Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 278 The Drow Tribe Part 1
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 278 The Drow Tribe Part 1

“Alright, that’ll cost you 10,000 gold.” Ye Ci extended her hand towards Spotless Autumn.

Chapter 278 The Drow Tribe (Part 1)

Spotless Autumn’s smile widened at Ye Ci’s question, “It’ll be easier if I just show you. Follow me, and you’ll see.”

“Don’t you think it’s a little too late by then?” Ye Ci snorted, “You have two choices. Tell me now, or you can go on your own.” Ye Ci turned around to leave.

Her action sent Spotless Autumn into a panic, “Alright, alright. You win! I’ve received a Hidden Quest, and an important quest item is here in the Northern Continent. I found it after scouring through the mountain for two day, but I can’t get it alone. This is why I’ve decided to ask for your help since you’re here as well. I really need your help… Please…”

“If even a god-tier player like you are not able to reach that place,” Ye Ci narrowed her eyes, disbelief was written clearly on her face, “Then it means that I can’t as well.”

“Oh come on! Don’t be like that. We’re allies aren’t we? Help me out here.” it was apparent that the quest item was very important to Spotless Autumn. The calm and collected demeanor that he displayed during his standoff with Sangharama Shrine was gone, and it was replaced by worry and anxiety, “Being a ‘god-tier’ player is just a meaningless title alright? Besides, no matter how good I am, I’m still a mage, and mages are slow! Isn’t speed your thing? Help a fellow player out here. What goes around comes around!”

Ye Ci, who could no longer stand the torrent of words from Spotless Autumn, made a gesture with her hand to silence the man, “Alright, alright. You win. Lead the way.” this man is way too talkative for his own good.

“So you agree to help?”

Ye Ci rolled her eyes and snorted, “Yes, yes, yes. Hurry up. I need to get back to the Eastern Continent soon.”

“Alright. This way please.” Spotless Autumn instantly became quiet the moment his objective was achieved, and led Ye Ci through the forest. Ye Ci

The silvery moonlight left a beautiful sight on the forest ground as Ye Ci followed Spotless Autumn into the deepest part of the Sacred Snowy Mountain. The duo advanced without speaking a word. The only sound that accompanied them was their footsteps echoing in the snowy night and the rumbling of Ol’ Four as it followed close behind.

Spotless Autumn is a weird man.

That was what Ye Ci thought about him. He gave Ye Ci the impression of a talkative man, but he remained silent along the way. Ah, it seems that he only speaks when the time is right. He’ll talk when he needs help, but value silence when his goal is achieved.

With Spotless Autumn remaining silent, Ye Ci was finally able to experience a brief moment of tranquility. She marked her map with a quill as she followed close behind Spotless Autumn, noting down the monsters and landmarks along the way.

The duo maintained their silence until Spotless Autumn finally stopped in his tracks, “We’re here.” he turned around and said to Ye Ci.

Ye Ci stopped, and studied her surroundings. The area was shrouded by a thin layer of mist. Visibly was low despite the abundant moonlight. Ye Ci cast Hawkeye, and once again surveyed her surroundings.

She was quick to spot Elves with dark skin and red eyes lurking in the mist, “You’re looking for Drows?”

Spotless Autumn shook his head, “No, I’m looking for the treasure they’re hiding.”

Ye Ci nodded at him and cast Hawkeye once again. She clicked her tongue in admiration as she observed the Drows, “As expected of the race superior to us Elves and the Blood Elves. They’re way superior to Elves in terms of stats, and their mages are one of the best in the land. Many among them are mages.”

“Yup. Their levels range from lvl90 to lvl120. It’s not easy for a lvl60 me to take one of them on, and they roam in groups! I’ll get swarmed the moment I attack.”

“They’re so high leveled. Even I will die at their hands.” Ye Ci continued observing the Drows, “Are you trying to get me killed because of the thing with Sangharama Shrine?’

How petty of her. Spotless Autumn eyed Gongzi You and smiled, “Well, you can go into Stealth, and you’re fast! You can attract their attention while I sneak in to get what I want!”

Ye Ci rolled her eyes at Spotless Autumn, “Do you want me to die, bro? Why don’t you say so! How am I supposed to survive the attacks of so many Drows?” I would be hacking if I don’t die to them! Thought Ye Ci as she stared at the huge crowd of Drows.

“Don’t you have a helper with you? I saw him taking on five lvl120 Phantoms by himself. Can’t you just lend him to me?” Spotless Autumn gave Ye Ci a knowing look as she held back the urge to give him a slap.

He saw Alaunar. Then again, he would be blind if he did not. Ye Ci shrugged at Spotless Autumn, “No can’t do. I can summon him once per day, and I just did.”

Spotless Autumn sighed in dejection. He did not have a Servant, and had no way of verifying the truth of Ye Ci’s words. He leaned against a tree and stared at the Drows, “Let me think of a way…”

“Whatever, let’s just clear out the Drows at the outer perimeter first.” Ye Ci was one who preferred to be proactive.

But Spotless Autumn grimaced at her, “Can we not fight them?”

“Why? Are you running low on consumables?” That was the only reason why a mage class player would want to avoid a fight.

“Nooooo…” There was a hint of sadness in Spotless Autumn’s voice, “But fighting… Is so tiring…”

Ye Ci’s expression darkened. She narrowed her eyes at Spotless Autumn. I’m such an idiot! Why did I agree to help him out? He’s obviously hoping that I’d die so that he can go in and reap the rewards!

She turned around after cursing the man under her breath, “Alright. Goodbye. Forever.”

