Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 280 Avalanche Part 2
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 280 Avalanche Part 2

Chapter 280 Avalanche (Part 2)

Even if Gongzi You brought him bad luck, Spotless Autumn knew that having a teammate with equal skills would be of great help to him for the ordeals that he must face.

He immediately called out to Gongzi You, “Hey! Hey, Gongzi You, I’m here! I’m here!”

Ye Ci shook her head, “This is an illusion, this is just an illusion.” she mumbled under her breath. I would be an idiot to stay anywhere near him. Spotless Autumn stood up when he realised that he was being ignored by Ye Ci. He was not buried as deep under the snow, and was not suffering as bad as Ye Ci from the suffocation debuff. Although he had difficulties walking, Spotless Autumn was able to quickly recover, catching up to Ye Ci with a few steps, “Hey, Gongzi You, where are you going?”

Ye Ci began to walk faster, mumbling to herself as she went, “This is an illusion. This is definitely an illusion!”

“Hey, can you hear me? Did you get a concussion or something?” Gongzi You was the Solo King of the Eastern Continent, but she was still a girl. As a gentleman, Spotless Autumn felt the obligation to check on her well being. After all, he was the one who asked for her help.

So I’m not hearing things after all. Ye Ci sighed and glared at Spotless Autumn, “Stay away from me! You’re a walking calamity!”

Her words were not pleasing to Spotless Autumn’s ears, “Who are you calling a walking calamity? Don’t forget that I took the blame for you for killing that player!”

Ye Ci’s expression immediately darkened, “Well you walked out of it alright didn’t you?”

“Y-y-you…” a loud roar cut Spotless Autumn off before he could finish the sentence.

The duo shared a look before breaking into a sprint. Their mouths did not remain idle even when they were fleeing for their lives, “Look what you’ve done! It’s your fault that I’m being chased around by that thing for 24 hours! You must’ve done something really bad in your last life!”

“Gongz You! You’re the one who deserves a thousand deaths! Why did you come to the Northern Continent at a time like this? Why did you have to run into me!”

“Do I have to report my every trip I take to you? Who do you think you are? Someone like you should be the one to make an announcement everytime you’re on the move. We’ll know to avoid you. Anyone who runs into you will suffer from bad luck for three years straight without even knowing why!”

“Y-you…” He was at a loss for words. As a gentleman who had always been humble, Spotless Autumn was used to being treated with courtesy by the players of his continent. He had never been in a verbal argument with anyone, and especially a girl.

Their interaction was interrupted by a large explosion coming from the direction of the plains, and mother nature was ready to show her fury once again in the form of another avalanche that came crashing down with even more ferocity.

The duo was already at the foot of the Sacred Snowy Mountain, in the part of the map that bordered the Mor Jiami plains. With the avalanche that was crashing down on them and the threat of the Guardian behind them, there was only one right course of action: To escape.

“Where the hell are we?” This was Spotless Autumn’s first trip to the Northern Continent, and he did not have a map. His only source of information was from Ye Ci, who happened to be in the possession of a map.

“The Mor Jiami Plains.” came the reply, “I think” added Ye Ci who did not receive any system notification.

Spotless Autumn rolled his eyes at Ye Ci. He did not have the energy for another question. He gulped down a bottle of potion, and sprinted along with Ye Ci.

The cost of his potions was no longer an issue to him. He did not want to die to the raging avalanche and the Guardian that was hot in pursuit.

“We should find some sort of barrier to hide behind. There’s no way we can outrun the avalanche.” asked Spotless Autumn when he noticed that Ye Ci was staring at her map. The threat of a natural disaster of this scale is greater than that of a BOSS.

With certain death looming ahead of the duo, they grew calmer.

“Rumor has it that the three major guilds of this continent are preparing to attack a fort near our position.” Ye Ci stowed her map away. The terrain was simply too flat. There was an absence of even smaller hills and trees. With the lack of natural barriers, the protection of man-made objects was the next best choice.

Spotless Autumn had always been laying low, but he was also the Solo King of the Southern Continent. He could be as cunning as Ye Ci when the moment arose. “Gongzi You is such a meticulous schemer.” it did not take him long to understand the meaning of her words.

The ghost of a smile appeared on Ye Ci’s lips, “Likewise. Aren’t you thinking about the same thing as well?”

The sarcasm in Ye Ci’s words were ignored by Spotless Autumn, “The explosion just now. Was it a gunpowder siege machine?”

Ye Ci raised an eyebrow. As someone who’s not a reincarnator, he’s quite knowledgeable.

“Then I will feel no guilt. I was about to feel bad for them, but it seems that they brought this upon themselves.” Spotless Autumn nodded.

The battle for the abandoned fort raged on in Mor Jiami Plains as the duo fled from the avalanche.

Sangharama Shrine.

Sangharama’s Grace was directing the battle from the rear of his guild’s formation. As the top commander of Sangharama Shrine, it was not his job to throw himself into the heat of the battle.

