Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 279 Unlucky! Part 2
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 279 Unlucky! Part 2

Chapter 279 Unlucky! (Part 2)

“Oh I’ve thought of doing that, it’s clearly stated in the notification that the Guardian will be tracking us for 24 hours. I’m guessing that it will keep coming after us as long as it is alive. We will still be in danger even if we die. Feigned Death is useless in this situation. Do you think that I’ll be that stupid?” Ye Ci gritted her teeth, “We’re definitely going to die if we fall down this cliff, but it also means that this big guy right here will not survive the fall. We’ll be able to get rid of him, won’t be?”

What Ye Ci said made perfect sense to Spotless Autumn. But a question suddenly crossed his mind, “What if I drop the quest item?” he howled with grief.

“Pick it up then.” Ye Ci rolled her eyes. She shifted her attention back to the Guardian that was a mere 10 yards away. The Guardian’s muscle was tensing up, it was ready to launch its attack.

The tiny detail was picked up by Spotless Autumn as well, who sighed, “It’s going to attack.” The cogs in his mind were moving. If he had no other way to get out of this situation, then Gongzi You’s solution was their only bet. Damn it, what a radical move. Do you really want to see me dead? “Count down for me when you’re ready to jump. I’m slower than you, so I’ll be jumping a second earlier.”

“Alright.” This was a benefit of always being aware of the situation. A person who was a good judge of the situation would always know what was the best for himself or herself. They would always find the best way out of the worst situation. Ye Ci stared at the Guardian, and from the slight hunch of its front paw and the contraction of its leg, she could tell that the Guardian was preparing to pounce.

She narrowed her eyes, and began quickly calculating the distance between them. There was a chance that the Guardian’s momentum would carry it down the cliff. The chances were slip, but the duo would still succeed if they moved slightly backwards.

But Spotless Autumn spoke up before Ye Ci could voice out her thoughts, “With how big that thing is, and taking its movement speed into account, it might not fall down the cliff when it pounces on us. We’ll have to move 5 more yards to the back.”

Ye Ci raised an eyebrow. He might appear to be unreliable, but I guess this is why he’s the top-tier player of the Southern Continent. She nodded at Spotless Autumn, and the duo immediately backed off from the Guardian. With the thick snow and billowing wind, it was very hard for the duo to have a good estimate of their distance from the edge of the cliff.

As Ye Ci took yet another step backwards, she was shocked to realise that she was stepping on air. The thick snow that covered the ground had caused her to make a mistake in her judgement. It’s over. How unlucky I am… Ye Ci’s heart sank.

Just then, a strong pair of arms grabbed on to her, and she was able to gracefully land back onto the edge of the cliff.

And at the same time, the Guardian was once again preparing to attack.

Despite having some level of intelligence, the Guardian was not a very smart NPC. It failed to see through the duo’s intention of luring it to the edge of the cliff. It assumed that the duo was merely attempting to get out of range of its attack, which came as a mild annoyance to the Guardian. It mirrored the movements of Ye Ci and Spotless Autumn, and moved forward, placing the duo once again in its attack range.

Ye Ci stared at the Guardian, trying to capture its every movement. As an Elven Huntress and a reincarnator, Ye Ci was experienced in the behaviors of monsters in Fate. She began counting down as the Guardian readied itself for an attack, “Three, two, on--”

The Guardian sprung into action just when Ye Ci finished her countdown. Two figures jumped off the edge of the cliff, followed closely by a larger figure that plunged right down.

Followed by a loud rumble and the unmistakable sound of flesh slamming into solid ice from the bottom of the cliff. Spotless Autumn witnessed the Guardian’s fall through the white nothingness.

He pursed his lips. It sounds painful. Thank God I’m not the one who fell down there. Thought Spotless Autumn as he stared at the girl who was holding on to his belt, “Is this what you’ve been planning from the start?”

Ye Ci was holding on to the Cat Claw which was lodged to the side of the cliff with her right hand as she held onto Spotless Autumn with her left, “Nope. I improvised.”

Spotless Autumn could not believe what he heard, “Hey, think you can hoist me up? Blood is pooling to my head, I can’t stand it much longer.” he called out to Ye Ci.

“I’m a Huntress, not a Warrior. I don’t have the strength.” Ye Ci grimaced, “It’s taking all the strength I have just to hold you. How do you expect me to get you up there?”

“Well, you can’t just hold me like this. I’m seeing stars in my vision now.” Spotless Autumn’s face was already a dark shade of red.

