Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 303 Consolation?
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 303 Consolation?

Ye Ci stared incredulously at Fleeting Time. Did I just lose my hearing? Or is there something wrong with my brain? I don’t understand a single word he said!

And Fleeting Time stared back at her in silence. Her expression was new to him, and it was interesting. This was the first time Gongzi You behaved in such a way.

She had always been confident and arrogant, as if nothing in this world could be a problem to her. She gave off an air proclaiming that as long as she had the will and was willing to work to achieve her goals, victory would surely be hers. And it was exactly this part of Gongzi You that made him fall for her. They were the same type of person.

People tend to say that a perfect couple was one that complemented the strengths and weaknesses of each other, but Fleeting Time thought differently. He wanted to see how a relationship between a couple that mirrored each other’s behavior would play out.

Fleeting Time was never a believer of fate ever since he was old enough to think for himself.

That was why he was confident that he could conquer any obstacle that stood in his way to Gongzi You’s heart. Even if the challenge came from Gongzi You herself, he would see it overcome at all cost as long as he remained alive.

He stared at Gongzi You’s expression and thought to himself, it’s that, or I might ended up being conquered myself.

The Gongzi You who was standing before him was showing an expression that she had rarely worn: Shock. Her eyebrows formed themselves into two arches and her mouth was slightly agape as she stared at Fleeting Time.

Fleeting Time could feel warmth seeping into his heart as he stared at her.

“What did you say?” Ye Ci could not believe what she heard. He must’ve made a mistake! Or it could be me! Which was why she once again directed the question to Fleeting Time.

“What? Was I unclear, Little Gongzi?” Fleeting Time raised his eyebrows, but he did not wait for a reply, “I said, have you ever thought of having a more intimate relationship with me other than remaining in the awkward and boring position of being rivals from opposing continents?”

“Awkward? Boring?” Ye Ci raised her voice.

“Don’t you think so?” Fleeting Time shrugged, “Don’t you think that it’s boring for us to just fight whenever we meet?”

“Hmpf! You’re from the Western continent and I’m from the East. You’re a bunch of Honor Points to me, just like I am to you. Isn’t it normal for us to fight? Why would it be boring?” Ye Ci might not have a very high EQ, but it did not mean that she was a complete idiot. Her heart clenched when she heard Fleeting Time’s words, but she was quick to divert the direction of the conversation.

Am I being afraid?

Even Ye Ci could not answer her own question. But she knew that she was subconsciously trying to avoid Fleeting Time’s question, as if it would bring danger upon her.

But Fleeting Time would not cooperate with Ye Ci’s effort. He narrowed his eyes at her. He knew what she was trying to do, and he would not allow her to succeed.

He would never allow Gongzi You to change the topic. He knew he could not afford to fail, for he would never have another better opportunity.

The 72 hours were almost over, and no one knew what would happen after they left the dungeon. Fleeting Time could feel anxiety gripping his heart.

His mind was occupied by the smile that Warrior gave him earlier on. The Warrior’s smile was gentle, but there was a hint of provocation behind that smile.

He was not afraid of any challenges, nor was he afraid of any opponents. This was because he had absolute confidence to deal with any situation. But something unexpected happened.

It appeared in his life in the form of Gongzi You.

He would not have been afraid of the Warrior. But because of Gongzi You, he grew wary of the man who called her “Little Ci”. And it stemmed from his uncertainty about Gongzi You.

But he knew that he could not afford to treat this matter like he always did. He could not afford to wait until he was confident of his chances with Gongzi You.

Fleeting Time could not afford to wait.

He did not mind waiting if that man did not appear. He would rather take it slowly, and to give Gongzi You more time. But the sudden appearance of that man threw Fleeting Time off his game. He was hit by a sudden realisation, that he did not even know Gongzi you as a person. His efforts in wooing her did not mean that she was not seeing someone else.

He realised that he made a grave mistake.

Gongzi You was never his, and he must work his hardest to close the huge gap between them.

And the awareness of that gap made Fleeting Time restless. And his restlessness in turn replaced his usual calmness and rationality. He took in a deep breath and stared at Gongzi You.

There were things that could not be dealt with rationality alone.

He was 25 years old, and he needed the excitement and passion befitting his age. And this passion would be directed at Gongzi You.

“Little Gongzi,” Fleeting Time crossed his arms in front of him and smiled, “This is not what we’re talking about.”

Ye Ci immediately became silent as she took in a deep breath and looked away. She stared at the floor of the jail cell, as if it was the most beautiful painting in the word.

