Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 271 Fair Deal Part 1
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 271 Fair Deal Part 1

Chapter 271 Fair Deal (Part 1)

Mr.Shu began to leave the unit with Zhang Ping following behind him. Right as he was at the entrance of the third floor, he turned around and spoke to Breeze, “The Huntress’s name is Gongzi You.”

“Gongzi You?” Breeze raised his eyebrows, surprised.

“Yes. Have you heard of this name before?” Mr.Shu studied Breeze’s expression.

Breeze shrugged and spread his hands open, “Nope, I’m sorry. This is the first time I’ve heard this name.”

A smile appeared on Mr.Shu’s lips as he pointed at Breeze, “You’re quite arrogant. I like that.”

Breeze remained silent and sent the duo off with a smile.

“Hey, hey ,hey! Whose care is this? Why is it parked in a place like this? Can’t you see that it’s blocking the traffic?” a loud voice entered the duo’s ears just as they descended the stairs. Breeze looked down from a window, and saw the lady from the neighbouring store on her motorcycle. A car was blocking her way, and the ice in her ice pack meant to keep her frozen food cold was melting under the hot sun, and this put the lady into distress.

When her shouts went unanswered, the lady dismounted from her vehicle and slammed her hand onto the jet black body of the car. She then shouted into the driver’s seat, “Are you deaf? Can’t you hear what I said? F*ck off! You’re blocking the way! Do you think you’re the only one with a big car? If you don’t move your car out of the way right now, I will move it for you with my truck!”

Death Blossom, who has returned to the room with Breeze’s drink, stole a glance through the window as well. She handed the glass to Breeze and chuckled, “Isn’t that Mr.Shu’s car?”

“Yup. Who else can afford a car like that?” Breeze nodded.

“Is he out of his mind? With a car like that, even a scratch will cost a fortune to fix.” snickered Death Blossom as she took joy at the scene unplaying before her.

Breeze wrapped an arm around her shoulder and the couple enjoyed the spectacle unfolding below. Zhang Ping and Mr.Shu tried their best to remain calm, but Mr.Shu’s slightly disheveled hair betrayed his true emotions.

The lady, noticing their presence, immediately redirected her barrage of insults towards the duo. As someone who was born with a silver spoon and had interacted with people from similar social status, Mr.Shu was not used to being berated in such a manner. He stared dumbfounded at the lady without even uttering a single response.

When Mr.Shu and Zhang Ping finally retreated into the car and sped away from the area, Breeze and Death Blossom erupted into laughter, “I don’t think Mr.Shu will ever want to set foot in this area for the rest of his life.” said Death Blossom.

Breeze apparently shared the same thought as well, “You’re very smart, darling.”


A video was playing on the triple display. It was a battle between two Hunters. Their positioning was excellent, and their precision and timing were very impressive as well.

Breeze drummed his fingers on the table as he watched the video. He was in a good mood.

Death Blossom, who was in her nightgown, set a plate of sliced watermelon on the table, cast a seductive glance at Breeze and sat on his lap, “Aiya, let’s go to bed hubby. Why are you still awake?” she purred.

Breeze snaked his hand into her nightgown and kneaded the soft lump of meat on her chest and grinned, “I’m looking at a beautiful girl.”

“F*ck! You’re still looking at other girls even with a big beauty like me around?” Death Blossom rolled her eyes and glanced at the monitor. She was immediately stunned by what she saw.

Breeze ripped open her nightgown, brought his lips against her delicate mounds, and began caressing them with his tongue. He was pushed aside by Death Blossom, “Get lost!”

Breeze tightened his grip on death blossom and began tracing his hand along her smooth skin, “Honey, let’s go to bed, why are you still awake?” He imitated her tone.

Death Blossom pointed at the screen “Who are they?” she was focused wholly on the video.

“The girl is Gongzi You, a player from the Eastern Continent, and that guy is Fleeting Time, Western Continent player.” answered Breeze absentmindedly, “Can you win in a battle against them?”

Death Blossom’s eyes were glued to the screen, “I’ll give myself a 50-50 odds.” she replied after a moment of thought.

Breeze shared the same sentiment as well. He was shocked when he saw the Hunters in action. The players in Fate are actually THIS good? He had always dismissed the titles of “Solo King” and “Top Players” as gimmicks made up by the developers. What he saw was beyond his expectation. If they’re this good in the video, then I wonder how it feels to fight against them.

“You’ll have the chance to fight against those two.” Breeze whispered into Death Blossom’s ears when he noticed the excitement in her eyes.

“It’s a shame that such occasions will be few and far between” Death Blossom grimaced, “We’re not playing for fun. I don’t think we’ll actually be able to fight them.”

“Who cares? As long as it’s your wish, I’ll do my best to make it a reality.” a smile appeared on Breeze’s lips.

Death Blossom returned his smile, “If you do that, I’m afraid that I’ll get used to your pampering.”

“It will be my pleasure.” Breeze inched closer to her, and bit softly on her lips. As his tongue slithered across her lips, Breeze’s hands had been busy as well. Death Blossom moaned in pleasure as the rest of her clothing was removed.

The night was still young. And there are many, many things to be done.

Ye Ci stood underneath her cloak at the Dor Ami dock. The red signature of enemy players filled her vision along with the green glow of players from allying factions. The Dor Ami plains was the only Neutral Zone in the Northern Continent filled with players from all four continents. Players flooded the map despite the absence of a city. They were there for the Trade Market in the center of the Dor Ami plains.