Ye Ci stared at her Cat Claw. She knew that they could not afford to dangle from this cliff forever. The Cat Claw simply could not hold their combined weight. She studied her surroundings, and spotted a tiny slope by the side of the cliff. The duo could land on that spot, but they would need to swing. She relayed her plan to Spotless Autumn.

Spotless Autumn raised his head and spotted the tiny slope, “I’ll try my best, but you’ll have to swing me over.”

“I know, but you’ll have to help me with it.”

“I know, I know.”

Spotless Autumn adjusted his posture, and began swinging himself back and forth while facing the slope.

“Alright, keep it up.” Ye Ci could feel the vibration on the rope as Spotless Autumn began gaining momentum.

With the duo’s seamless cooperation, they were able to slowly reach the slope.

“Come on, hang in there, just a little bit.” victory was in sight, and Ye Ci was not stingy with her encouragements for Spotless Autumn.

At this point, Spotless Autumn was barely able to speak as he had been swung like a pendulum while being suspended upside down.

Just then, a loud roar could be heard from the bottom of the cliff. The duo shared a look of disbelief with each other as their heart sank.

No way! It’s still alive? From this height? Just what is it made of!

But it did not mean that they have given up. Who cares if that thing can scale the cliff wall! We have to get our feet on solid ground!

Perhaps due to a stroke of misfortune, a huge explosion shook the entire area when they resumed their efforts. It was not made by the Guardian, but was similar to the sound heard in the Drow Village.

Due to their distance from the source earlier on, the duo could not recognise the sound, but it was clear to them now that it was the sound of an explosion.

“Who threw a bomb?” Spotless Autumn was gasping for air as he studied his surroundings. But he could not spot anything due to the thick snowstorm.

“It’s something more powerful than that.” Ye Ci was gasping for air as well. Hanging by the cliff was a very tiring ordeal. She had been handling bombs in Fate, and could tell that the explosion was caused by something even more powerful than a bomb. Just what the hell made that sound?

A sudden thought crossed Ye Ci’s mind.

A Gunpowder Siege Engine.

A Gunpowder Siege Engine was a machine that could be purchased from NPCs. It was expensive, but was armed with explosives and the capability to lob a projectile the size of a barrel at a target. It was the best tool in a siege battle. The only downside of employing Gunpowder Siege Battles was the machine’s inaccuracy. But due to the lack of options in the current stage of the game, it was still the best choice.

The sound from the explosion of a Gunpowder Siege Engine’s projectile was something that she heard often in her last life. But when Goblin Engineering finally showed its potential, the siege machine was slowly phased out at the later stages of the game.

It took Ye Ci a long while to remember such a thing.

But why would there be siege machines nearby? Is someone fighting a siege battle? Ye Ci suddenly remembered the information provided by Rogue Rabbit One. The three major guilds of the Northern Continent were preparing for an attack on an abandoned fort, and the Mor Jiami Plains was right beside the Sacred Snowy Mountain.

Just then, Spotless Autumn’s panicked voice entered her ears, “Why can I see chunks of snow falling?”

Ye Ci’s expression darkened when she noticed the chunks of falling snow. Even Spotless Autumn’s expression changed, “No way! There’s no way we’re this unlucky!”

Despite their knowledge of what would happen next, the duo began praying. Please don’t let it be real!

It was apparent that they were not frequent worshippers of the divine, which was why their prayers were left unanswered. The Guardian let out another roar, causing the worst to happen.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the three major guilds, Gongzi You, Spotless Autumn, and the Guardian, the Sacred Snowy Mountain that had watched over the Northern Continent for years like a serene mother expressed its rage for the first time.

Yes, an avalanche is coming.

It was not a rare phenomenon in real life, and would of course not be absent from the hyper realistic game known as Fate.


It was obvious what happened next.



The duo shrieked as the unstoppable force of nature swept them into the bottom of the canyon. If a person was around at that time, then he or she would certain hear the duo cursing at each other as they fell.

“You’re a jinx, Gongzi You! It’s a curse to run into you!”

“No, you are the jinx, Spotless Autumn! Why did you ask for my help, you trash! Curse you! Curse you!”

“When I get respawned, I’ll have my revenge! Just you wait, your level will be zero once I’m done with you!”

“That’s what I’m going to do to you! I’ll hunt you down until you delete your account! Mark my words!”
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    《Reign of the Hunters》