I’m not that old, you will not make me forget what I said that easily. Fleeting Time smiled.

Ye Ci’s figure appeared so frail as she sat down on the ground. She did not look like the capable fighter that she was.

“If my memory doesn’t fail me, I believe I was talking about having a more intimate relationship, and not about what players from the Eastern and Western continent should do when they meet. Am I right?”

Fleeting Time had not moved an inch from his spot, but Ye Ci could feel his presence bearing down upon her in the tiny jail cell. Even breathing felt like a luxury under the overwhelming pressure. She attempted to back herself against the wall to escape the feeling, but it did not work.

But Fleeting Time remained unfazed by Ye Ci’s silence. He continued staring at her with a smile on her face as he babbled on and on. Tried as Ye Ci might to ignore his words, they were still able to slither their way into her ears.

“Isn’t this nice. At least it’s quiet now.”

“Nobody knows what will happen in the future. But if we know, then there will be nothing to look forward to.”

“I might be a top-tier player, but it’s lonely up here..”

And he went on and on…

Until he finally stopped and stared silently at Gongzi You.

The sudden silence was unsettling to Ye Ci, and she met his gaze for the first time, “What do you want?”

“Me? Nothing.” Fleeting Time shrugged, “All you have to do is to answer my question.”

Ye Ci finally offered an answer after a short pause, “What if I tell you that I like our relationship the way it is?”

And her response was apparently something that was well within Fleeting Time’s expectation. He nodded and smiled at Ye Ci, “It seems that Gongzi You prefers to have our intimate interaction happening in full view of the public. I guess we’ll just have to maintain the relationship then.”

Ye Ci was taken aback by Fleeting Time’s words. What?! Is he an alien or something? Why does everything that comes out of his mouth sound so weird? No! That’s not the point! Does he mean that he will cause more scandal between us in the future?

“Fleeting Time, can you stop being so shameless?!” Ye Ci roared.

“I’m shameless?” Fleeting Time then nodded at Ye Ci, “Alright then. If you say that I’m shameless, then I am shameless. Even though I do not know why.”

“You’re threatening me to repeat what happened today, aren’t you?” Ye Ci narrowed her eyes as a sneer grew on her lips, “I do not respond to threats well. Especially when they come from the likes of you.”

“Oh no, how can it be a threat? Why do you assume that something like this will happen again?” Fleeting Time shook his head, “I will never be tripped by the same stone twice.” he chuckled, “No matter what we do in the future, I will never allow anybody to see us ever again.”

Ye Ci could feel her face heating up instantly. She was trying her best to suppress the memories of what had transpired in the wisteria garden, and Fleeting Time meant to continue what he started…

No no no no no! Ye Ci could feel herself at the verge of suffocating.

She stood up and stomped up to Fleeting Time before finally stopped not far away from him, “Have I told you that I hate getting threatened? And have I told you that I hate you? I don’t want to have anything to do with you! A more intimate relationship? What about no relations at all!”

Fleeting Time was saddened by Ye Ci’s near-hysterical response.

Ah, so I’ve been rejected after all.

He was prepared for such an eventuality, but when it finally came, it did not feel good at all. He lowered his head and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He was able to quickly suppress the sadness in his heart and shrugged at Ye Ci.

“I ended up getting rejected.” Fleeting Time smiled warmly at Ye Ci, which was something that was the exact opposite of his usual behavior. Even Ye Ci was shocked by this display, “What do you mean by rejected?”

“Eh? Did you not notice that I’m trying to woo you?” Fleeting Time sighed. He shrugged at Ye Ci. Despite his carefree appearance, he was feeling helpless deep down.

Ye Ci was at a loss for words. She did not know how she should respond. She found herself caught in a situation that she had not experienced before even in a past life. If Fleeting Time was a BOSS, then Ye Ci had no idea how to deal with the BOSS.

She wanted to ease the situation with a smile, but it seemed not appropriate at that time.

She did not know what she could say to lift the awkwardness in the air. And this sense of helplessness was causing her distress.

How do I sort this mess out?

Ye Ci cleared her throat, and patted Fleeting Time on the shoulder for reasons unknown even to herself, “You see… Ummm… When it comes to pursuing a girl, it’s not about the outcome. It’s about the journey you have to take, am I right? Hahahaha…” she let out an awkward laugh.

Oh God! What have I done! Ye Ci could feel herself sweating as Fleeting Time’s eyebrows rose.
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    《Reign of the Hunters》