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Reborn in an Otome Game as the Villianess
Author :Puddin_
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3 ; Family

-Iris POV-

I've grown attached to this world. I somehow knew I would never go back to my previous life. After all in that world 'I' was dead.

In this world, I'm blessed with a loving mother, a doting father and of course albeit not being blood related, my older brother. I managed to get him to like me, and didn't end up turning him into an antisocial iceberg.

The original Iris bullied the poor child and made him insecure. She although not physically bullying him, she hurt him by verbally abusing him. It ruined his childhood, he was still new to the family and wasn't very open, so he grew up to become very antisocial and distrustful.

- Flashback -

I was standing in my father's study. I was waiting for the important news, although I already knew about it. My father finally came into the study. He was a hansome man in his late twenties, I inherited my electric blue eyes from him and my hair from mother. A young boy maybe a year or two older than me was behind father. I was 7 at that time.

"Iris, this is your new older brother," he looked at me before continuing,"He's the heir to my position, treat him well." I got up and gave a graceful curtsy,"I'm your new younger sister please take care of me." I smiled. Father looked satisfied with my performance. Cain looked surprised before returning the greeting.

I observed him, as a child he was very cute, quite different from his 18 year old self who practically oozed sex appeal. He still had the same dark purple hair, violet eyes and creamy complexion. Boy, puberty definitely hit this kid like the truck that killed me.

- Flashback end -

I was walking down the lavish hallways lost in thought, I bumped in to something strong and hard. "Ow.." I muttered massaging my now red nose. I looked up to see my beloved older brothers handsome face.

Puberty really did hit him hard. Although he didn't give out that cold vibe, he was more gentle and sweet. The female population still loved him for his gentleman like manner though.

"Big brother!" I exclaimed happily. He chuckled and ruffled my hair, messing it up a little. "Father told me we're going to meet your future fiancé." His voice turned a little darker at the end, was it my imagination?
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    《Reborn in an Otome Game as the Villianess》