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Reborn in an Otome Game as the Villianess
Author :Puddin_
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2 ; Fate

-Ririna/Iris's POV-

As a major villianess in an otome game I played no less. I'm Iris Marie Steinhardt, the main antagonist in the extremely popular otome game, 'Star Crossed Lovers.'

The game is set in the upper echelons of society in a futuristic setting. The story is begins in a school for nobles, it's a special one for the most important nobility from all star systems. The world is actually set in one of the empires; the Haven Empire the most powerful empire.

The heroine was The illegitimate child of Lord Venture and a maid. She was formally adopted by the Lord, but she was verbally abused by her stepmother- Lord Venture's wife. To her, the heroine was an eyesore, a constant remainder of her husband's disloyalty.

The heroine attracts the capture targets attention with her cliché seemingly cute, clumsy, innocent and intelligent (*rolls eyes*) personality. Honestly, I hate that type. They are so stupid even if she's supposed to be smart. But the gorgeous men and beautiful visuals made up for her dumb 'personality'.

There were four capture targets and two hidden ones. One whom was the Villianess's adopted older brother, and one whom was the Villianess's fiancé, the crown prince of Haven.

Like any clichéd plot the heroine was bullied by the jealous noble ladies; not very surprisingly, lead by Iris. She obviously couldn't stand up for herself at all, and ends up getting saved by a capture target.

The villianess; an example of a typical loud and arrogant brat who had been spoiled rotten, thinking the world revolved around her. She was the firstborn daughter of the prime minister, a very high social standing obviously pampered to no end after her birth.

Iris walked up to a mirror and observed herself. She wasn't ugly by any means; quite the opposite. Long silver hair that framed her face perfectly, pale skin, stunning electric blue eyes soft, plump, rosy lips that looked moist. She was the definition of beautiful.

There was still time until the game begins. It starts when I'm 17, still three years to go, since I'm currently 14. I've read enough 'reincarnated into a villianess' stories to know nothing would go wrong, after all I didn't have the original Iris's rotten personality.

I would be fine as long as I avoid bullying the heroine. Maybe I'd kiss up to the capture targets and get close enough to avoid them killing me. I could get close to my brother and fiancé.

My fate was tragic in this world, getting killed no matter what, quite pitiful honestly. But I refused to let fate bind me. I would change it.
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    《Reborn in an Otome Game as the Villianess》