Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 299 Reaction Part 3
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 299 Reaction Part 3

Mo Leng felt as if the world was crumbling around her as she stared at the screen of her monitor.

The pictures in the forum were of someone she had etched into her heart and mind. She would never forget that man even if he turned to dust. She would remember that face until the end of her life.

But why! Why would such a person treat her like that? How can he do that to her? She had been trying to give him space. Even when there were rumors about the girl, she chose not to confront him.

She waited and waited for him in the quietest corner she could find. She did not ask for much. All she craved was his recognition. And wait she would until the day he would finally acknowledge her existence.

But why! How did things end up like this!

Mo Leng refused to believe that the man did not know of her feelings. She refused to believe that he could ignore her passion for him for so many years. How could he hurt me like this? She thought. Can’t he leave some room for me to breath? Am I not allowed to even admire him from afar anymore?

Mo Leng stood up on unsteady feet and raised her head. She wanted to cry, but her tears would not flow. Perhaps they have dried up after years of crying for the man…

What should I do now? What do I do now? Mo Leng blind. She felt helpless. Wait, wasn’t I going to head into the shower? Didn’t I plan to go into the dungeon? Even if Fleeting Time is not there, I will always wait for him, wouldn’t I?

Mo Leng felt cold despite the hot water raining down on her body. For reasons that were unknown even to her, time seemed to have frozen at the moment she saw the pictures.

The man of her dreams had a warm smile on his face, a sight that she had never before seen! But how could he show it to another girl!

Pain, Mo Leng felt nothing but numbing pain in her chest. And the pain was spreading to all parts of her body, and into the core of her very being.

Mo Leng balled her hand into a fist, and slammed it against the ceramic tile lining the wall of her bathroom. “Why!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, “Why are you doing this to me!? Who gave you the rights to do this to me!”

Even Mo Leng herself did not know how long she spent in the shower. She stared into the mirror in front of her, and saw a lady with a beautiful woman with dark hair and dazzling eyes. Her skin was fair, she had a firm pair of breasts, and her legs slender. She was a symbol of literal perfection. A person with a body figure like this could easily seduce any man.

Mo Leng struck a few poses in front of the mirror. That’s right. She was never ugly. In fact, she was a rare beauty. I can seduce anyone with this body of mine, but why! Why can’t I have him?

She took two steps forward, and pressed her naked body against the cold surface of the mirror. It was as if only through the coldness that she could be sure that she was a person. A person who was still alive and well.

“Why… Why?! Why won’t you even look at me? I’m giving myself to you for nothing, and you wouldn’t even hold out your hands to accept me! Why?!” a wave a dizziness wave over Mo Leng, and she staggered back onto her couch. She stared up at the ceiling. I don’t want to live anymore.

But am I going to die just like this? No! She was not afraid of death. But she was afraid of how she died. She knew that if she died at that moment, the news would not even reach Fleeting Time. She would not be able to leave a mark in his life even in death.

She must die in a way that Fleeting Time would never forget. She would haunt him for the rest of his life.

And only they could bring news of her death to Fleeting Time.

Mo Leng struggled to stand on her feed. She grabbed her phone and called Liao Dandan (the name of Sour Apple in real life).

Liao Dandan was busying herself in the kitchen. Fang Congshu had been a good husband as of late, and she decided to reward him with his favourite dishes.

She hummed as she prepared the ingredients for dinner, “Honey! Do you want desserts for dinner?” and she called out to Fang Congshu who was studying a dungeon clearing guild in his studies.

“As long as it’s not inconvenient for you!” came the reply.

Liao Dandan chuckled at the response, and her eyes narrowed into slits as a smile appeared on her face, “Then we’ll be having mango pudding for dessert.”

“Okay then!” Fang Congshu had nothing but absolute obedience for his wife. He was in a good mood. Despite his suffering at the hands of Fleeting Time earlier in the day, it was like a candle to the burning happiness in his heart as he received a dungeon clearing guide from the man.

And the sudden ringing on Liao Dandan’s phone was a shock to him. He had a feeling of unease when he lifted the phone. The caller was Mo Leng.

His heart sank when he saw the name. He always lived in fear of receiving a phone call from Mo Leng. Nothing good ever came out of a phone call from her. It was always a request to deliver her message to Fleeting Time, or for his wife to keep her company.

She was starting to have a negative effect on his relationship with Fleeting Time, but she would not relent, as if she did not know of the consequences of her actions.

