Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 296 To The Forums Part 3
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 296 To The Forums Part 3

Chapter 296 To The Forums (Part 3)

Just A Passerby, the OP of the most popular thread of the day, finally appeared after his post was flooded by messages calling out for him.

He wasted no time in releasing 10 pictures that started with Fleeting Time and Gongzi You staring at each other, and ended with them kissing. All of the pictures were in high definition due to the high quality of the OP’s gaming equipment. The pictures were so clear that players could even zoom in and look at the individual eyelashes of the duo. These pictures were immediately followed by another row of words, “Heed my words, ye mortals. Do you think this is where the excitement ends? Then you are certainly wrong! As long as the comments continue, I as the OP will release more content for all to see. Now, I have pictures to edit, catch you guys later.”

And just like that, Just A Passerby once again disappeared, leaving behind players who were begging for more.

“Oh my God! Is this real? Are my eyes playing tricks on me?”

“No way… I’ve expected something like this but… When I actually see it… I can’t even..”

“H-holy shit.. I think I need some fresh air!”

“My God! My mind was already blown away by this, and you have more?!”

“Gongzi You of the Eastern Continent and Fleeting Time of the Western Continent? I think I’m starting to believe in love again…”

“Hey, can we have any insider news? Where the hell are the people from Upwards Ho! and Genesis? Are you guys still alive? Why the silence? This is so not like what your guids would do!”


Tan Polang could not believe what he saw. Have I been away for that long? When did this happen? Why am I feeling that I’ve been kept in the dark? Why am I always the last one to know about things like this!

Studying was the last thing on Tan Polang’s mind that night, and Bai Mo who was in the gaming cabin behind him showed no indication that he would be out of the game as well.

The release of the pictures brought in a new wave of commenters. The thread was already sitting at 6000 pages worth of comments, and the pages were still increasing at a rate that was incomprehensible by Tan Polang. It felt like a festival that was celebrated simultaneously by the entire playerbase.

It was 11pm when Just A Passerby appeared again with a message, “This is a revelation on an unprecedented level! If you wish to see what happens next, show me your passion in the comments!!!”

The post, which was released for a mere 8 hours, had already amassed 20,000 pages worth of comments. It was apparent that the post would make it into the Top 1 of the month.

And under the constant teasing by Just A Passerby, the excitement of the players were at its peak. They have completely given up their grind for experience points and equipment, and were fully immersed in scrolling through the walls of text on the forums.

A message from the OP finally popped up 10 minutes after his last appearance. It was accompanied by a single picture.

Fleeting Time could be seen pushing Gongzi You against a wisteria tree, and the picture was taken so perfectly that it was indeed worth more than a thousand words. Even when they were staring at nothing but a motionless picture, the players felt as if they were watching the entire scene unfold with their very own eyes.

Despite the lack of caption, their imaginations were running wild.

“If my eyes are not playing tricks on me… Fleeting Time seemed to have pushed Gongzi You against a tree! What is he trying to do?”

“You’re actually asking that? Do you even call yourself a man?”

“But isn’t something like that prohibited in the game?”

“You obviously do not have a close friend with high Intimacy. You can go for the first base, the second base, third base, and even the Home Run if your Intimacy is high enough.”

“Question: What do you mean by Home Run?”

“Huh? Is the guy upstairs underaged? Do you seriously not know what Home Run means?”

“Yeah, what is it? I have no idea as well! Can anyone tell me what that is?”

“Well… It’s MAKING things that you LOVE. You know... I can’t say more or I might get banned.!”

“Ohmygod! Are they really going to do it right there? Holy shit! They did it in the wisteria garden and someone took a picture of it!”


Tan Polang dared not to put the snacks and drink he prepared anywhere near his mouth. With the direction the conversation was heading, he was afraid that he would choke to death by accident.

But on the other hand, his mind was racing. No way! Are Sister Ye Ci and Fleeting Time that bold! They won’t really do that in public right! Tan Polang was single. He had never had any sort of romantic interaction with members of the opposite sex, nor had he watched any adult videos, but there was nothing a youngster on that day and age would not know. At that moment, his hair was already standing with excitement.

The pictures that followed were even more fiesty.

“I can’t believe Fleeting Time can be so forceful. I’ve always thought that a good looking man like him would turn out to be a sissy!”

“What do you know? A man’s still a man even if he’s a sissy! He’s born with the equipment to go on the attack!”

“Damn, that was a little too explicit.”

“Who are you calling a sissy? Fleeting Time-sama is the manliest of man! That washboard named Gongzi You should f*ck off! Fleeting Time-sama belongs to us! If I run into that b*tch I’ll kill her!”

