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Reborn in an Otome Game as the Villianess
Author :Puddin_
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5 ; Silence

Iris POV

I was in the throne room. The royal family that included the King, Queen, crown prince, his younger brother Prince Alfred, Princess Cleo, the kings younger brother and capture target Prince Leon.

Prince Leon is actually a hidden capture target, he's my favourite. He was disguised as the school doctor the other hidden capture target is also a staff member, well headmaster. I loved them both the most. Maybe I like older men.

I love the way his pale blonde hair shines and his gorgeous mint coloured eyes look at me through the screen. He and the Headmaster were the mysterious types which I liked. Leon-sama was sweet and gentlemanly but he still had a certain air of mystery surrounding him.

The way he suddenly turns semi yandere-ish over the heroine is so cute! I was so in love with him. Probably now as well. Gosh seeing him upclose is such a blessing he is even more dashing up close. Sadly I'm not legal for him yet... oh well I can wait. Who cares about the crown prince, our engagement is probably going to be annulled anyways.

My baes the Headmaster and Leon-sama are waiting for me. There's still two years, he was 23 currently, nine years age difference isn't that bad.

I snapped out of my dumb thoughts about nearly committing adultery. Oops...

I turned around and gave my mother a sweet smile, "Yes mother?" My mother looked at me and said, " Honey, why don't you and Vincent go get to know each other a little."

I was surprised for a moment before agreeing. "Of course." Oh well, this was bound to happen anyways. Mother shot me a worried glance before continuing to talk to the Queen.


Right now I was in the palace garden with Prince Vincent. The awkward air hanging over us like a heavy blanket.

The garden was very beautiful, there was a variety of flowers in different colours. It was rare to see gardens at this time and age. It's hard to find these things because the world is pretty much steel and things like that.

There were planets but they aren't as beautiful as earth. My line of thought was interrupted by the Prince.

"Ummm." He began awkwardly. Wasn't he a prince? Future King? He's supposed to be good at communicating. How useless. Okay maybe I'm just salty because I'm unable to see Leon-sama.

"The weather is nice today huh?" Classic line. But stupid. The weather is nice everyday. It was sunny and the weather is beautiful on this planet.

I decided to go along with it, it'll just end up being more awkward if I say anything smart, "Yes." Another long silence dragged out. Okay maybe I really should've said something else.

I was about to go back to admiring the flowers again, there was nothing I could do anyways. They were my saving grace from this terrible situation after all.

We were saved from another hour of that dreadful silence by a maid calling us for tea. Thank god.
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    《Reborn in an Otome Game as the Villianess》