The abandoned fort known as Fort Timan was situated in the northwest corner of the Mor Jiami Plains. It was flanked on one side by a dense forest, which meant that the fort could only be attacked from the east, south, and west, which were each occupied by a guild.

The entrance of the fort was facing the south, which was the area occupied by the Sangharama Shrine, the first guild to begin deploying its forces in the Mor Jiami Plains. The two other guilds were slow to arrive after preparations were done by Sangharama Shrine.

Heavenly Body was the second guild to complete the deployment of its forces in the tug of war. The guild had lost a favorable position, but was still able to secure the second best spot to attack, which was on the eastern side of the fort. It was slightly more narrower, but the terrain was still ideal for an assault. But unlike Sangharama Shrine who had the luxury of spreading their forces out, the members of Heavenly Body were forced into a narrow combat width.

The concentrated formation meant that Heavenly Body would be able to concentrate a lot of their firepower in taking down the walls, but they would be hard pressed to funnel forces into the fort once its walls were breached.

And the west side of the fort would of course be occupied by the guild Rain of Blood.

The guild was not quite as powerful as its opposite numbers, but they were still able to hold their own against the two other guilds with their large population of ranged classes.

But Dried Bones had different plans on this day. His main objective was not the fort. The few siege engines deployed by his guild was nothing but mere display. They were the ones who put the least effort in bombarding the walls of the fort amongst the three guilds, and most of the shots from the siege engines were directed against the portion of the wall that was connected to the main entrance. Dried Bones was hoping to benefit from the intense bombardment from the Sangharama Shrine.

With a wave of his hand, Sangharama’s Grace directed his men to launch another barrage at the fort. The guild deployed six siege machines that were lined up in a straight row in front of the fort. The machines were reloaded simultaneously, and delivered the ordinances onto the fort at the same time, resulting in a thunderous roar.

This displace of force was also the cause of the avalanche.

As the top guild of the Northern Continent, their members were well coordinated. This was why the six siege engines of Sangharama Shrine fired almost at the same time, their munitions detonating almost simultaneously as well.


Another round of explosion shook Ye Ci and Spotless Autumn to their bones. They had even temporarily lost their hearing as a result of the thunderous explosion. It took them half a minute to regain their sense of hearing, and that was when Ye Ci heard the string of curses from Spotless Autumn, “F*ck me! Which retarded guild is that? Are they trying to take out the entire Sacred Snowy Mountain?”

“What is it?”

“You might’ve missed it, but as a mage, my resistance to sound waves is higher than yours. I could hear the snow crashing down after the last barrage.” Spotless Autumn grimaced, “And…”

“And what?” Ye Ci raised an eyebrow when she noticed the grimace on his face. Since we’ve had nothing but bad luck, the situation can’t be any worse can it?

“The number of our pursuers have increased. I can see two of them now.”

Ye Ci immediately turned around, “I don’t see them!”

“They’re buried under the snow. I have a feeling that those Guardians are immune to the avalanche. They will appear soon enough.” Spotless Autumn stared ahead, and spotted a black mass 30 yards away. He could not make out their forms from the distance, but his instincts were telling him that they were players.

The weather in the Mor Jiami Plains was great.

This gave the duo a good view of their surroundings. The same view was of course enjoyed by the members of the three guilds.

They could feel the rumbling as well when the cannon fire from Sangharama Shrine subsided.

It was dismissed as an effect of the noise generated barrage as Sangharama’s Grace continued directing the battle of his guild members against the monsters that swarmed out from the fort.

Not a single person expected the speed and ferocity of the incoming avalanche.

It was also way greater than Ye Ci had anticipated. They had begun fleeing from the avalanche three minutes after recovering from their fall. Her speed was high, and Spotless Autumn was able to catch up with her with the aid of his Haste Potion. The duo had been running for five minutes straight, and the avalanche was a mere eight feet away from the duo. It would take another minute before the avalanche washed over the entire Mor Jiami Plains.

Ye Ci spoke to Spotless Autumn when they were a yard away from the mass of players, “Drink down all your potion. We need to be quick.”

“I know, I know.” Spotless Autumn was already numb to the resources he had expanded. It was something that he did not wish to remember anyways.

The Rain of Blood guild was the first to realise that something was horribly wrong. Their entire formation was arrayed at the southern side of the fort, and a band of Rogues were deployed to their rear. And these Rogues were the ones to discover the impending doom.

Dried Bones turned around and spotted the sea of white rapidly approaching, with two blobs of red glow leading in front, “What is that?”

“I have no idea…” Melodious Flute was stunned by the spectacle as well. The anxiety in his heart grew even as he answered the question. His gaze was fixed on the two red glows in front of the surging avalanche, and a name appeared in his mind..

Gongzi You… Is that Gongzi You?

No way…
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    《Reign of the Hunters》