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Reborn in an Otome Game as the Villianess
Author :Puddin_
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4 ; Engagemen

3rd POV

Iris looked around, observing her surroundings. The world she currently resided in was very technologically advanced.

Like any person would expect, there were tall glass skyscrapers everywhere. The vehicles looked like normal cars but but the floated a little above the ground.

There were also huge advertising screens and the seem to be floating without the support of anything. The city was bustling with people looking like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Iris was in awe when she first saw this place. Afer 14 years of living in that world she got used to it.

Currently they were getting out of the car at a small clearing. The place was used to teleport to places. There was a fee of course, it was like a modern day train or a subway. A person could only travel to certain checkpoints, you'd have to walk or hail a taxi to reach your destination.

They were teleporting right outside of the royal palace, the place where the royal family resided. We live in the Imperial city so it's quite easy to reach them.

The palace stood out from the city. It looked like something out of a fairy tale. The whole place looked like it was made out of white marble. The sunlight shone on it making the marble glimmer and made it seem ethereal. It was designed to looked like a castle in the 18th century.

When they arrived outside, there were guards waiting to escort them in to the palace.

Prince Vincent POV

My name is Vincent Havien. The crown prince of Haven. And today I'm getting engaged to the daughter of the prime minister Iris Steinhardt.

I'm expecting a spoiled, arrogant, and vain girl. That's how it is with all the young noble ladies these days after all. But I can't judge her without meeting her either.

I don't really have much hope for it. I hear her father talking to mine about how amazing his darling daughter was. All he does is sing praises for her after whatever official business they did. I guess he's really blinded from his love for his daughter.

I was waiting when someone announced the arrival of the prime minister's family. I looked at them to see the whole family there. My eyes landed on my so-called future wife and fianceé.

Speaking truthfully, she was very beautiful. Even in this world filled with beautiful men and women she was on another level. Long hip length silver hair curling slightly at the ends. Flawlessly pale complexion, soft pink lips that looked very kissable.

What stood out to me most were her pair of strikingly blue cat-like eyes. No matter how beautiful she was it depended on her attitude.

She and her family bowed down to my father respectfully. "Stand up my friend," my father the ruler of the haven empire, William Havien said, "How many times do I have to tell you not to bother with all the formalities."

'Some great ruler.' I thought inwardly, the corner of my lips twitching. Although I couldn't read the prime minister's expression, he was probably thinking the same thing.

"Why not your daughter introduce herself to my son now" My father said. The Iris girl stepped forward and performed her cutesy perfectly. "My name is Iris Marie Steinhardt it's a pleasure to make you highnesses acquaintance." I nodded indicating her to stand.

She had good manners, a pretty face she seemed okay so far. We'll see in the future.
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    《Reborn in an Otome Game as the Villianess》