Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 306 Driven Insane
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 306 Driven Insane

A Hunter’s speed was fast.

Even if he was imprisoned for a murder, a Hunter’s speed was still fast. While usage of weapons were restricted in prison, their stats were not affected at all. This was why Ye Ci was able to quickly react the moment her body hit the ground.

But she was still too slow.

She raised her left foot to kick Fleeting Time away, but it was immediately pinned down by his right foot. She raised her right foot, and found it pinned as well. As she attempted to push him away, the movement of her arms were quickly restricted. Despite their similar level, Ye Ci found herself unable to escape from Fleeting Time’s grasp. He must’ve had Strength equipment on! She thought.

But Fleeting Time was actually not faring any better than Ye Ci. There was no significant difference in quality of their equipment nor was their level far apart. He was only able to maintain a slight advantage due to his arm guard that provided additional Strength. It was taking him all he had just to hold Ye Ci down.

The duo were drenched in sweat in the struggle, and both of them were gasping for air.

“You really want to know what I want?” Fleeting Time’s eyebrows furrowed as he stared intently at Ye Ci. But in her panicked state, Ye Ci had no thoughts to spare for the meaning behind his words. She was trying her best to escape from his grip.

Fleeting Time’s expression grew darker the more Ye Ci attempted to move. His sweat was dripping down on Ye Ci, who did not realise it in her moment of panic, “Let go of me you bastard! Let go of me!” She continued her struggle to get free.

“Don’t move.” came the warning from Fleeting Time.

Their thoughts were apparently running on different wavelengths. Fleeting Time’s warning fell on deaf ears as Gongzi You continued scouting and kicking at him.

Fleeting Time was slowly losing his sanity. He knew that he would completely lose all forms of rationality if the situation continued. He lifted both of Ye Ci’s arms above her head and held them down with his left arm, and he pinched her chin with his freed right arm, forcing her to look straight at him, “I said.. Do not move!”

“Let go of me! I’ll stop moving if you let go of me!” Ye Ci refused to relent. She was afraid of Fleeting Time, but she was more afraid of the awkwardness of being pinned underneath the man.

Fleeting Time closed his eyes and cursed under his breath. He then glared at Ye Ci as his eyelids flew open with a sudden movement, “You asked for it!” he said with a harsh voice and his lips crashed into Ye Ci’s in the next moment.

Ye Ci’s already reddened face immediately heated up.

Ye Ci.

A reincarnator.

Despite her bad reputation, she had been alive for 28 years before her reincarnation. And she had lived for another year after her reincarnation.

This meant that Ye Ci was someone who had been alive for almost 30 years.

Even if she might not have experienced it with her body, a woman with 30 years of mental age would naturally know what comes next. After all, a person who had never eaten pork before would still know what a pig is.

Panic gripped Ye Ci’s heart the moment Fleeting Time successfully pinned her down on the ground. She was not a pure and innocent girl, and she knew what the situation implied.

But it was something that she had never experienced before.

She did not have the time to analyze the situation. The only thing she could do was to react out of instinct.

Ye Ci had always thought of men and women as equals. But in a situation like this, even she had to recognise the difference between the two genders. They were merely in a game, but she still felt overly outmatched by Fleeting Time.

His body, as well as his lips, were scorching her with an intense heat. She was unable to hold back his relentless assault on her lips.

The kiss that they share was entirely different from the one they had in the wisteria garden. Fleeting Time was forceful, barbaric, and was attacking her lips with the fierceness of a dominant man along with a strong pressure that belonged only to Fleeting Time. She had nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide as her defences were crumbling rapidly before his assault.

Ye Ci could only gasp for air as her energy was spent and her struggles died down.

And Fleeting Time, noticing that her struggles had ceased, grew gentler as well. He once again pressed his soft lips against hers, and their tongues tangled together in a soft mess.

Even Ye Ci herself could not deny the allurement of the kiss. It was like a strong and potent aphrodisiac being pumped into her system. She refused to allow herself to be at Fleeting Time’s mercy, but it was the truth. But this did not stop her from going on the offensive with her tongue.

This took Fleeting Time by surprise, and his movements immediately stopped. He had thought that what he felt was an illusion. But this lull in movement acted as an encouragement to Ye Ci, who began probing him even more aggressively.

Fleeting Time lifted his head away from Ye Ci’s, and saw her pale face covered in a tint of red and perspiration lining his forehead. Her lips were rising in a slight arch, and her bright red lips were slightly swollen as an aftermath of his savage assault. And she appeared to be slightly dissatisfied when Fleeting Time had pulled away as her eyes that were glued shut slowly opened and she stared at Fleeting Time with a soft gaze.

A smile appeared on Fleeting Time’s lips as he once again resumed their activity in a gentler manner.

Their lips finally parted after an untold amount of time. Fleeting Time caressed Ye Ci’s hair and a sigh left his lips, “I’ve always thought of this for a long time.”

“Thought of what?” Ye Ci’s gaze was soft and her voice sultry.

“You asked me what I wanted.” Fleeting Time smiled, “This is what I’ve always wanted.”

And after a short pause, he crashed his lips against her once again, as if her lips were coated with honey, “I want you to be mine.” he whispered with his alluring voice as their lips parted slightly.

Ye Ci’s brains were a jumbled mess.

She was immersed in a warm light that has penetrated her entire being. It was a relaxing sensation that she had never experienced before.

She had lived through two lifetimes, and had experienced all the emotions the world threw at her, but this was an entirely new sensation to her. It was so unfamiliar, yet it was not at all unpleasant. She even had a feeling that she was in a dream that she refused to wake up from.

She might’ve become crazy at that point, but she did not care.

A shrill voice rang out in the prison as their tongues continued their dance with each other, “Fighting is not allowed in your cell! Order must be maintained!”

The atmosphere was shattered by the voice and the duo parted almost instantly. Fleeting Time turned around to find a warden glaring at the duo, “We’re not fighting…” Fleeting Time barely had time to gather his wits for a response.

“You’re still trying to lie?! You’ve already wrestled her onto the ground! What are you doing if you're not fighting?” the warden was angered by his response.

“We are…” but he felt a sharp pain on his waist before he could continue. He turned around, and saw Ye Ci already sitting up. Her head was lowered, and her face was a bright shade of red. Fleeting Time chuckled at that sight. Even when her expression was hidden, he knew that Ye Ci was embarrassed, “Alright. We’re sorry about that. We won’t fight again. You have my word.”

The warden was happy to receive an apology from one of the inmates while the other was “lowering her head in shame”. He gave the duo a final warning before walking away.

Leaving the two to stare at each other in silence.
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    《Reign of the Hunters》