking, I know now how many power I need to use so I don't tire easy.

The bookshelf (I finally remember term) was about twenty steps away from bed. Without power control, I only make 10 step with much difficulty. But now with power control, I easily get to bookshelf with more energy to use.

[John gained 1 point in Higher Power thanks to a special action!]

Oh! My Higher Power reached 5 points! With just a single point, the mass of the Big Boi Suit become lighter but not much. If I guess how much mass was reduced, around 1/5 of a medium sized boulder.

I grab a book and read the title.

[Special Tricks to Please your Partner]

I instantly put it back. Man, the farmer maybe old but he still has interest in that stuff. I pick another book and read title again, I don't want to read those things.

[Basic Guide to Dragonball World]

Hey! Just what I need! Why does farmer have this book in his bookshelf? Oh well. I go read it now!

After I go sit on table and chair, of course.
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    《Reborn in Dragonball World with Naruto System》