“Yup, yup! Fleeting Time-sama~ That vixen must’ve poisoned your mind! There’s no way you’d fall for someone like her! It’s still not too late to turn around, your fanclub is waiting for you!”

“Aiya~ Fleeting Time is so manly! Oh how I wish I was the one who was pushed down! Why does it have to be that shameless b*tch Gongzi You?”

“Watch who you’re calling shameless! Fleeting Time is trash! There’s no way our invincible Gonzi You will fall to that silver haired bastard! He must've used some sort of weird potion on her! I’m going to report Fleeting Time to the GMs! We have to report him for r*pe!”

“You tell em man! Fleeting Time is henceforth the mortal enemy of us the Gongzi Gang!”

“The Gongzi Gang? Come fight me if you have the balls!”

“Fine, have it your way! I’ll slay every single one of you so-called Fleeting Time Fanclub!”


“Hurry up and post the pictures OP! These idiots might actually start fighting!”


The thread was in utter chaos. It slowly turned into a verbal brawl between fans of both Fleeting Time and Gongzi You, as well as players from the Eastern and the Western Continent.

You’re so bold sister Ye Ci, thought Tan Polang, to do something like that with Fleeting Time in broad daylight… And he even started blushing. I'm still a young innocent boy, how am I going to live the rest of my life from now on?

Just then, a new picture was posted by the OP. He had even drawn an arrow pointing at a certain person’s hand with the caption: “Take a look at this…”

Madness swept across the comment section of the thread.

“Wow! He’s taking off his clothes! I can feel my nose bleeding! This is better than any adult videos that I’ve watched! Gongzi You! Fleeting Time! Good job!”

“Say, does Gongzi You even have a good figure? I’ve seen videos of her but… Her chests… They’re not that big!”

“So what? It works as long as she has a xxxxxx…”

“F*ck! It got censored! But I’m sure you pervs out there know what I was trying to say.”

“Ahhhhhh!!! Is Fleeting Time-sama taking off his pants? Compared to that b*tch Gongzi You, I’m more willing to see him taking his pants off! Fleeting Time-sama, can I ask about your size?”

“Is this their first time? If it is, damn they’re bold! They’re having their first time in public! As expected of God-tier players! Whatever they do will always be awe-inspiring! This will definitely go down in history!”

“Aiya, I’ll definitely dream of Fleeting Time tonight!”

“Gongzi, you must’ve been drugged by that bastard! There’s no way you’ll do something like this willingly! Even if you do, shouldn’t you be the one who was attacking?”

“Heck you on about? Does she even have the equipment for that?”


And yet another picture was silently posted by the OP. It was a picture of Fleeting Time burying his face into Ye Ci’s neck. His expression was not visible from the angle as it was obstructed by Ye Ci’s hair, but it was apparent that he was whispering into her ears, while Gongzi You’s mouth was slightly open as well, as if she was speaking to Fleeting Time. The OP drew a circle around Fleeting Time’s waist and included a caption, “Gents, I’m sure you know what this movement means!”

“What does it mean? What is he doing? Gongzi You are shorter than him, isn’t that natural…” it was a reply from a female user.

“You don’t understand…”

“You don’t understand +1”

“You don’t understand +2”


“Damn, it hurts! Even I can feel it through the screen!” commented another user.

“Why did they not continue? Hasn’t he already started removing his clothing? Did Fleeting Time notice that someone is taking pictures of them?”

“No way, do you think OP would leave in one piece and post these pictures online if he was discovered?”

“They’re from opposing continents. I guess they do not have enough intimacy to carry on.”

“I see.”

“I see +1”


“I’m not Fleeting Time, but I can feel his pain.”

“Holy shit, me too! I’d feel the same if I was forced to stop halfway through! I think I’ll cry!”

“Me too! This is not a good one for him.”

“Can anyone tell me why it would hurt? Can’t you guys speak some sense?”

“To the lady upstairs, ask your husband or boyfriend if you have one. This is not a question someone would answer in public.”


Tan Polang’s hands hovered over a certain body part as well when he read the message. Fleeting Time, you’re one brave man. He sighed.

But just when the players thought that it was the end of story for the duo’s “affair”, the OP followed up with another set of pictures depicting the arrival of a mage, and Fleeting Time’s outrage and pursue of the new arrival as Gongzi You took a rest and left with her hood on.

The players were immediately able to relate the pictures with the message Fleeting Time had sent earlier. Oh… So that’s what they were doing.

At that point in time, the thread had become the most popular thread in the entire forum. There were even calls for the parties involved to step out and testify on what had happened. And Just A Passerby was apparently a master of suspense.

“Do you think this is the end of the story? You’re all wrong! If you want to see the video I have, keep the comments coming. I’ll post the full video once we reach 100,000 comments.” he wrote.

And it drove the entire forum mad.
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