Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 302 Reaction 6
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 302 Reaction 6

Chapter 302 Reaction (6)

Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian were old, but it did not mean that they were idiots. The internet was already a thing when they were both young. They did not have the chance to explore it back then, but it was still not too late for them.

In any case, their generation was one that could still catch up with times. That was why they were able to quickly locate the forum post when news about Ye Ci began to spread in the World Chat.

But their reactions were completely opposite of each other’s.

It had always been Zuo Xiaolan’s deepest fear that her daughter would not be able to get married. The appearance of a skillful and handsome player who had managed to capture her daughter’s heart was like an oasis in the desert. The worry she has kept for 20 years was swept away in an instant. I knew it! My daughter is still quite charming! Why would a guy treat her like that otherwise! Must’ve been my genes!

Ye Nantian, however, was way more conservative. Unlike his wife, he was not overjoyed by the news. Ye Ci was the most beautiful daughter in his heart, and nobody deserved to take his daughter’s hand in marriage.

He was never worried as not a single boy had dared to approach Ye Ci when she was young. The boys around her knew not of her beauty! Only those who are mature could appreciate her charm. That was why Ye Nantian never shared his wife’s worry.

But this man… He heard about him from Tan Polang, and had also done some research on him as well. Fleeting Time had a good character, was a skillful player, and was quite wealthy as well. He could be said to be the perfect candidate for his daughter. But… He had never agreed to their relationship yet!

“Hmpf! He must’ve forced himself on our Little Ci!” retorted Ye Nantian, “Kissing and groping her in public like that!” His words were like a bucket of cold water that was splashed on the burning passion of his wife.

And Zuo Xiaolan would naturally be displeased, “Oh, I never knew that the man who besotted me when we were 18 can be so old fashioned! If we haven’t been living together for so long, I would’ve thought that somebody else has taken your place instead” sneered Zuo Xiaolan, “Did the guy who kissed me at a traffic junction die?”

“Hey hey hey! It has nothing to do with this!” Ye Nantian’s face reddened, “What happened was between us. We’re talking about Little Ci here!”

“Oh, so you’re being a hypocrite now? Fleeting Time doesn't look like a bad person! At least he knew to do it in secret, unlike you! Do you know how embarrassed I was back then?” Zuo Xiaolan is very critical of Ye Nantian’s hypocrisy.

“Oh? Did he now? So how did the news spread so fast!”

“That’s because somebody followed them and took a picture without them knowing! Have you not heard of paparazzis? Those shameless people have been around even when we were young!” Zuo Xiaolan glared at her husband, but the smile returned to face when she thought of what happened between Fleeting Time and Ye Ci, “Besides, it’s not like they wanted the picture to be taken.”

Our Little Ci has always been hopeless when it comes to romance. I doubt she’ll ever get married without something like this happening to her! Zuo Xiaolan was extremely satisfied with her future son in law.

“Thank God somebody was there! We won’t even know what might happen if nobody was around!” Ye Nantian’s heart was filled with anger at the thought that his precious daughter was defiled by Fleeting Time.

I must teach that bastard a lesson!

Just then, Bai Mo who has been listening to their bickering in silence let out a cough to attract their attention. He had accidentally eavesdrop upon the story of romance between his aunt and uncle when they were young, and he did not want to hear more things that he was not supposed to know.

“Ah, Little Mo is here!” Zuo Xiaolan immediately pulled him to an empty seat and began bombarding him with questions, “Have you seen the pictures on the forum? What do you think?”

Bai Mo pursed his lips. What do you mean ‘What I think’?

“What do you mean by that, auntie?”

“What do you think of Fleeting Time? Will he make a good husband for my Little Ci?” came the reply.

There was a glint in Zuo Xiaolan’s eyes as she stared at Bai Mo. At that very moment, Bai Mo could truly see how similar Zuo Xiaoland and his mother, Zuo Xiaoqing were. He had always thought that his mother had nothing similar to Zuo Xiaolan other than their looks.

His mother was clumsy, while Zuo Xiaolan could be said to be the role model of housewives around the globe. He had finally realised that Zuo Xiaoland and Zuo Xiaoqing were indeed sisters. Because Zuo Xiaolan was staring at him just like his mother would. And just like his mother, danger was lurking behind Zuo Xiaolan’s eyes, and her eyes were telling Bai Mo that he would perish if he did not agree with her words.

“Don’t listen to your aunt, Little Mo! Fleeting Time doesn't look reliable at all! And I’m sure you share my thoughts on this.” Ye Nantian sat beside Bai Mo and grabbed hold of his arm.

Bai Mo agreed with Ye Nantian’s words, but he also knew that he could not speak what was truly in his mind. There might be a larger population with the surname Ye in Ye Ci’s family, but he knew that the power of life and death was held by the one with the surname Zuo. For the preservation of his life, it was in his interest to remain silent.

“What are you talking about? You’re obviously trying to gaslight Bai Mo and pull him to your side! Your wicked method is uncalled for!”

“Me? Wicked? Zuo Xiaolan, what are you thinking! You’re not the 18 years old girl you were now! Can’t you be more rational? Can we really trust a man as frivolous as him to take our daughter’s hand in marriage?”

