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Reborn in an Otome Game as the Villianess
Author :Puddin_
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6 ; Tea

Iris POV

The maid led us to another part of the gigantic garden. Our family members were already seated. Both of us walked over there and sat down in the seats prepared for us.

Both of us sat next to each other. I probably shouldn't talk to him, but talking was inventible, after all we were engaged.

The Queen spoke up first, " Did the two of you have a good time?" I felt kind of guilty since she sounds so hopeful... Actually they all look kind of hopeful, well except my father and brother.

The prince and I shared a glance, we didn't want to disappoint our family so we telepathically communicated and decided on lieing.

"Yes, it was very fun was it not?" The prince turned to look at me, "It was we talked a lot I really enjoy his highnesses company."

"How many times did I tell you to just call me Vincent? Or just Vin?"

"Of course I can't do that, you're a prince."

We started talking like long lost friends, I swear both of us deserved Oscars for our performance. I wonder why we couldn't talk like this when we were alone though...

Our parents looked satisfied with our performance. Leon-sama was the first to speak up, "They get along so well they're really perfect for each other huh?"

I wanted to cry.

Get married? I don't want to! I really have no choice. Arranged marriages are so hard. But what can I do Mother and the Queen are giggling like school girls to themselves because of how 'cute' we are.

Big brother had a neutral look on his face, Father was grudgingly agreeing, the King was laughing, Cleo-sama looked confused, and Alfred-sama was smiling. As for Leon-sama he had his signature gentle smile on.

3rd POV

A while later everyone was enjoying themselves to the delicious spread. Iris was absent mindedly sipping on her favourite chrysanthemum tea.

The atmosphere was great, everybody was conversing with each other. The wasn't a hint of awkwardness in the air. It also seemed like Princess Cleo developed a crush on Cain. She was a blushing and stuttering mess with him. She was turning 13 this year and Cain was 16.

The king tried to convince Iris's father to get them engaged as well. But he refused, he said something about not selling more of his children Iris wasn't really paying much attention.

Everyone seemed to have a good time, it was soon time for Iris and her family to leave. She and the Prince bid each other goodbye, just for the sake of appearances.

"I suppose we'll see each other during the engagement party?" Prince Vincent said, well more like asked.

"I guess so." Iris mused, "That's when I'm 15 next year though, we're announcing it my on birthday."

"Yeah, we'll see each other then." He offered a smile.

Iris returned it and turned around. She didn't see hid beautiful aquamarine coloured eyes widen for a bit. He watched her until she disappeared.

"Oh my, are you already in love?" Prince Leon asked his nephew teasingly.

A light pink blush dusted his cheeks, "Shut up." he muttered before walking away.
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    《Reborn in an Otome Game as the Villianess》