The Trade Market was populated by NPCs that could repair the equipment of players and traders that could replenish their supplies. There were also soldiers stationed within the Trade Market to keep the peace.

Players from all four continents would gather at the market and sell goods. As each of the continents had very different weather and geography, they would naturally have their own special produce, and these items were in high demand by Life Players seeking to level up their skills.

Of course, the Trade Market was also frequented by other players as well. Players were always in need of good equipment, no matter which continent they hailed from. The Dor Ami shore was well known for its pearls and gems that were needed for equipment upgrades.

The Dor Ami plains was significantly more peaceful than the Swamp of Sorrows even with a player population of multiple continents. Most of the players were here to trade, and nobody wanted to make life difficult for themselves. Despite the relative peace, conflicts would still arise between players fighting over spawn locations and treasure chests.

Ye Ci found herself in one of such situations. Two groups of players from opposing continents were locked in combat. Their numbers, team composition, and levels were rather similar, making it a battle of attrition. Such battles were a common sight in a Neutral Zone, which was why Ye Ci ignored the commotion and summoned her steed.

Just then, “Our reinforcements are here! Charge, my brothers! Let’s f*ck these Northern Continent bastards up!” a player shouted, and Ye Ci turned around just in time to spot the red glows of enemy players in close proximity.

They’re quite spirited, aren’t they? Ye Ci was never interested in joining fights like this. Is a spawn location really worth all this? They might as well use the time and energy to look for a better spot.

An Arcane Missile landed on Ye Ci as she was still deep in her thoughts.

And a system notification immediately appeared, “You’ve been attacked by Northern Continent player: Kiss Me Baby. You are allowed to retaliate in this zone with no time limits.”

Ye Ci raised an eyebrow, and spotted a lvl45 Sorceress as she adjusted her gaze to the direction of the spell’s caster.

Two more Arcane Missiles landed on Ye Ci during that short window.

The spell barely dealt damage to Ye Ci, but her response to such attacks was always the annihilation of the aggressor. She strung her bow and fired a few arrows at the caster. The Sorcerer class was known for its low survivability and maneuverability. These factors, along with Ye Ci’s huge lead in terms of level, meant that the Sorceress died immediately when the first arrow landed on her.

It was not supposed to be anything out of the ordinary as players would always die to a stray shot or two in a melee between two groups of combatants.

Ye Ci paid no more heed to her aggressor and continued on her merry way to the Trade Market.

More attacks landed on Ye Ci, followed by yet another system notification, “You’ve been attacked by Northern Continent player: Kiss Me Baby. You are allowed to retaliate in this zone with no time limits.”

Eh? This name looks familiar. Thought Ye Ci as she noticed the name of the attacker. Wait, isn’t this the Sorceress that I’ve just killed? She had no interest in the battle, but the Sorceress had gained her full attention. She surveyed her surroundings and spotted a graveyard not far away. Ah… So she’s on her way back to the battlefield after reviving in the graveyard and she saw me. It certainly does not take long for her to forget the lesson I gave her.

The Sorceress was dressed in a dark grey robe inscribed with glowing runes. One could tell from a glance that the robe was something very expensive. The staff that she held tightly in her clutches was something that Ye Ci could easily recognize. It was a top-tier lvl45 staff, The Drifter’s Staff. So she’s not only stupid, but also rich.

If skill level was not a factor, Ye Ci would always prefer a rich opponent over one who was poor. You’ll never know what a rich player might drop. Come to think about it, I did not have a chance to see what she dropped just now. What a shame.

Kiss Me Baby headed to the battlefield the moment she spawned in the graveyard. She had notified her party members about the belt that had dropped upon her death, and it was successfully retrieved. She was confused by the events that unfolded before her death. The only thing she did was to attack the enemy reinforcements, and she was instantly slain. She called up her battle report, but it was already refreshed upon her revival. This meant that she remained ignorant of the identity of her assailant.

She did not expect to come across the same player as she was on her way and anger immediately boiled within her. You were lucky to have allies around you. Now that you’re alone, it’s time for me to teach you a lesson. Thought Kiss Me Baby as she fired an Arcane Missile at the player.

The Arcane Missile landed on its target, but Kiss Me Baby was shocked by the damage value that appeared. 300? Are you kidding me? My Arcane Missiles has a 20% attack buff! It should be dealing at least 1500 points of damage! What the hell?!

It did not take long for her to realise that the player’s level was way ahead of hers, and that the player alone was responsible for her earlier death.

Fear gripped Kiss Me Baby’s heart the same time realisation dawned upon her. She had mistaken the identity of her killer in the brawl, which was why she had the courage to even challenge the player. But with this realisation, she began to panic.

Kiss Me Baby was not a terrible player, but she was used to fighting in a group. Going up against another player in a 1v1 was an entirely different story. She knew that her good performance in most of her fights was due to the presence of other teammates that kept her safe as she blasted away with her spells without much of a care.

Her brain was a mush as the player began changing direction towards her. What do I do? What do I do? It took her quite a moment to recover from her shock, and she began running away from the player. In her panicked state, Kiss Me Baby had even forgotten to summon her steed.
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    《Reign of the Hunters》