“Frivolous? Just because they kissed? You think your daughter is 3 years old? Or do you think she’s a loli? She’s a grown up! She’s of marrying age now, but she knows nothing about romance! At this point is not being pure and innocent, she’s being foolish!” exclaimed Zuo Xiaolan, “Do you think we’re still living in the olden days? Where girls get married without knowing who their husbands were until the night they see each other in the bridal chamber?”

“At least things shouldn’t go so fast!”

“And how’d you know they’re doing it fast? Have you been following Little Ci around all this while? How do you know of the progress of their relationship?” Zuo Xiaolan snorted, “How do you expect her to be able to try things out if you’re being so restrictive? Are you not worried that their size might not match after they get married? If he’s big enough then it should not be a problem, but what if he’s too small? Who will take care of my daughter’s happiness for the rest of her life!?”

Zuo Xiaolan’s words caused Bai Mo to spurt out the sip of water in his mouth. S-she really is the sister of my mother! The way she speaks is just like her! His size… Dear Lord.. You’re sure a bold one, auntie..

“Whaaaat?! Try his size out?!” screamed Ye Nantian as he stared at Zuo Xiaolan incredulously, “You must’ve gone crazy!”

“Alright, auntie, uncle, I think that…” Bai Mo wiped the water away from his face. He had a feeling that the house would collapse from their fury if he did not break up the fight. But the couple spoke up simultaneously before Bai Mo’s words could leave his mouth, “Little Mo! Don’t you think he(she) is not making any sense!?”

Bai Mo was at a loss for words.

Anything that he might say could potentially damage the relationship between his aunt and uncle. But he knew that he would be in trouble if he remained in silence, “To be honest with you, I don’t think it matters what we think of Fleeting Time.”

“Then whose thought do you think matters?”

“Uhh..” Bai Mo visibly gulped as the couple glared at him, “I think Little Ci’s thoughts matter the most.” and he continued once he noticed the slight change in the couple’s expression, “You see… We’re not the ones romantically involved, and we’re not the ones getting married. Shouldn’t we… Ask the person directly involved in this?”

Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian stared at each other, but they remained silent. They sat and pondered Bai Mo’s words and found them logical.

Bai Mo continued when he noticed that the couple became silent, “Why don’t we ask Little Ci when she gets out of jail?”

“Alright then.” came the reply, and the couple faced away from each other with a huff. And after a short while, Zuo Xiaolan stood up and left, “I’m going offline to sleep.”

Ye Nantian and Bai Mo were left staring at each other in silence. Bai Mo noticed the expression on Ye Nantian’s face, and decided that it was time for him to leave, but he was stopped by his uncle, “Little Mo, you must stand on my side in this matter!”

“Eh?” Bai Mo was confused.

“We can’t let that bastard Fleeting Time have his way!” Ye Nantian’s face was a mask of anger, “I know that I will have to marry off my daughter someday, but I’m not going to Fleeting Time get away with it so easily.” You’re a true man uncle! The ghost of a smile appeared on Bai Mo’s face. I was thinking the same thing!

And with that, the two men reached an accord on the third floor of Zuo Xiaolan’s shop.

Zuo Xiaolan glanced at Ye Nantian’s gaming cabin when she got offline. Oh, you’re still in the game? She climbed out of hers and locked his cabin from the outside. This meant that Ye Nantian would never be able to leave his gaming cabin as long as Zuo Xiaolan did not let him out. Heh, you dare oppose me you old fart?

Zuo Xiaolan gave the gaming cabin one last look before heading into Bai Mo’s and Tan Polang’s room. She pushed open the door silently, just in time to catch Tan Polang fumbling with his computer in an attempt to close down his browser. But she had already seen the picture of Ye Ci and Fleeting Time on his screen.

With a cunning smile on her face, Zuo Xiaolan walked up to Tan Polang and chuckled, “What are you looking at, Polang.”

“No, it’s nothing. I got tired after studying and decided to surf the web.” the smile that Tan Polang offered Zuo Xiaolan was unnatural.

“Oh really? I thought I saw two people kissing.” Zuo Xiaolan narrowed her eyes, as her smile grew wider.

Tan Polang visibly gulped. He had finally realised where Sister Ye had picked up her cunning nature from. It was from her mother! The only difference was that she magnified this hidden trait of her mother’s.

While her mother’s cunning nature was hidden well by her virtue.

“Oh, it’s nothing mom! I was just mindlessly browsing the net!” Tan Polang struggled to switch off his computer, but his hand was held down by Zuo Xiaolan, who promptly took control of the mouse and clicked open a particular website. “Mom, I-I know Fleeting Time in real life! H-he’s a good guy. He has never shown such affection towards a girl before. I-I think he really likes Sister Ye…”

“Polang… There’s something I’d like to discuss with you.” Zuo Xiaolan smiled at Tan Polang before he could finish his sentence.

“What is it?” Tan Polang could literally feel his heart thumping in his mouth.

The two made a pinky promise, and Zuo Xiaolan began whispering into Tan Polang’s ears.
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