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Reborn in an Otome Game as the Villianess
Author :Puddin_
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7 ; Research

3rd POV

After the visit to the royal family, Iris decided to try and replenish her knowledge about this world. The game didn't elaborate much, just the basics.

Iris stood in front of two large and majestic doors. This was the entrance to the library.

The library was obviously up to date. Instead of books there were folders that looked like two pieces of flat metal about half a foot long and maybe two inches wide, it opens when you pull the pieces apart. It stores data in them.

Iris walked in and searched for the ones containing information about the geography and other facts about this world.

Iris chose a few and sat down on one of the tables. She took one and pressed a button and a screen showed up. It contained all sorts of information.

This world was fuelled by a substance called axium. It was the power source. Axium comes from the core of every planet. It branches out from the centre to all the different parts of the planet. It's like a heart pumping oxygen to the body and keeping humans alive.

It can also be used by people. They can absorb it into their bodies to strengthen them and even unlock special abilities. The amount of power you can obtain depends on the capacity of axium one can hold in their body.

The capacity depends on the type of physique a person has. The ranks from highest to lowest is; SS(800-700), S(700-600), A(600-500), B(500-400), C(400-300), and D(300-250).

A person can also get abilities. It's all due to luck. It's categorised into three; common, rare and legendary. It's normal to have one to three different abilities.

Common; Earth, air, water, fire. Rare; Lightning, ice, poison, metal. Legendary; Time, space, light, dark.

Iris already did the tests and awakened her abilities. She had an S class physique and one common and a legendary ability. For a female she is considered a prodigy among prodigies, even amongst others. Her abilities were water (common), and space (legendary).

The world is also divided into two major empires, first Haven and the other being the Dawn Empire. They were at odds with each other and war was inventable.

Both the empires were polishing their military. No matter how flowery the game was, to her this was reality. Iris knew these things and started learning how to defend herself ever since she was 8. She had to do this to ensure her own safety after all.

War was bound to break out anytime. It was a dangerous time. The war didn't breakout in the game but it's possible now. Iris's rebirth may have caused a butterfly effect that may trigger the war to start earlier. The possibility was small but it was there.

Right now the political balance was delicate. The succession of the throne was looming closer, any internal rift and it's an opportunity for the Dawn Empire to attack. This was just how dire the situation was. The game made it seem like everything was fine.

Iris stayed there for a while before deciding that she was done with her research. She stood up and told the library's caretaker to put the folders back in place.

'Everything is a lot more complicated since this isn't just a game anymore,' Iris thought walking out of the library, 'I need to be careful especially with my status, I'll be involved in the power struggles wether I like it or not.' Iris frowned at the thought, but that was the truth.

What she had to be aware of wasn't her death flags , but the impending war.
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    《Reborn in an Otome Game as the Villianess》