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Reborn in an Otome Game as the Villianess
Author :Puddin_
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8 ; Sister

Cain POV

My name is Cain Steinhardt. The adopted son of the Prime minister. I'm currently 17 years old.

I was adopted because of my special physique. I can hold an abnormal amount of axium in my body. But it was dangerous, my body is not able to handle all of the pressure.

I was a test subject for some scientists who were interested in studying me. My body was something they had never seen before. The scientists thought if I strengthen my body enough to hold the power, I may survive.

Once I was old enough to walk, I was thrown into an underground fighting arena. There, I learned to fend for myself and gradually grew stronger. By fighting there, I learned different types of martial arts. After a few years I was a well-known fighter in the arena.

When I turned 8 I had turned into a killing machine, the perfect weapon.

The first time I met her was when she was 7. She was very small back then. She was the epitome of cuteness, her big intelligent blue eyes framed by thick eyelashes stared at me.

She was my new little sister; Iris Steinhardt.

I honestly did not expect her to be so nice. Most noble ladies her age were spoiled and vain. With someone intruding her family, I didn't think that she would treat me well at all.

But contrary to what I expected, she treated me nicely. Just like we were actual siblings.

The rest of the family treated me like their own as well. I grew fond of them even if I didn't want to.

Now my sister is all grown up, she got engaged to the crown prince. Right now, I was standing in the large ballroom in the prime minister's mansion.

Today was Iris's birthday. They are going to announce her engagement with the Prince.

I looked around the room. The people were all from prestigious families and important figures. This is naturally expected of the prime minister.

The females were flocking around me. How annoying.

Even if I'm adopted, I'm still the legitimate heir to to the prime minister position.

To their advances I only smiled politely, and rejected them nicely as I could.

A wave of silence washed over the room. All of them were looking at the same direction. My little sister escorted by father was walking down the stairs.

She looked beautiful.

Her hair shone like molten silver cascading down to hair waist, it was curled more than usual, light make up enhancing her near perfect features. Iris's striking blue eyes caught my own violet ones. She gave me a small smile.

I returned it and looked down at the glass of wine in my hands. My fingers tightened around the glasses stem.
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    《Reborn in an Otome Game as the Villianess》