“Alright! Alright! I’ll fight! Don’t go! Gongzi You, I’ll fight them!” Spotless Autumn immediately began to panic.

Ye Ci was once again bombarded by his words. I hate someone like this. She turned around and spoke to the talkative man, “You pull something off like that again, and I’m gone for good. Your stupid quest has nothing to do with me in the first place! I’m doing charity here! It’s something that I’ve never done in my life!”

“Alright, alright. Get your pet to tank their aggro.” Spotless Autumn nodded. Not only is she petty, her attitude is rotten as well! Nobody would want to marry a girl like that!

“Alright, that’ll cost you 10,000 gold.” Ye Ci extended her hand towards Spotless Autumn.

“Why!” exclaimed Spotless Autumn as he stared at Ye Ci with fear in his eyes. He was a Sorcerer specializing in three different branches of magic. His character was formidable, but it also meant that he was always short on money. This made Spotless Autumn a very frugal person. He was a man who would pick up even a single copper coin that someone had dropped. The amount asked by Ye Ci came as a huge shock to him.

“Hey, do you think I’ll be helping you for free?” Ye Ci stared at Spotless Autumn as if she was looking at an Alien, “Do you think my arrows and potions appear out of thin air?”

“They don’t cost 10,000 gold do they!” Due to his financial status, Spotless Autumn was very sensitive when it came to money. He was almost driven to anger by Ye Ci’s unreasonable request, “I’m not a Hunter, but from what I saw in the auction house, they might not even cost you 3,000 gold! Don’t you think you’re being too unreasonable?”

“Do you not know that we’re on the Northern Continent! Do you know what inflation is?! You might not even get something that cost 3,000 gold coins in the Eastern Continent with 10,000 gold coins here! I’m helping you out as allies on a hostile land, and you’re trying to haggle me down!” Ye Ci roared at the man

Spotless Autumn clutched at his wallet. 10,000 gold coins! That’s half of what I have! No way!

“Can’t you give me a discount?!”

“No! Don’t forget about my labor fees as well! I’m wasting precious time helping you here. 10,000 gold coins is not even near what I’m losing by staying here. Can you not be so petty?”

“Oi, Gongzi You! You’re a god-tier player of the Eastern Continent! Why are you fussing over something so minor? Don’t you think it’s embarrassing?” Spotless Autumn immediately resorted to guilt-tripping Ye Ci.

But it did not work, “Aren’t you a god-tier player in your continent yourself? You’re a man! Why are you haggling like a woman?”

“You!” what a troublesome woman, and a top-tier player at that!

“Cut the crap and give me my money!” Ye Ci snorted at the man. It was her time for revenge, and there was no way she would relent.

“I’m not trying to be cheap. I just… I really can’t afford that amount.” Spotless Autumn was backed into a corner, “It’s true that mages can earn a lot at the later stages of the game. But what they meant by that were mages with only one specification! And I…” he continued after a slight pause, “I’m specializing my characters in three different branches! I really don’t have a lot with me. Why don’t we sign a contract? I’ll repay you with a favor next time. I don’t have money. What I have is my life.”

Ye Ci narrowed her eyes at Spotless Autumn. He’s right, a three-branch mage is poor. Even if he’s the Solo King of the Southern Continent, he won’t be earning much before he hits lvl100. Which one is worth more? The favor from a top mage player, or 10,000 gold coins?

The answer would of course be the latter.

Ye Ci chuckled internally as she studied Spotless Autumn. Even if he can’t return the favor, he can still work for Upwards Ho!.

Spotless Autumn was anxious when Ye Ci remained silent. But her answer came right before he was about to lose his mind, “Alright, let’s sign a contract then.”

A contract was automatically generated by the system, and was immediately put into effect once it was signed by both parties.

Ye Ci studied every line of the contract before storing it into her inventory, “Since you’re such an understanding man, I’ll help you out.”

Spotless Autumn rolled his eyes. This girl…

Is really like what they said in the forums. She’ll never allow you to gain the upper hand in a deal.

Even when the duo, along with Ol’ Four, were only lvl60 characters, they were very capable fighters. Ye Ci and Spotless Autumn had vastly superior gear, and very good mechanical skills. They were able to work out their team work after taking out a small patrol. Even Spotless Autumn who was used to leveling alone was happy to have Ye Ci in his party.

The battle was a fast one.

Ol’ Four charged at the Drow patrol and cast Tremor, while Spotless Autumn and Ye Ci released their AOE abilities at the Drows. A sea of red damage indicators immediately floated on the NPC’s heads.

The Drow tribe did not deploy a lot of sentries in its outer perimeter, but their patrol was still high level Elves specialised in defense.

Despite their teamwork, Ye Ci and Spotless Autumn still found it hard to deal with the Drows. A small patrol of five required half of Spotless Autumn’s mana. Every encounter with a patrol meant that Spotless Autumn would have to replenish his mana after the fight.

Ye Ci, on the other hand, had it easier than her party member. She was never short of mana due to her Strength Conservation passive. Her only problem was with Ol’ Four, who would take huge amounts of damage from the Drows. Whenever Spotless Autumn took a rest to replenish her mana, Ye Ci had to feed Ol’ Four to heal its health back up.

It took the party of two an hour to clear out the tribe's patrols. They did not know how long it would take for the patrols to respawn, but a rough estimate placed it to be quite soon. This was why the duo was desperate to enter the village as soon as possible.

As the day slowly became brighter and the mist parted, the duo studied the Drow village from their resting spot.
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    《Reign of the Hunters》