What will it be about today? Is it because of what happened in the World Chat? Goddamn it! It’s not like she didn’t know that Fleeting Time has a thing for Gongzi You! Wasn’t she the one who chose to wait and see what happens? Why is she calling my wife again? She made the choice! Fleeting Time did not force her to like him!

Liao Dandan heard the ringtone of her phone as well, “Is that my phone, honey?”

Fang Congshu furrowed his eyebrows, it was a question he did not want to answer, “Yes! It’s Mo Leng!”

“Mo Leng?” Liao Dandan’s eyebrows creased. Mo Leng had been acting quite calm recently. It was rare for her to disturb her at a time like this. That’s weird, we met in game just now. Why is she calling me now? Did something happen?

Liao Dandan let out a sigh. She could only hope that it had nothing to do with Fleeting Time. As long as it did not involve Fleeting Time, she was happy to have a conversation with her friend.

She turned off the stove and made her way into the studies where Fang Congshu had tossed her phone aside and was staring at the guide.

“Why did you not pick it up?” Liao Dandan sighed. The phone had stopped ringing the moment she entered the room.

“I want none of her bullshit! What if she wants me to talk to Fleeting Time for her again? You go talk to her.”

“How am I supposed to talk to her? The call has ended!”

“She’ll call again.” replied Fang Congshu as he gave the phone one last glance before returning his attention to the guide.

And as expected, the phone rang again. Liao Dandan immediately connected the call, and Mo Leng’s shrill voice immediately entered her ears before she could even speak, “Dandan! So even you are abandoning me? Just like Fleeting Time did?”

“What are you talking about? I was in the kitchen, and my husband was bathing! The call ended by the time I got to the phone!” Liao Dandan was mildly annoyed by Mo Leng’s tone, “What is it?”

“Dandan…” Mo Leng appeared to have calmed down after receiving the explanation, she spoke with a faint voice, “I think… I don’t want to live anymore.”

“What?!” Liao Dandan was shocked “Don’t do anything stupid!”

“Something stupid?” Mo Leng laughed, “Fleeting Time has already uploaded those kinds of pictures to the forum. Isn’t he literally asking me to go die?”

“Pictures? The forum?” Liao Dandan was baffled. She stared at Fang Congshu, but he was equally confused, “What are you on about?” asked Liao Dandan as her husband began sifting through the forum.

“It’s nothing.” Mo Leng sighed, “Dandan, you’re been like a sister to me. Thank you for being with me for so many years. Take care of yourself.” and she ended the call before Liao Dandan could react.

“Mo Leng, don’t do anything stupid!” Liao Dandan was baffled, “No! Don’t hang up on me! Listen to me! Hello?!” she shouted into her phone until she noticed the beeping sound coming from the other end. “Oh no.. Oh no…” she stared at Fang Congshu with panic clearly written on her face.

“What’s with her?” Fang Congshu had finally found the thread, and was sorting the posts by “View OP only”.

And what he found next left his mouth agape.

It was not because of what they did, but because of the fact that Fleeting Time had never done something so intimate with a girl. Even if he was in a VRMMORPG, he would always maintain a polite distance from the female players in-game.

Liao Dandan pushed Fang Congshu aside and saw the pictures as well, “This is… Fleeting Time and Gongzi You…” she finally understood Mo Leng’s distress.

“Damn right.” Fang Congshu has not recovered from his initial shock. It was something that was simply incomprehensible. Fleeting Time is kissing a girl? He’s actually doing it?!

“Right my ass!” Liao Dandan gave her husband’s head a smack and headed into the bedroom.

“The hell are you doing?”

“I have to get to Mo Leng’s place!” said Liao Dandan as she searched for a change of clothes, “Call Fleeting Time!”

“Huh? Why do I have to call him? Go to Mo Leng’s if you want, but there’s no way I’m calling that guy!” Fang Congshu could feel unease slowly creeping into his heart at the sheer thought of what he was asked to do, “Why must I call Fleeting Time about Mo Leng? You’re not the one who would get into trouble later!”

“Something’s off about her! She must’ve seen the pictures as well! She sounded like she was going to kill herself! I’ll go have a look.” explained Liao Dandan as she put on her clothes.

“What? Suicide? You’re kidding me right? Can’t she come up with something new? Fleeting Time is in America right now! Can she stop bothering us?” exclaimed Fang Congshu. He was more annoyed than surprised.

“Shut up and call him,” said Liao Dandan as she slammed the door shut and headed downstairs.

And Fang Congshu could only make a call to Fleeting Time to deliver a news with reluctance heavy in his heart.
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    《Reign of the Hunters》