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Reborn in Dragonball World with Naruto System
Author :NetherHeaven
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8 More Better Thinking

Few hours passed after I pick up book that talked about basic uh...view of Dragonball World.

So in this book, it say that Dragonball World has many land area things called countries and then bigger land area things called continents. There are like 4 continents and then many many countries.

I don't want to know what the other countries are because it make my head hurt a lot. I know that I'm in Ryu country right now, and that's all.

Okay, too much words for me. I stand up while still wearing the Big Boi Suit and walk to bookshelf to put book back.

At instant moment I put book back...

[John gained 1 point in Better Thinking for reading a book!]

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I just read one book and I gain point in Better Thinking? Is this real life? Or is this fantasy?

I slap myself hard and feel more hurt than before. Ow.

Oh wait, I was wearing Big Boi Suit while slap myself, with formula for force being m and a, but I don't know what m and a mean, more force happen.

[John gained 1 point in Better Thinking for remembering the formula for force!]

Another point? Why is system so generous today? Is it because I am smart? Or is it because I slowly remember what I learn back then?

Anyway, I now have 7 point in Better Thinking, 3 more and I will become normal thinking human again.

But other than becoming normal thinking human, why me have low stats on Higher Power, Reduced Damage, and Higher Speed? Is it because I was drunk before I rebirthed?

If that's the case, I just have to train until I have normal human stats!

First, I will need to run while wearing Big Boi Suit. Let me count steps I take while I running.




I forget what come after 3.
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    《Reborn in Dragonball World with Naruto System》